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Roofed in a sentence

1. We’d roofed over the old courtyard and.
2. This was made out of poles and brush, roofed with boughs of pine.
3. The place was roofed with coconut leaves, and bamboos served as the framework.
4. It wasn’t really a cave at all; more of a cleft; although it was roofed with stone in places.
5. We were trying to sleep in half a dug-out that was roofed with a waterproof sheet—Whale and I.
6. They came upon a hut that was walled with coconut planks and roofed with interlaced coconut leaves.
7. Built of native bluestone, it had been half-dug into the hillside and roofed with grass and thatch.

8. Some of the houses were up on stilts—built of vertical stakes like bamboo, and roofed with thatch.
9. He lived in a one room cabin of roughly piled stone chinked with whitewashed mud and roofed with thatch.
10. It is a round structure, dome roofed, with walls made of material supported by an interior lattice frame.
11. There were about 30 soulless Cambodians in the camp, kept prisoner in small palm leaved roofed open shelters.
12. At the edge of the community, they pull up to a long, low concrete-block building roofed with corrugated steel.
13. Denísov and Rostóv were living in an earth hut, dug out for them by the soldiers and roofed with branches and turf.
14. The exterior would be of long and thin red bricks, with stone cornices and other dressings, and roofed with green slates.
15. Deep inside there was a hollow hall, raftered with dead branch and bramble, and roofed with the first leaves and shoots of spring.
16. What is our life but the very worst life? said the old man, following Nekhludoff into that part of the yard which was roofed over.
17. The room was part of a sturdy barracks built of peeled, squared, chinked—and blessedly draft-proof—logs, thickly roofed in shingles cut from the logs’ bark.
18. The brick house awkwardly patched and roofed with rude boards instead of shingles, managed to look of the Elsings still stood, with a new roof and a new second floor.
19. It was a double house, and the big open place betwixt them was roofed and floored, and sometimes the table was set there in the middle of the day, and it was a cool, comfortable place.
20. In half an hour they arrived in Hudkhel, a small village with the usual huddle of small, flat roofed, mud brick rectangular buildings, but with wider streets than those in the bigger towns.
21. When we got into their front line trenches we found that they had been roofed over with pine logs and some of these were really elaborate constructions and we kept pushing to find a way in.
22. A corner of the building was then roofed in such a manner as to exclude the heavy dew of the climate, and piles of sweet shrubs and dried leaves were laid beneath it for the sisters to repose.
23. The passage is narrow, and is roofed over by the column, so that a bee, in forcing its way out, first rubs its back against the viscid stigma and then against the viscid glands of the pollen-masses.
24. He floated at the level of the highest seating and practically roofed over the entire arena, blocking so much of the daylight that the arena’s night-lighting spells had to be hurriedly activated to restore visibility.
25. It appeared to have been constructed in a crater or volcanic bowl, and then roofed over with an artfully ribbed steel dome, or perhaps it was a cavern formed by an underground sea of oil or water that had been drained and re-enforced.
26. The merchants combined so that all might charge the same high price for food, and with the profits they built their cedar houses roofed with rosy tiles; they dressed their women in foreign silks and were followed about in the streets by bands of retaining slaves.
27. The three-legged dog, the blacksmith shop spouting flames and sparks (something she couldn’t believe the fire marshal would allow), the three story-buildings and thatched roofed cottages, well, those were all things she hadn’t noticed before when she’d been preoccupied with Kyle and his supposed prom invite.
28. A queue forms around their high roofed halls,.
29. Walled with the horizon and roofed with the sun,.
1. Look at that roofing, Blondie.
2. They only saw an explosion of wood and roofing.
3. Some people also use materials like aluminum for roofing.
4. Dust settled over the heap of collapsed lumber and roofing.
5. I was working for a roofing company named California Roofing Co.
6. It was a dry day with high pale cloud roofing the cold vault of heaven.
7. A doctor is much better suited for her lifestyle than a roofing salesman.
8. Split bamboo vertically to make roofing and guttering to collect rainwater.
9. The original roofing filter response is shown with the crosshatched markers.
10. This was the motivation of the angel, his wife who led him to the top roofing.
11. The building was unfinished; the sky could be seen through the joists of the roofing.
12. Marie-Laure stands on her tiptoes and presses her ear to the roofing beneath the slates.
13. The computation starts with the roofing filter, followed by the routine calculations for an RSI.
14. Henry wanted to work for this roofing company, but for some reason didn‘t want to work for Chris.
15. Spectral Dilation can be corrected by placing a roofing filter before the computation of indicators.
16. Clearly, the Stochastic indicator has been dramatically altered by the insertion of the roofing filter.
17. Thunder was crashing and rain was beating hard upon the tile roofing when I snapped out of my deep sleep.
18. You know, he is never around, probably out doing those roofing sales calls after he dropped you off at the airport.
19. Bru hadn’t been too far from home in recent years; other than roofing with his brother all around southern Ontario.
20. Doyle and Adam were thrown back against the wall as roofing iron rained down on the shed and all over Zeke’s back yard.
21. A roofing filter can be used to limit the frequency content of an input before proceeding to construct an indicator.
22. The modified roofing filter uses a single-pole high-pass filter to deliberately retain the longer-period trend components.
23. A shelter which can be quickly re-erected, will conserve energy for more urgent gathering than roofing materials and supports.
24. He leapt to his feet and clumsily ran the wooden boardwalk between the rafters, coming out beneath the missing section of roofing.
25. Of course, this only works if the effects of spectral dilation have been removed by a roofing filter or some equivalent technique.
26. The interpretation and use of the Stochastic indicator, or any other indicator, preceded by the roofing filter will not be addressed.
27. Tear off the old roofing, rip out any weakened lumber, run a timber from peak to peak, and run both ways at angles that'll shed water.
28. The RSI is computed relative to the output of the roofing filter rather than price closes to eliminate the effects of Spectral Dilation.
29. The Stochastic is computed using the output of the roofing filter rather than price closes to eliminate the effects of Spectral Dilation.
30. The roofing filter is composed of a high-pass filter that passes only frequency components whose periods are shorter than 48 bars, for example.
31. Thus, the roofing filter is a wide bandwidth band-pass filter that passes only frequency components whose periods fall between 10 bars and 48 bars.
32. Insertion of the roofing filter will dramatically change the use and interpretation of standard indicators, basically making them all new indicators.
33. After declaring variables, the code begins by computing the roofing filter as a combination of a two-pole high-pass filter and a SuperSmoother filter.
34. Since the roofing filter gives control of the frequency content of the data to be analyzed, the basic idea is to use the frequency content to an advantage.
35. Barretson assured them that lumber and roofing materials would be found, as well as the plumbing and electrical wiring requirements that Zinsmann outlined.
36. The modified RSI is far more responsive and has less lag because the low frequency components have been removed by the high-pass part of the roofing filter.
37. Since the objective is to use only those frequency components passed by the roofing filter, the variable Filt is used as a data input rather than closing prices.
38. Thus, the combination of the high-pass filter and the SuperSmoother form a roofing filter that pass only the desired range of frequency components useful for trading.
39. The roofing filter or its equivalent must be used with the indicators used to generate swing-trading signals to eliminate the distortions introduced by Spectral Dilation.
40. Note that in addition to establishing a nominally zero mean, removal of the longer-cycle components caused by spectral dilation removes lag from the roofing filter output.
1. Rule #362: Roofs are expensive.
2. These creatures are on the roofs.
3. There were slopes and on the roofs.
4. Beyond the wall Elowen spied roofs.
5. Thatched roofs covered each of them.
6. The roofs of Jena were in blue shadow.
7. He could see the chimneys and roofs of.
8. The thatched roofs, like fur caps drawn.
9. He was looking across the roofs of Xuchotl.
10. The sky was gray and polluted over the roofs.
11. Ablaze beyond the black roofs of the square.
12. The roofs were all thatched and smelled fresh.
13. The smoke of its roofs forms the ideas of the.
14. All the roofs were the same terra-cotta burnt.
15. The slopes were covered with trellises and roofs.
16. Ornamental candle-holders swung from porch roofs.
17. Most buildings aren’t made with roofs designed.
18. Besides, the roofs would be hard to clamber over.
19. I was up on one of the roofs when the fight started.
20. I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.
21. Dark to come from under the faint red roofs of mouths.
22. Red roofs of the cottages burned among the blue haze.
23. I quickly double-checked the ominous forms on the roofs.
24. His first studies in his art had been directed to roofs.
25. The houses were made of bundled grass with thatch roofs.
26. Hundreds of tiny houses with mansard roofs and balconies.
27. Smoke hung over the roofs in the direction of the Halles.
28. Tops of many of the houses sported roofs made from tiles.
29. I have loved bloody leaders and rust brick roofs in the sun.
30. Most were mud brick and timber with wood beamed tile roofs.
31. The roofs of Hampstead Garden Suburb lay in a tremulous haze.
32. I was up on one of the roofs when the fight started.
33. They also noticed the roofs of a farm, but some distance off.
34. The other two appeared on the roofs of the pier shops above us.
35. Roofs were flat and there were wooden benches on some of them.
36. The fire is in the minds of men and not in the roofs of houses.
37. Any of the roofs of Gambling City’s casinos were high enough.
38. A thousand roofs glittered with snow that had fallen from the moon.
39. Out in the countryside, barn roofs and entire outhouses flew away.
40. The different tower roofs are to be fine-hammered or rubbed granite.

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Chin up on the roof.
Men stood on the roof.
He lands on the roof.
Fiddler on the Roof, n.
A roof title hit me.
A dome capped its roof.
A roof over their head.
The Cowboy On The Roof.
Onto a roof, I add.
I heard hail on the roof.
Its roof and the walls.
There was no roof on it.
Gazette, he hit the roof.
I think this is the roof.
Thud! Homer hit the roof.
I crashed out on the roof.
SLAMS his FIST on the ROOF.
Guys, I’m on the roof.
Smoke rolled off the roof.
The roof didn’t cave in.
I was headed for the roof.
Mama looked up to the roof.
The roof was unmarked and.
And two bowmen on the roof.
Even the roof is plexiglass.
It was heading for the roof.
The roof of the atrium had.
Yan on the roof to keep watch.
As walls and roof danced red.
He turned to examine the roof.
It was located near the roof.
It was the roof of the world.
The gun on the roof fired a.
The roof was swaying under me.
Much of the roof was missing.
Black rain on the temple roof.
It is at the top of the roof.
The farmhouse roof was steep.
But on the roof it was clear.
My pulse went through the roof.

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