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Rooftops in a sentence

Send word to the rooftops!.
Rooftops were his thing anyway.
Shout HIS NAME on the rooftops!.
We wil take to the rooftops of the city.
To jump from the rooftops of shacks to the.
The rooftops had terraces and many chimneys.
But I’d spent my entire life on these rooftops.
Rooftops were coming into view over the hilltop.
Smoke spiraled from a couple of the tin rooftops.
Andrew pointed to something flying across the rooftops.
The hushed song of birds in the rooftops cut the tense.
Batistuta looked up and saw the KDM up on the rooftops above.
On the rooftops, several monkeys opened up crates, reached in.
Above the rooftops of the shacks and tents, Cloud could make out.
There were six in total, their rooftops covered with sparkling snow.
The siren of the speeding car warbled above the rooftops of Brooklyn.
The escapees took the nearby rooftops and resumed the chase from there.
They gazed down at the snow-covered rooftops and the cobblestone roads.
Anna’s place turned out to be a quaint garret perched above the rooftops.
Seko’s eyes searched the area; only a few rooftops and pieces of timber.
Through it she could see the rooftops of Stonegard and the blue summer sky.
He could see the rooftops of the City of McKeesport and hear traffic noises.
Hinckley notices that there are some Secret Service agents on nearby rooftops.
The helicopter’s belly cleanly sheared the rooftops off a half dozen parked cars.
The brightly painted one-story homes all had TV antennas sticking from their rooftops.
There was an entire battalion of soldiers guarding it and even snipers on the rooftops.
In the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a shadow flitting across the rooftops.
Beyond that he could see a variety of rooftops and an antenna mounted on a rusting frame.
Over his herringbone shoulder Evelyn notices three sparking lights arching high over rooftops.
And from all around, rooftops and stoops and passing cars, came that other adhesive: the music.
Off go the numbers, winging out across rooftops, across the sea, flying to who knows what destinations.
He stops a moment to listen to the dripping coming from the rooftops, drenching the cobblestone below.
Above him Joey saw the black, shaggy silhouettes against the moon of lycans leaping across the rooftops.
He used instead a stealth charm that masked his physical body and let him climb the rooftops like a ghost.
We backtracked over, moving along the streets and across the rooftops until we found the men shooting at him.
Rule 54: It is illegal to dance on the rooftops of homes during the winter solstice unless wearing a sombrero.
That same bacterium was found in the soil, on the rooftops, grass, invisible to the naked eye but it was there.
Onlookers clung to the rooftops, on window ledges and every available vantage point straining for a better view.
You know, Reuben said, staring at the rocky island, covered in pine trees, a few scattered rooftops visible.
Legend has it that on the Chinese New Year, the Masked Dragon descends from the stars to dance along the rooftops.

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