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Rookies in a sentence

We both came in as rookies.
Author Mark Wolfinger, who publishes the Options for Rookies.
Although useful for pros, it can be intimidating for rookies.
It’s just me and the other rookies in the back of the classroom.
There ain’t no rookies in this place tonight, Mikey responded.
Some traders enter a stop-loss as soon as they finish buying a stock, which makes sense for rookies.

It's unfortunate that far too many rookies begin using options as tools for speculating in the stock market.
Many rookies spend most of their time thinking about stocks they want to buy without considering when to sell.
Previously I shared some of my thoughts about trading and my philosophy – ideas that are directed to rookies.
Towner, at Lester's suggestion, worked on tracing what the two rookies had been changing in the Operating System.
For example, some rookies always buy 1,000 shares no matter what the stock price or how money they have in their account.
In the game of Runner Ball, rookies are called Reapers because they always killed Runners and cost their teammates the game.
They stuffed us rookies into what they called ‘quads,’ these cramped little work spaces where you could reach over and touch your colleague, if you needed to.
Maybe the innately talented, with appropriate training, get to be proportionately better and their improvement in negotiating will produce a bigger return than that achievable by bringing the rookies up to a higher level.

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