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Roosters in a sentence | roosters example sentences

  1. Not even the roosters were up!.
  2. Bantie roosters are what my auntie Paola called them.
  3. Peter stared at the roosters, their crowing coming at.
  4. Breeding roosters live their lives in a state of hunger.
  5. The rooster"s call split the early morning air, and Rhone"s.

  6. Perhaps there are one too many roosters in the chicken coop.
  7. NOZBONZ is to stop roosters from sticking their heads into the.
  8. Initially roosters are not required and 4 hens would be sufficient.
  9. At last the roosters crowed, far away, and gradually the window lightened.
  10. He was teaching him the catechism as he shaved the necks of his roosters.
  11. Not only do the roosters show jubilation and wellbeing in that charming city.
  12. The human resources manager said, So I hear we have a couple of banty roosters out there.
  13. Furthermore, never in my entire life have I seen roosters as exhibitionist as those in Pilar.
  14. The only thing is that the singing of those roosters is not a new song, but rather, a continuous melody….
  15. They couldn’t recognize him immediately, the roosters had pecked out his eyes, ruining his cheeks and lips, all a mess.

  16. He didn't mention that they find roosters stringy and tough and only eat them if they are out of hens, but the hens did bring this up.
  17. Birds chirping, occasional distant barking and the crow of roosters were the only sounds other than the steady clap of hooves on packed soil.
  18. The roosters crowed, one near, and far away the deep voice of an old, wise cock—train bell and spurt of steam and pounding of a starting engine.
  19. Later, the roosters and hens and the livestock would apologize, but would claim that the uproar they had raised had had nothing to do with being afraid.
  20. In some operations, mating roosters kept with hens have sticks inserted into their nostrils to prevent them from eating out of the hens’ food trough.
  21. Davis had wrung the necks of so many roosters with her own fair hands in the course of her fifty years that an air of the executioner seemed to hang around her.
  22. The King and Queen, girl! Who else? I’ve never seen them act so secretive, constantly looking to the sky as if they were a pair of roosters waiting for the sun.
  23. He auctioned off his roosters to the highest bidder, recruited men, bought tools, and set about the awesome task of breaking stones, digging canals, clearing away rapids, and even harnessing water-falls.
  24. She had grown so fat that she could not move, and she spent the day in the notions shop, where there was no longer anything to sell, primping and dressing in finery from the time she awoke with the first roosters until the following dawn, for she slept very little.
  25. There, people can breathe clean, fresh, unpolluted and uncontaminated air, enjoy the pleasurable morning sun of blessed relaxation and lazy evenings among friends, and count the stars in the silent obscurity of night… and all that, accompanied by the indefatigable singing of roosters in that place of true rural rest.

  26. They sent me a picture of the chicken coop, with the brown and tan hens scattered about, some with their beaks frozen at the corn on the ground — the shine of the red in those roosters collars, reminded me briefly of the time that I stood toe-to-toe with Devil and watched the red in his eyes turn to fear as I stomped the devil right out of him.
  27. In Valledupar she realized at last why the roosters chase the hens, she witnessed the brutal ceremony of the burros, she watched the birth of calves, and she listened to her cousins talking with great naturalness about which couples in the family still made love and which ones had stopped, and when, and why, even though they continued to live together.
  28. She bought only one hat from Madame Reboux, but on the other hand she filled a trunk with sprigs of artificial cherries, stalks of all the felt flowers she could find, branches of ostrich plumes, crests of peacocks, tailfeathers of Asiatic roosters, entire pheasants, hummingbirds, and a countless variety of exotic birds preserved in midflight, midcall, midagony: everything that had been used in the past twenty years to change the appearance of hats.

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