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Roots in a sentence

1. He gave me the roots.
2. S tay With The Roots.
3. The roots are the same.
4. We gather at her roots.
5. Higher, yes at the roots.
6. Her people had roots too.
7. Some had lost their roots.

8. When this word roots and.
9. These trees had red roots.
10. May the roots of them stick.
11. Get the water to the roots.
12. Dull roots with spring rain.
13. He imagined the tree roots.
14. Stay with the roots my friend.
15. They caught my roots on fire.
16. They hunted and dug up roots.
17. The roots of our civilization.
18. Though its roots grow old in.
19. Had she summoned these roots?
20. Yothga's roots are set in hell.
21. Cut the truth off at its roots.
22. Earth, seeds in roots of trees.
23. Just an army of roots and limbs.
24. Where the Roots Reach for Water.
25. The cultural roots are too deep.
26. Moving on, memories in the roots.
27. One shouldn’t forget his roots.
28. The roots of evil are kept hidden.
29. Virgin Islander with roots on St.
30. One's connections are their roots.
31. Her mother finds the roots useful.
33. Fay was a craving with long roots.
34. The Roots and Fruits of Education.
35. Down below among the roots there.
36. The Sacred Roots have been stolen.
37. They forsook their cultural roots.
38. Accuse me of putting roots on you?
39. Rosemary roots and crowfoot flower.
40. A soldier never abandon his roots.
1. It is rooting for underdog.
2. I saw my kinsmen rooting in the dirt.
3. In a way, she was rooting for the rebels.
4. Fans rooting for different players each year.
5. An armadillo came close, rooting and snorting.
6. She had been rooting for him to win the audition.
7. It is a method of rooting and propagating plants.
8. I left the Aussie rooting stories and moved to Ish.
9. Thirty five years later, still rooting for our team.
10. He began to sound like he was rooting for the Allies.
11. And what are you doing rooting through the trash?
12. The people are rooting for a full-scale world economic crash.
13. Williams turned and began rooting around in the back of the van.
14. Nathaniel was rooting through the boxes when he heard something.
15. His efforts at rooting and lifting were more frenzy than purpose.
16. He was rooting through his refrigerator hoping for anything edible.
17. While like the rest of the nation I’m rooting for that gold medal.
18. Rooting for an imaginary abstract symbol of a Greek polis or American city.
19. Rooting for the Patriots of course, Blake had changed the Eagles theme song.
20. He had been tasked with overseeing the rooting out of such persons in Markarth.
21. Explain the one-sided fan loyalty of people rooting for years for their favorite team.
22. It matters to me, he said, touching her face, rooting her in place with his gaze.
23. The main interest of history is still in finding out who won… and then rooting for them.
24. Its constant rooting with its snout also caused it to be seen as a guardian of the underworld.
25. Dip cuttings that you will plant in soil, in a rooting hormone before you actually plant them.
26. He would be rooting for the Leafs for all of eternity, and hanging onto his own set of core values.
27. I was torn, both rooting for Yuki and at the same time feeling compassion and fear for Candace Martin.
28. The art print, says Magnus calmly, as if finding guests rooting through his things is utterly normal.
29. I got excited about the game and was jumping around on the bed rooting for my favorite team, that’s all.
30. It was a time Mitchell cherished, everyone in one room rooting on their favorite team, with happiness abound.
31. Away he ran into the village to the parson, and told him the Evil One was in his field, rooting up the turnips.
32. Sisters and Brothers, as you know, Tabitha has been instrumental in rooting out spies and traitors in our midst.
33. She had been rooting through their parents’ closet, trying to see if they had already bought Manda’s birthday presents.
34. But keep in mind that this very inactivity over the next month that we are rooting for will necessarily weigh on longer-term options.
35. Normally that would bother me so much I’d go rooting around in my memory, but at the moment I have more pressing issues to deal with.
36. He walked quite a few back nines, changed his rooting interests from the Sox to the Cubs, and spent whole days just sitting in silence.
37. While the two men rushed out to play hero, Mary and McGuire found themselves distracted by Caesar, who was rooting around behind the bar.
38. What number we rooting for this time? He squeezed his large hands into a pair of black, latex gloves and poured several capfuls of ink.
39. What is essential is not rooting out all emotion while you are trading—an impossible task, in any case—but managing your emotions as they arise.
40. Only at the borders of sleep, really, will she ever find herself rooting back along overgrown passageways for a place where her current life split off.
1. We will be rooted and.
2. Azura was rooted in place.
3. I’m rooted to the spot.
4. She was rooted to the spot.
5. He stood rooted to the spot.
6. Hal stood rooted to the spot.
7. I stood rooted to the ground.
8. Deeply rooted in this place.
9. Rooted unto the spot remained.
10. Ariella was rooted to the spot.
11. Selfishness is rooted in the.
12. The evil is too deeply rooted.
13. Gania sat rooted to his chair.
14. Maureen was rooted to the spot.
15. I was rooted to the chair for.
16. Hal remained rooted to the spot.
17. Why has man rooted himself thus.
18. They all would have stay rooted.
19. The energy was keeping her rooted.
20. She, too, was rooted to her seat.
21. The Naga stood rooted to his spot.
22. One firmly rooted in biblical fact.
23. Fear of sex may be rooted in trauma.
24. Nangong Ping was rooted to the ground.
25. I stood rooted to the lawn and read:.
26. Strong faith is only rooted in ritual.
27. His feet remained rooted to the road.
28. Now he was rooted to the spot in fear.
29. Morel's life now rooted itself in Paul.
30. I, however, was still rooted to the spot.
31. This place is literally rooted in evil.
32. He was rooted to the spot by indecision.
33. He’s rooted them out all over the world.
34. He was now rooted in place, too scared to.
35. Stick to it! Get more and more rooted in it.
36. Therefore, having to remain rooted might be.
37. House, but her feet were rooted to the ground.
38. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American.
39. Deep rooted issues would surface and as soon.
40. That motive is one rooted in our distant past.

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The Root of the Evil.
I'm shaken to the root.
I am the Root and the.
I am the root and the.
But it does have a root.
The root of this plant.
You are the root of Jesse.
Both have the same root.
The root of what we are.
Fear started to take root.
You are: The Root of David.
Root named Friday, and Mr.
They've took root, I fink.
Was withered at the root;.
This is the root of regret.
Its root is the God above.
She jumped over a tree root.
It' root has been used in.
The Root has a substantial.
The hogs began to root again.
Your root has to accept that.
Run the Last Command as Root.
The root is the initial call.
I pushed the square root of.
Reason is the root of my faith.
What’s the square root of 2?
Square root of 90 minutes is 9.
Money is the root of all evil!.
The root cause hardly mattered.
Her fingers fastened on a root.
A melody took root in his mind.
Once she realized the root of.
Unless you find the causal root.
That's what's at the root of it.
Even of the strength of The Root.
A root cause investigation may.
I then take the square root of.
This was the root cause of the.
The root, type and strength of.

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