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Rough in a sentence

1. It was a rough job.
2. It is a rough number.
3. It had been a rough.
4. I said, the rough man.
5. He was rough with her.
6. That had to be rough.
7. He looks like a rough.

8. In case it's a rough day.
9. She had had a rough day.
10. To rough and tumble with.
11. I was even rough with her.
12. Their name is a rough.
13. Yuki had had a rough night.
14. Into the rough it beckons.
15. So she'd had a rough time.
16. It was rough this morning.
17. This is a rough universe.
18. A little rough air, Jeff.
19. I'd had such a rough time.
20. Church of the Rough Riders.
21. The going was really rough.
22. The course is fairly rough.
23. Sorry I was rough on you.
24. He's had a pretty rough life.
25. What a name for a rough guy.
26. They were in a rough circle.
27. For the rough boy, not Lute.
28. Sorry for the rough welcome.
29. It was so rough and scratchy.
31. His voice was rough and ugly.
32. A Diamond And The Rough.
33. It was cold, rough and hollow.
34. His tunic was rough and stained.
35. Don’t be rough with her for.
36. Also, I was rough with Rebecca.
37. Must have had a rough night.
38. Please don’t be rough on her.
39. Take the rough with the smooth.
40. He had had a rough several days.
41. It had been a rough few years.
42. His face was rough and wrinkled.
43. Luther was too rough on the boy.
44. His voice was rough with emotion.
45. I hear you've had a rough time.
46. It’s the rough life out here.
47. It had been a rough Thanksgiving.
48. He shifted it against the rough.
49. My shoes cling to the rough rock.
50. One just about gets a rough idea.
51. You could call it a rough sketch.
52. Things were getting pretty rough.
53. He was following a rough animal.
54. It must be rough being a redhead.
55. Though it was a rough journey the.
56. Oooh! that had to be rough on you.
57. I’m sorry I got rough with you.
58. His rough hands brushed my cheeks.
59. I was startled by her rough voice.
60. The rough track that ran through.
61. Laying them out on the rough ta-.
62. He was really having a rough time.
63. He loved the way her rough tongue.
64. This one gets real rough sometimes.
65. It is now called rough shot-petre.
66. He had never seen the sea as rough.
67. But you can forget the rough stuff.
68. His rough hands covered my breasts.
69. They couldn’t beat the rough man.
70. It was rough, but not snow covered.
71. Here is a rough chart of the place.
72. I’ve had some rough times lately.
73. It’s been a rough couple of days.
74. The pouch was woven of rough fibers.
75. The tips of his fingers were rough.
76. Alice did the rough math in her head.
77. Perhaps this was only a rough draft.
78. The rough track caused the vehicle.
79. How rough is what? Gabby asked.
80. Now the boss fisherman was a rough.
81. It was a rough job but would suffice.
82. I’ll be there when the sea is rough.
83. Rough time but could have been worse.
84. Huff growled at the rough treatment.
85. With one bare knee on the rough top.
86. She had been through a rough few days.
87. She kissed his rough curly black head.
88. He was startled when he felt a rough.
89. The rough roadway still led downwards.
90. A face looked up quickly at the rough.
91. Quick to kick me out in times of rough.
92. At times these exits were pretty rough.
93. He’s a little rough around the edges.
94. The rough man accepted me for who I was.
95. Rough, Mark said in a croaky voice.
96. The pressure's getting too rough for me.
97. No, apparently she liked the rough sex.
98. The bubble as it’s called, had a rough.
99. A rough weapon, but a weapon nonetheless.
100. Its trunk was rough and gnarled with age.
1. That's a roughing.
2. For roughing, the Cut.
3. When roughing in waste pipes and bends it is a.
4. That sounds too much like roughing it over there.
5. She never minded roughing it, when on a mission; it was part of the job.
6. Roughing would be contacted with the biggest hogging cuts that could be.
7. His idea of roughing it was probably a car without a navigational system.
8. Try climb for roughing, because you can rough faster and the tool deflection.
9. What if she doesn’t? I’m not into roughing up chicks!Galloway responded heatedly.
10. Dunhill, noted Sheriff Forgo, But they could just as well file them in return for roughing up the boy.
11. Julie roughing it? Not in a million years, Susan chuckled to herself, watching the river tumbling past below.
12. So, at least they knew he wasn’t having a jolly old time at a bar on a beach while everyone else was roughing it.
13. Truthfully, that was the last place I wanted to be but was my only option other than to strike out cross-country roughing it, depending on my hunting skills and senses to keep me safe and on track.
14. The posting had been a dream come true to the young men, because while their comrades were risking their lives fighting a war, they were roughing it out in the inn, with clean beds and the hardship of taking it in shifts to drink the ale.
15. The late Connie and son Barron’s empire outposts never came close to her acceptable levels of hotel-keeping, the grandest of the world’s grand hotels being, in her opinion, the oldest—with traditions like no-black-tie = no din-din! Tourist class on plane or cruise ship were the roughest form of roughing it she could imagine.
16. How did it happen, he asks, that nothing had been provided for before the army left Moscow? How was it that these masses of soldiers who died of cold and starvation, were found laden with gold and silver instead of the food and clothing they required? How was it that during a rest of thirty-three days they never thought of roughing the horses’ feet so that they might get along with more speed and safety? How was it that, even if Napoleon himself gave no orders, these obvious precautions did not occur to the other authorities—the kings, princes, and marshals? Were they not aware that even in Russia autumn is followed by winter? Can we suppose that Napoleon relied upon the sagacity of his men, and left them to look after themselves?
1. Some of us were roughed up.
2. What’s going on here is I’m being roughed up, Frank whined.
3. After the cops roughed him up and dragged him downtown, he got his phone call.
4. It is certainly shocking that he roughed up an innocent child, agreed Em.
5. I slipped the letter into my pocket and roughed up his hair with a willow wand.
6. We’d have been roughed up, fined… criminals! It’s illegal to be queer.
7. They were handcuffed to each other, and it was obvious that they had been roughed up.
8. He wondered maybe some rogues who wished to harm the Dutchmen had roughed up the poor girl.
9. All the abuse it had taken and yet it was still together in one roughed up piece giving me all it had.
10. Stef looks at Simon's bruised face; �Looks like they roughed you up a bit?� asks Stef with real concern.
11. He had a huge fight with her before he left to care of the Valentine business and roughed her up pretty bad.
12. The roughed up area on a small tree and the tracks trailing into the water told me one thing, there had been a boat moored here.
13. He felt roughed up, distantly, but then there was this sense of suspension, of not yet having drifted back into the size and shape and color of his own personal body.
14. My, oh my! What a clever toy, said Bill, What use is that to you? A dying man’s confession…now we know you roughed him up! We should really tell the police.
15. The 222 website said she was interrogated and roughed up by the CIA they think, but D Cubed managed to get her out on car theft charges and pushed the court date ahead to next March.
16. We’ve roughed out a programme of what I’m going to sing for the concerts, which reminds me I must let the organisers have the list so that they can get the official programmes printed.
1. But roughs and little children better than they.
2. The roughs can become heavier which makes it difficult for shots to recover when soaked in water.
3. I had no doubt that the gang of roughs who assaulted me had carried off both my hat and the bird.
4. As he reached the corner of Goodge Street, a row broke out between this stranger and a little knot of roughs.
5. I didn't come here to get mixed up in a fight with a lot of roughs like you! Let's hear the rest of the story.
6. It’s sad they forget that their kids would be better off, if only they’re groomed to face the roughs and toughs of life.
7. Here are the roughs, beards, friendliness, combativeness, the soul loves, Here the flowing trains, here the crowds, equality, diversity, the.
8. The roughs had also fled at the appearance of Peterson, so that he was left in possession of the field of battle, and also of the spoils of victory in the shape of this battered hat and a most unimpeachable Christmas goose.

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