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Roundly in a sentence

1. I told them roundly that the name went with the house.
2. Any such abuse should be investigated and roundly punished.
3. B-B-shot eyes lay deep in the water, staring roundly up at him.
4. B-b-shot eyes lay deep in the water, staring roundly up at him.
5. It held bones of finest slender ivory hidden and roundly fleshed.
6. For that taboo, they have roundly been stoned by the ever tolerant Leftists.
7. Bile rose in her and she proceeded to loudly and roundly abuse her kidnapper.

8. The whole conversation ran on the breakfast, which one and all abused roundly.
9. We split across several busy streets, got honked at by cars and roundly cursed as well.
10. He had been roundly rebuked, his actions described as dangerously and unnecessarily inflammatory.
11. Riefenstahl entered the room to wild applause and was cheered roundly after the screening of the film.
12. On investigation, a peasant named Sidor was pointed out as the guilty one, and his face was roundly slapped.
13. The others thought she was amusing herself as usual, and told her roundly that she was behaving very badly.
14. Doctor Herzenstube roundly declared that the abnormality of the prisoner's mental faculties was self-evident.
15. It was the youngest of them that had broken first, even as the others were roundly cursing him out now for it.
16. Verily, the Pharaoh lustful y ebonyed his royalty beard, as he strol ed roundly cornering the pil ars of temple erection.
17. The more intelligent class roundly berated General Shafter, when his threat of bombardment was postponed from day to day.
18. He spoke very sharply to General Sebastiani, losing his temper and abusing him roundly, for not keeping an eye on Kutuzof.
19. Chantry had said that there were agents, who would volunteer for such a mission, but I had roundly refused the much needed help.
20. I thought he would roundly dismiss my objections to the task at hand, but to my further surprise he nodded in agreement with me.
21. It often happened that when he returned home intoxicated, his wife, losing all patience, roundly cursed him and cruelly beat him.
22. Having condemned him roundly for his corrupt thinking, the panchayat pitched in for a harsh sentence for the violators of the caste boundaries.
23. On the phone, after cursing Colin roundly for withholding information, Margolis snapped that he was on his way and would be there as soon as he could.
24. When the Japanese arrived and prepared to execute the wounded, Duckworth berated them so roundly that they beat him severely but spared his companions.
25. The troops lit fires with difficulty, and the centre divisions roundly groused at the spoilt night that they might have spent comfortably in camp.
26. Alexey Alexandrovitch sternly cut her short, roundly declaring his wife to be above suspicion, and from that time began to avoid Countess Lidia Ivanovna.
27. If raises had been granted since the last report, they were individually reviewed and usually roundly criticized even though listed as budget-approved actions.
28. Audrey had been sure it wouldn't be one, Conderley had had the gravest doubts, all now justified, and Fanny saw clearly, and roundly told herself, that she was a fool.
29. There you are in the middle of a fraught negotiation getting roundly abused and shouted at; your parentage is being called into question and all kinds of dire threats are coming your way.
30. Oh, how the Quran can afford to abuse the Jews and the Christians, and still have a free reign everywhere! And the poor kafirs, so roundly condemned, still have to contend with it being referred to as ‘The Holy Quran’ by the believers.
31. You tell me roundly that I am selfish, and accuse me, not roundly because you are afraid it might be indecorous, but obliquely, in a mask of words that does not for an instant hide your meaning, of wearing Jaeger garments beneath my outer apparel.
32. My staff was a simple black color, but it culminated in a large roundly faceted crystal that shot out rays of ultraviolet colored light, which twined down the staff and inlaid itself into the black background in an ever-changing pattern of intensity.
33. Refraction at the horizon amounts to about 35' of arc; if we assume that the Egyptian (?) astronomers took it roundly at 30', and that they intended to observe the stars on the true and not the apparent horizon, we find the azimuths would have been (3645 B.
34. Pious, well-meant reproof requires a different demeanour and arguments of another sort; at any rate, to have reproved me in public, and so roughly, exceeds the bounds of proper reproof, for that comes better with gentleness than with rudeness; and it is not seemly to call the sinner roundly blockhead and booby, without knowing anything of the sin that is reproved.
35. It is true that when the news of the prince’s death reached Monte Carlo, the princess, who was there at the time, showed various persons, on whose indiscretion she could rely, a holograph letter of condolence from the czar, and later unfolded to the amiable muddle-headed the intricacies of a lawsuit which she was instituting for the recovery of the estates in Poland; but her detractors roundly declared the holograph letter to be a forgery, and the lawsuit a fiction of her crafty brain.
36. They stood there for what seemed to the beadle at the bottom an intolerable time, the lady, evidently nobody certificated, with her cheek on the gentleman's hand, and he himself, as honest a man as ever wanted to get his tip and be done with it, kept waiting with nothing to do but curse and rattle his keys; and though it was summer the crypt was cold, and so would his feet be soon; and what could the world be coming to when people carried their caressings even into crypts? Becoming maddened by these delays the beadle cursed them both, their present, past, and future, roundly and thoroughly and also profanely--for by the accident of his calling he was very perfect in profanity--beneath hisbreath.

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