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Rpm in a sentence | rpm example sentences

  1. The cut above, 1600 rpm at 22.
  2. Jaden reaches 4500 rpm and then 7800 rpm.
  3. An old seventy-eight rpm record when I was a kid.
  4. The above solution was centrifuged at 2,700 rpm for 7min to obtain a.
  5. The years that followed gave us the 45 rpm record and the 33⅓ rpm record.

  6. My wheels were spinning at a million rpm, and I was totally baffled at this point.
  7. The energy you wasted on coming up with jokes could have been helping your rpm speed.
  8. Nothing marked out the cool young dudes from the saddo parents more than the great 45 v 78 rpm divide.
  9. The small motor had a capacity of 35ccs and it spun the 18/10 pusher prop at 6100 rpm at full throttle.
  10. With records you could control the RPM, with CDs you're forced to listen at the speed The Man wants you to.
  11. While you are at it, keep your eye on your RPM gauge, especially if you drive a manual transmission automobile.
  12. The RPM gauge is another example of an under-utilized feature that, if used correctly, can help you to conserve gas.
  13. These formulas accept as inputs surface speed and tool diameter to calculate spindle rpm, and they accept number of.
  14. The shelves of his den were lined with remarkable 78 rpm records and cylinders from 1910 that he had sought out in secondhand stores.
  15. If one invention can be credited (or blamed, if you prefer) with having created the twentieth-century teenager, it was the 45 rpm single record.

  16. After all, any time your car is running in the high end of the RPM range, you are using more engine power than you need to, and thusly, more gas.
  17. Pre-war records were made of heavy vinyl, they turned very fast at 78 rpm, and you needed whole stacks of them to play any decent-length piece of music.
  18. The seated man’s left foot, crossed over his right leg, was bouncing up and down to a rhythm recorded at thirty-three-and-a-third rpm but played back at seventy-eight.
  19. Marketed to African-Americans during the 1920s and 1930s, race records were 78 rpm records which contained gospel, jazz, blues and comedy and eventually whites bought them as well.
  20. The reason for its superlative speed is the 213 kW (286 hp) of power supplied at the rear wheel, with 577 Nm (425 lb/ft) of torque at 2,000 rpm, making it the most powerful production motorcycle ever.
  21. It is usually shut off after the main engines reach operating speed and RPM, as the main engines drive an integrated electrical power generator during flight, supplying electricity to all the aircraft’s systems.
  22. Make sure that you are not staying in the low gears for too long before shifting, and spend as much time in the comfortable RPM range of higher gears as you can, since you will save yourself some gas in the process.

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