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Ruhr in a sentence

1. We used to pick berries by the Ruhr.
2. Most were engaged in the pointless reduction of the Ruhr pocket or chasing after a hollow victory against the mythical Alpine redoubt.
3. He told the workers in the Ruhr to get back to work, and he assured the French and Belgians that the reparation payments would resume.
4. After the Allies had swiftly secured the bridgeheads over the Rhine, to trap and destroy the remaining German forces in the Ruhr, both Churchill and Montgomery urged Eisenhower for a bold thrust towards Berlin.
5. It is now well known that this scenario existed only in the Supreme Commander's imagination; but while it persisted it shaped allied tactics, to the extent that after the enemy forces were trapped in the Ruhr pocket.
6. The 41st Bombardment Wing was sent earlier today to bomb a munitions factory in the Ruhr, but, apart from encountering the usual heavy German fighter and antiaircraft artillery response, was decimated by what seems to be a new German weapon.
7. The Supreme Commander then proceeded to shock his British Allies by announcing that his objective was no longer a direct thrust to take Berlin; they would continue their advance on a broad front which would facilitate surrounding and isolating German forces in the Ruhr.

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