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Sahib in a sentence

1. I don't know, Sahib.
2. Let me imagine, Agha sahib.
3. Is General Sahib home? Pause.
4. Greig Sahib? He is only a new boy.
5. He was the servant of Missee Sahib.
6. I think I agree with General Sahib.
7. And I miss Sasa and Rahim Khan sahib.

8. The Sahib Carrisford has a warm heart.
9. When we were in Hemkunt Sahib, there is a sacred.
10. I want to play with Rahim Khan sahib in the garden.
11. Will you take us to the bus station, Agha sahib?
12. It seemed then but a dream, but it pleased the Sahib.
13. Did the Sahib ask if he was clever? Wait, and the Sahib shall see.
15. To my horror one qari sahib tried to justify Benazir’s assassination.
16. Now, adieu, my son, salaam Sahib, Khoda bunah rhukha (God preserve you).
17. It was my thought that it would please the sahib to see and speak with her.
18. The moon had partly risen when Tippoo said, Look, Sahib, there is the thing.
19. Kya haal hai CM Sahib?! Happy Birthday! shouted one of the CM’s old pals.
20. The way he was looking at me, the kindness in his eyes… Nay thank you, General Sahib.
21. She would be frightened if she found us here, and the Sahib Carrisford's plan would be spoiled.
22. But you cannot ride without the pad, Sahib, or the driving-hook, and there are other things you leave behind.
23. Then she came to this fancy; and the next day, the Sahib being ill and wretched, I told him of the thing to amuse him.
24. Let the Sahib write his promise on the blank part of this paper and place it on the small olive-tree near the salt spring.
25. I tell you again that you have got all the stones if, as you say, you have stolen the one Ellison Sahib was taking to Lahore.
26. Rahim Khan sahib and I have taught Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner him to read and write so he does not grow up stupid like his father.
27. If Missee Sahib would permit Ram Dass, he himself could cross the roof to her room, enter the windows, and regain the unworthy little animal.
28. CM Sahib don’t forget to sign the letter, your signature is valuable, it would be considered as an autograph, she said in a seductive manner.
29. Don’t touch! Sahib you can look but none of this touchy business…not until we have a confirmed deal, said Suraj putting on a strong southern Indian accent.
30. I have just found this note in my tent; it is written in Punjabi, and in English it reads: 'If the Sahib wishes to learn where his son is he will be told if you promise to give up the other pieces of stone you found.
31. Hadn't Baba sat me on his lap and said those words to me? Then how could he just forgive Hassan? And if Baba could forgive that, then why couldn't he forgive me for not being the son he'd always wanted? Why"We are leaving, Agha sahib," Ali said.
32. Harry Burton was one of the cleverest officers in the Indian police; he was a few years over thirty, a dark-complexioned man of medium height, very agile and powerful, and was known to the Salt Range natives as Koj (tracker) Burton Sahib, owing to his smartness in following up the slightest clue.
33. I wondered, though, how their presence was really helping his campaign since a number of them seemed more intent on discovering Amritsar’s best kulcha chole joints! By contrast, driving in convoy with his turbaned posse in the city of the Harmandir Sahib, Amarinder Singh looked every inch the Sikh-of-the-soil.

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