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Satisfactorily in a sentence | satisfactorily example sentences

  1. I satisfactorily completed the course by.
  2. The cause is not yet satisfactorily explained.
  3. So far the inquisition had gone satisfactorily.
  4. TlC251 op-amp can function satisfactorily with a.
  5. Fortunately, I was satisfactorily recovered by the.

  6. Our own inquiries are proceeding very satisfactorily.
  7. Many questions have never been satisfactorily answered.
  8. Or I will be unable to satisfactorily perform my duties.
  9. To her the conference closed as satisfactorily as to him.
  10. The first two or three months passed indeed very satisfactorily.
  11. I figured, as long as he did his job satisfactorily it was okay.
  12. Exchange offers and consent solicitations rarely work satisfactorily.
  13. He'll kiss your hand, and all will end satisfactorily, answered Vronsky.
  14. The Dove is ready for release after completing all tests satisfactorily.
  15. You will be equipped with enough powers to complete your tasks satisfactorily.

  16. The first 300 hundred or so Greeks were dealt with satisfactorily and quickly.
  17. We could agree that such kind of a regulator would perform satisfactorily [8].
  18. Legal writers have failed to satisfactorily reconcile the bank’s undertaking.
  19. The only way to answer this question satisfactorily is to experiment for yourself.
  20. Worry has no medical cure, its chemistry has never been satisfactorily explained.
  21. FROST: Thank you, Herr Chancellor, you have confirmed your insanity satisfactorily.
  22. He declared that he thought the invalid at this moment going on very satisfactorily.
  23. I had been told that this was a wel run office where staff were satisfactorily motivated.
  24. The vast majority of federal cases are handled in district courts quite satisfactorily.
  25. And with every day that passed, she matters satisfactorily when the Yankees were finally beaten.

  26. The affair being so satisfactorily concluded, Hester Prynne, with Pearl, departed from the house.
  27. However, I understand what you are asking me, and I feel I am unable to answer you satisfactorily.
  28. Nor can it be satisfactorily attributed to the difference of structure between maritime and land plants.
  29. I have never satisfactorily solved the problem of the average landlady’s dislike for the single woman.
  30. He secured himself a clerical position in a nearby bank and worked on it diligently and satisfactorily.
  31. Hair loss requires time and patience to explore the problem satisfactorily and deal with it appropriately.
  32. Not even the great philosophers can explain satisfactorily how love of God arises in the mind of a person.
  33. Temptation, spiritual pride, self-will! The Fathers of the Church have answered the question satisfactorily.
  34. It’s strange that you ask, as we did have one incident a few years back and it did not end satisfactorily.
  35. On his first arrival there, he had not been able satisfactorily to trace the family he had gone in search of.
  36. I have had my dealings with lawyers and realtors and overall these people have performed satisfactorily for me.
  37. Having so satisfactorily settled the conviction her note would convey, she could not but be astonished to see Mr.
  38. Very satisfactorily indeed,' Rafferty repeated, with an air as confident as only an Olivier-manqué could make it.
  39. The owner satisfactorily answered all the questions and even showed him the legal documents pertaining to the property.
  40. He was sitting erect on a small chair, attentively listening to her, prepared to answer satisfactorily her every question.
  41. Levels of the virus are staying satisfactorily low in her blood tests, the doctor said, looking over Lacey’s chart.
  42. A bit worried about this I interviewed the French Staff Officer and asked him if the men were giving the word satisfactorily.
  43. His hands shook violently, but he accomplished his task satisfactorily, and when he again put on his coat nothing was visible.
  44. When she didn’t answer satisfactorily, he pulled her to her knees and violated her bloody orifices with the handle of his staff.
  45. If you can answer all of these questions satisfactorily, then the chances are that your experience with this group will be a good one!.
  46. Gordon Stables' new work is a London boy about whose origin there is a mystery, which is skilfully dealt with and satisfactorily solved.
  47. A late English journal[66] contains a notice of some cases which satisfactorily prove its efficacy, when administered with this intention.
  48. She loved him, she was indeed his own little wife, but constantly to answer this and questions like it satisfactorily was a great exertion.
  49. And yet, both in the Yásenets and the Chermóshen townships the question of the distribution of schools is regarded as satisfactorily solved.
  50. Gradually, some mechanical effort spoilt their loving, or, when they had splendid moments, they had them separately, and not so satisfactorily.
  51. Why can’t DS get its act together? This issue has been plaguing the Foreign Service for years and still hasn’t been satisfactorily resolved.
  52. He grabs it and carries it to his lips, proceeding to plant a kiss on each of my fingers, causing my stomach turn flip-flops most satisfactorily.
  53. I came through satisfactorily on my entrance examination and in the fall of 1956 was proud to become one of the 1,611 men freshmen on the hill.
  54. Although, seasonal or climatic factors may provide the scientific basis for explaining the trends just mentioned, more rationally and satisfactorily.
  55. Yes, very odd as a matter of fact, responded the man, although of course I am sure that everything will be satisfactorily explained very soon.
  56. As the exhibition ends satisfactorily without any major mishap, the assembled adults applaud, the children beaming proudly at their respective families.
  57. Furthermore, the strategy that has performed satisfactorily in the past, but has recently turned into an unprofitable one, may also show good statistics.
  58. The task of the Third Lord of the World is far greater than those of the First and Second Lords, because it is His duty to round off satisfactorily that.
  59. But Mr Herrington agreed that the mine was now his, subject to satisfactorily proving his identity and signing all the necessary papers before the deadline.
  60. She wasn't a great cook, but if she followed the recipes carefully from Shelagh's books, which were mostly vegetarian, they usually turned out satisfactorily.
  61. The one who convinces his fellow beings that he can secure the attainment of their goals (and, thus, provide for their needs satisfactorily) – becomes a leader.
  62. Yet the research report concluded that 63% of the cases have resulted satisfactorily, while in only 14% of the survivors can the results be considered bad.
  63. I used to draw a comparison between him and Hindley Earnshaw, and perplex myself to explain satisfactorily why their conduct was so opposite in similar circumstances.
  64. Love, satisfaction, and, ultimately happiness manifest themselves, out of the blue sky, as soon as one has satisfactorily assimilated the lessons he had been assigned.
  65. She complains of difficulty breathing satisfactorily at times, and of heavy, lethargic sleep, with dreams that frighten her, but regarding which she can remember nothing.
  66. And I have myself seen a teacher correct a pupil more than ten times, though he seemed quite satisfactorily to pronounce short b, until at last the pupil began to talk nonsense.
  67. Some book is propped up open against the looking-glass, and sometimes, for one's eyes can't be everywhere at once, my hooks in consequence don't get quite satisfactorily fastened.
  68. The singular difference in the moral and physical characteristics of the two sexes is something really remarkable, and I, for one, cannot satisfactorily explain it to my own mind.
  69. Then with all DVD data ROMs and the massive capacity hard drives whirring and clicking, the monitors showed the progress of installation and configuration proceeding satisfactorily.
  70. He was in very good spirits; the affair with the purchaser was going on satisfactorily, and there was nothing to keep him any longer in Moscow, away from the countess whom he missed.
  71. It is not clear as yet whether or not advice on a fee basis will work out satisfactorily in the field of standard high-grade investments, because of their relatively small income return.
  72. Still, it is obvious that some—though probably a substantial minority of—portfolios run by conventional money managers perform quite satisfactorily on average and over the long term.
  73. Berg, who had obtained his captaincy during the campaign, had gained the confidence of his superiors by his promptitude and accuracy and had arranged his money matters very satisfactorily.
  74. Until these considerations, admitting them to be of minor importance, should have been satisfactorily adjusted, to have made a peace, in his opinion, would have been the height of impolicy.
  75. Towards the end of May, when everything had been more or less satisfactorily arranged, she received her husband's answer to her complaints of the disorganized state of things in the country.
  76. Cheves and Lowndes) had satisfactorily shown that, to effect this object, a force equivalent only to one-third of that which the maintenance of such squadron must require would be sufficient.
  77. Towards the end of May, when everything had been more or less satisfactorily arranged, she received her husband’s answer to her complaints of the disorganized state of things in the country.
  78. The implausible scenario I was given by Almendral as his explanation was that the termination letter simply stated that you did not satisfactorily complete your one year probationary period.
  79. This work finished, Easton, who was still convinced in his own mind that with the aid of a little common sense and judicious management their affairs might be arranged more satisfactorily, said:.
  80. Still, the circumstances surrounding the failure of the sisters at Ravenhill to satisfactorily replicate the environment that had worked so well for Rosemary at Belmont House can only be imagined.
  81. After many weeks' delay, negotiations for peace between the two nations ended satisfactorily; the Spanish army folded its tattered banners, and withdrew from the land that would soon have proved its grave.
  82. Admitting the correctness of these experiments, still it is not easy to conceive, how they will account satisfactorily for the large quantities of salt found in the air during the storms under consideration.
  83. I told all this to Alice and then I told her that, as a young man, I had never been able to satisfactorily explain to myself why the carrier of this truth had appeared as a transparent, glass-like bomber.
  84. The problem of the gathering and processing of information - a logistical constraint - is likely to be completely, satisfactorily, and comprehensively resolved by the application of computer networks to voting.
  85. She had by now got her household matters so satisfactorily arranged, thanks to Marya Philimonovna, that she was disinclined to make any change in them; besides, she had no faith in Levin's knowledge of farming.
  86. She had by now got her household matters so satisfactorily arranged, thanks to Marya Philimonovna, that she was disinclined to make any change in them; besides, she had no faith in Levin’s knowledge of farming.
  87. If the court couldn’t satisfactorily determine whether a defendant was guilty, it turned the case over to a Catholic priest who would administer an ordeal that used boiling water or a smoking-hot iron bar.
  88. The man of my dreams is gone; he recovered satisfactorily and has, I assume, returned to his home in North Carolina—I believe that is where he lives though my mind is no longer clear—where his wife awaited him.
  89. Science has settled satisfactorily about the rich classes, and seeks how to cure those who can get everything necessary for the purpose; and it sends persons to cure in the same way those who have nothing to spare.
  90. The police and government officials, who’d helped in the search for Zach, left after extensively questioning Zach about the stolen items he’d found in caverns, and all their business had been concluded satisfactorily.
  91. If, as we suggest, the average market level of most growth stocks is too high to provide an adequate margin of safety for the buyer, then a simple technique of diversified buying in this field may not work out satisfactorily.
  92. It is unlikely that Science will ever satisfactorily explain the Initial Movement that remains an eternal exception contrary to (worldly) causes and (their) effects and that God could not have created Himself because He always Was.
  93. Moreover, the question he had to decide was not how soon the blood had dried, but where Dmitri Fyodorovitch had run with the pestle, or rather, whether it really was to Fyodor Pavlovitch's, and how he could satisfactorily ascertain.
  94. Bates satisfactorily answers this question by showing that the form which is imitated keeps the usual dress of the group to which it belongs, while the counterfeiters have changed their dress and do not resemble their nearest allies.
  95. Here is a vital point; for you must either satisfactorily settle this matter with yourself, or for ever remain an infidel as to one of the most appalling, but not the less true events, perhaps anywhere to be found in all recorded history.
  96. All going well, largely down to whether the Circle Line would be operating satisfactorily, something that could not always be relied on, I could be there by half nine, complete my shopping by half ten and be back in the flat by lunchtime.
  97. For himself, Harry enrolled for the Summer Term at Malvern and set his mind to completing his education with that hallowed institution within the shortest time practicable, driven by an imperative which he could not satisfactorily define.
  98. Although from the standpoint of long-pull-investment holding, participating issues are theoretically the most desirable, they may behave somewhat less satisfactorily in a major market upswing than do convertible or subscription-warrant issues.
  99. But, supposing them to have no weight, he thought it might be satisfactorily shown that, to have acceded to the terms proposed by the British Government, would have been an actual abandonment of the principal cause which had induced hostilities.
  100. Everything, however, passed satisfactorily by a lazy and fascinating transition into the sphere of art, that is, into the beautiful forms of life, lying ready, largely stolen from the poets and novelists and adapted to all sorts of needs and uses.

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