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Satisfyingly in a sentence | satisfyingly example sentences

  1. That should do it, he said satisfyingly.
  2. He hoisted the Sceptre in his hand, feeling its weight and thinking of how its blunt heft might facilitate this eventuality all the more quickly; all the more satisfyingly.
  3. She’d pleaded with him to not shoot, which had given him satisfyingly sick pleasure to hear, before he shot her in the arm and kicked her chair over with his foot at the same time.
  4. Look here…old…man… said Gadsa, watching satisfyingly as Morg grimaced …we do not have time for any of this foolishness with you and your little squaddies you have romping in the forest out there.
  5. The fact is, we must turn to France for the real thing, and to whom more satisfyingly than to Dumas and his reckless musketeers, each of whom, as well as the author, dwelt in a careless paradise, and constantly at hand had some reminder of her who, for the moment, was the one woman on earth.

  6. The transparent material which encased the building, was darker where it received direct sunlight but remained completely clear on the shaded side and, as the floors were also transparent, he could see down through several levels to a rock garden, satisfyingly oriental in style which he had first noticed from the glass elevator.

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