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Saucers in a sentence

1. I could feel my eyes turn to saucers.
2. The cups and saucers were laid ready.
3. We’ve even got a few saucers left.
4. By this time her eyes are big as saucers.
5. But scarce had maids their saucers ta'en.
6. The two saucers stopped, just about even.
7. His eyes were like saucers in the darkness.

8. She set a footstool with doll cups and saucers.
9. I turned and saw that her eyes were as wide as saucers.
10. His mouth dropped open and his eyes grew to the size of saucers.
11. His eyes grew large as saucers and he hit me again, for emphasis.
12. Cups, saucers (smal size) and tea/coffee spoons accompany the order.
13. The rest, like cups and saucers, I was not going to worry about at all.
14. Gladys brought them coffee, with proper cups and saucers rather than mugs.
15. You have seen the images on the television showing saucers from other planets.
16. They bore into me, as wide as saucers, from the thinness of his frightened face.
17. Next day, of course, when he was sober, he regretted the broken cups and saucers.
18. Just the turning of newspaper pages and the clink of ironstone cups on ironstone saucers.
19. Father, always the man for a crisis, moved the few remaining saucers out of arms’ reach.
20. On top of a red-and-white-checkered tablecloth were two of the best plates, cups and saucers.
21. Phillip smiled and re-took his seat – shortly before Carl returned with a couple of saucers.
22. When he looked me in the eyes, his got as big as saucers and he released me and took a step back.
23. Poor old Buffer she looked into its eyes great saucers of purple and orange and felt its pulse.
24. Malakai's eyes widened to saucers and he coughed as Deorci breathed the harsh cigar smoke in his face.
25. And what sort of lively lads with the pencil those Chinese are, many queer cups and saucers inform us.
26. The mobster’s eyes turned into massive brown saucers as a huge black fist connected with his throat.
27. The next-door girls put some saucers on the table and then led the children up to the table, blindfold.
28. An FBI investigator, along with several other witnesses, reported that three flying saucers had crashed.
29. Cristal, oh my God! She turned to see Harry, his eyes wide as saucers, terror written all over his face.
30. It's eyes were not on stalks, they were two big saucers right below it's jaws with blinking scales covering them.
31. The assistant reappeared, carrying a tray with cups, saucers, tea pot, and an assortment of what looked like crackers.
32. There are medium-sized squids and schools of three foot round bottle top jellyfish that look like little flying saucers.
33. They were moving faster than an atmospheric warplane, closer to the speed attributed to flying saucers in the 20th century.
34. Harvey-Browne's, only saw a pleasant flicker of beech leaves over cups and saucers, and bland strawberries in a nest of green.
35. Thank you, Isabel said, her eyes as round as saucers as she resisted the urge to fling herself at him and burst into tears.
36. There were fifty or sixty dollars of loose change gone from drawers and strategic saucers, but she said everything had been moved.
37. There were rumors that he was scribbling a book on those flying saucers that had hovered over the Palomar hot-dog stand and vanished.
38. The goblets and glasses were crystal, and the cups and saucers matched the china plates, all decorated with the Railway's own designs.
39. While Emma obtains our refreshments, I tidy up the cups and saucers on the table, piling them onto the tray left beside one of the chairs.
40. I was given my own office with a desk, a single chair and a bench equipped with a number of glass saucers and a sink with a cold water tap.
41. Jane trembled in fear, her eyes became saucers, and just as the creature was about to attack, Jane was pulled into the rock opening by her legs.
42. Her fur stuck out in all directions, fluffed up in three hundred sixty degrees as she floated along, clawing wildly at the air, eyes as big as saucers.
43. The Borantus's First Officer's eyes grew as round as saucers; his com officer shook his head back and forth futilely trying to rid the screen of the uninvited vision.
44. The saucers holding the coffee cups, the coffee cups themselves, two in the saucer and one in the Osaka’s hand, shattered, simultaneous with the table’s cracking.
45. He laughed, and pulled an escaping tendril of her hair, and went away in great contentment and immersed himself very happily in the saucers of new grain waiting to be weighed and counted.
46. The evening had begun in a drizzle and by the time we were halfway to little Red Riding Hood’s house the dainty drops had become as big as tea-cup saucers and the winds were howling like banshees.
47. On the kitchen table were a few cracked cups and saucers, a broken knife, some lead teaspoons, a part of a loaf, a small basin containing some dripping and a brown earthenware teapot with a broken spout.
48. Bosworth carried a large tray with nine cups and saucers, teaspoons, a teapot, some beakers of milk, a bowl of sugar, and a plate of selected biscuits, and deposited it on the desk in the centre of the room.
49. The blood pumped wildly through my arteries, I was shaking, I was smiling non-stop, my eyes were as wide as saucers, I was completely and utterly exhilarated by the entire happenings of the day and the outcome.
50. Early as it was, on the windy March morning, the room in which he lay abed was already scrubbed throughout; and between the cups and saucers arranged for breakfast, and the lumbering deal table, a very clean white cloth was spread.
51. The front door opened into the living-room or, rather, kitchen, which was dimly lighted by a small paraffin lamp on the table, where were also some tea-cups and saucers, each of a different pattern, and the remains of a loaf of bread.
52. The chairs and the table were almost the only things that were left of the original furniture of the room, and except for three or four plates of different patterns and sizes and a few cups and saucers, the shelves of the dresser were bare.
53. A teaboard, cups and saucers, plates, knives and forks (including carvers), spoons (various), saltcellars, a meek little muffin confined with the utmost precaution under a strong iron cover, Moses in the bulrushes typified by a soft bit of butter.
54. He could see them as they were at this very moment, the wife probably just beginning to prepare the evening meal, and the children setting the cups and saucers and other things on the kitchen table - a noisy work, enlivened with many a frolic and childish dispute.
55. While sipping a hot chocolate-coffee mixture from ancient, fragile cups and saucers, amid elegant furniture and scores of silver and gold picture frames containing yellowing and fading photographs almost a century old, a young male secretary narrated from a hand-written book, the story of the gold.
56. And now"—here he suddenly looked less grave—"here is something for the moment for you all!" and he brought out (I suppose from the big bag at his back, but nobody quite saw him do it) a large tray containing five cups and saucers, a bowl of lump sugar, a jug of cream, and a great big teapot all sizzling and piping hot.
57. The Lamb from Brookline inspected the pictures and photographs, straightening the first, retiring some of the second, and adding a few of both borrowed from the other members of the flock, and arranged to suit his own artistic fancy; the Lamb from Philadelphia polished off the cups and saucers with a clean towel; then the Lamb from Boston took the towel and dusted the mantel.
58. She sat in a blaze of oppressive heat, in a cloud of moving dust, and her eyes could only wander from the walls, marked by her father's head, to the table cut and notched by her brothers, where stood the tea-board never thoroughly cleaned, the cups and saucers wiped in streaks, the milk a mixture of motes floating in thin blue, and the bread and butter growing every minute more greasy than even Rebecca's hands had first produced it.
59. She sat in a blaze of oppressive heat, in a cloud of moving dust, and her eyes could only wander from the walls, marked by her father’s head, to the table cut and notched by her brothers, where stood the tea-board never thoroughly cleaned, the cups and saucers wiped in streaks, the milk a mixture of motes floating in thin blue, and the bread and butter growing every minute more greasy than even Rebecca’s hands had first produced it.
60. When they had filled themselves up with the `cocoa-tea' and cakes and bread and jam, Elsie Linden and Nellie Newman helped to clear away the cups and saucers, and then Owen lit the candles on the Christmas tree and distributed the toys to the children, and a little while afterwards Philpot - who had got a funny-looking mask out of one of the bon-bons - started a fine game pretending to be a dreadful wild animal which he called a Pandroculus, and crawling about on all fours, rolled his goggle eyes and growled out he must have a little boy or girl to eat for his supper.

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