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Sells in a sentence

1. All of it sells copy.
2. USDCHF sells off to 1.
3. And the more he sells.
4. If (when?) he sells more.
5. In November, John sells $5.
6. Who the hell sells knives?
7. Sells the car for gas money.
8. Sells, of course, are reversed.
9. If she sells at that point ($3.
10. Ever been to a place that sells.
11. You have a sales team that sells.
12. Other times the story sells itself.
13. There is an old man who sells candy.
14. LOVERS IN TRAINING™ sells nothing.
15. And it sells too; you’ve put the.
16. The website sells for you, non-stop.
17. If the trader sells his calls at $3.
18. Don?t you know; sex sells more than.
19. Fiction sells more papers than truth.
20. If the broker sells these to you at 3.
21. Here is what sells the best/quickest:.
22. Bad news always sells itself, they say.
23. The sort of human interest that sells.
24. If he sells at a loss, he will be lost.
25. The broker subsequently sells the shares.
26. This could be what really sells the book.
27. That’s what sells now, she agreed.
28. They tell me that corn still sells in.
29. If the item sells, these fees are refunded.
30. Who sells to the same customers I sell to?
31. The market sells off and prints a low of 0.
32. The market sells off and pushes as low as 1.
33. The market sells off and pushes as low as 0.
34. S’pose he sells it? said the Patrón.
35. When a stock sells off, investors get scared.
36. The market opens and then sells off sharply.
37. He sells quality gear at a reasonable price.
38. One is that he never uses the stuff he sells.
39. Once again, sells are the same, just reversed.
40. Americans will buy nothing that sells for $10.
41. The market sells off and pushes as low as 137.
42. If a trader sells 20 naked call options at $5.
43. Whatever sells, you keep half and give me half.
44. The US sells itself as the land of freedom and.
45. Instead of creating a site that directly sells.
46. I think the ulterior motive is that trash sells.
47. DM finally gives in and sells his shares at $98.
48. A trader who sells the 105 call at a price of 3.
49. Everyone sells something of themselves every day.
50. He cuts timber part-time and sells meth full-time.
51. As I mentioned earlier, the prophetic sells itself.
52. The market sells off for six hours and bottoms out.
53. John sells 11 of the 260 calls for 200 points each.
54. One of those things is that staging sells homes!!.
55. This is where coaching or software really sells well.
56. He only sells big ones, that'ld hold the whole baby.
57. There’s a pharmacy off Lumpkin that sells guns.
58. You can do this at any store that sells time devices.
59. I am often surprised by what sells and what doesn’t.
60. There’s two things that every network marketer sells.
61. Another example would be a man who sells bottled water.
62. In our example, a trader who sells the 90/100 box for 9.
63. This is true whether one buys or sells these strategies.
64. If the trader sells the three-month box at a price of 9.
65. Everything sells for about what it is worth at the time.
66. The importance of sells is discussed in the next section.
67. Her hobby is pottery that she sells at local swap meets.
68. Haskins and Sells had offices in both Las Vegas and Reno.
69. He gets bugs and stuff out of the ocean and sells them.
70. The disease isn’t as bad as the cure, is it? Sex sells.
71. Level 2: how to use it to grab great-timed buys and sells.
72. What Are the Trading Rules for Buys (Sells Are Reversed)?
73. He raises shamblers and sells them on the black market.
74. O Kay Jewelers Sells Out (or Tries to) at the Annual Sale.
75. Judy sells the restaurant but even that is not enough to.
76. And yet it simply sells more of the boring stuff every year.
77. Right there, the gas station attendant sells tickets to.
78. In February, John sells an April Gold 1400 call for $1,000.
79. He sells five more to recover the loss he accrued in his 2.
80. Because benefits will always be the bottom line that sells!.
81. Andre is an orphan and sells water and stones on the trains.
82. Here's the unpleasant funny thought: Tobacco companies sells.
83. Therefore, she sells on many different sites at the same time.
84. On September 13, 2004, the mini-sized Dow sells off at 3:30 p.
85. As the NQ sells off, we start using the two-bar trailing stop.
86. When Ed’s project sells out, I’m thinking of retiring again.
87. Suppose the common stock sells at 10 times year 5 earnings of $5.
88. The short answer to the question of whether or not staging sells.
89. In his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.
90. If XYZ stock sells at 20, earns $2, and pays a cash dividend of $1.
91. This is the moral and ethical sticking point which the book sells.
92. She sells aromatherapy, incense, oils, and a bunch of other stuff.
93. The company sells more merchandise than they could ordinarily sell.
94. Wendy mainly sells jewelry, air fare certificates and diet products.
95. Contrast this with someone who sells only once and never sees that.
96. It has since been found that this shop now sells only The Chronicle.
97. The more mass production, the cheaper the product, the more it sells.
98. Suppose the operator sells a stock short at 53 and it breaks to 51.
99. Trader John sells a July Wheat 840 call and collects a premium of $800.
100. Consider a company that sells some books because someone ordered them.
1. So we are not selling.
2. That is the selling of.
3. Selling a product at a.
4. And the dudes selling hits.
5. The stock is selling at 62.
6. If you’re selling for $0.
7. He was selling his house!.
8. I had no love for selling.
9. Selling new at two guineas.
10. He was selling his body.
11. This is their selling point.
12. That would be cross selling.
13. By selling your stuff, you.
14. This is also true in selling.
15. This is the evil of selling.
16. Men would be selling roast.
17. We buy what they are selling.
18. Stop selling to your co-op.
19. Selling the Jun 28 call for 0.
20. Maybe I was selling her short.
21. We’d be selling stock at 39.
22. By selling something as a lie.
23. They soon began selling their.
24. He was selling hashish and sex.
25. You’d be selling your body.
26. Good selling runs in the family.
27. He was selling machinery, and.
28. Selling Too Close to the Money.
29. That's what this ad is selling.
30. Rumour is that he's selling up.
31. Internet selling is on the rise.
32. Selling the iron butterfly at 41.
33. Vince was selling off his stock.
34. My everyday selling and office.
35. Think he plans on selling it in.
36. Selling options and collecting $0.
37. Selling Too Far Out of the Money.
38. We’re selling the house for her.
39. Selling a Covered Call on a Stock.
40. And so this was the selling point.
42. Motivated selling has many sources.
43. If you’re selling for between $2.
44. Selling the Option on the Seasonal.
45. The objective of the selling firm.
46. They aren’t selling the programs.
47. Selling in Canada and an Invention.
48. The gate selling method was.
49. I haven’t started selling it yet.
50. Suppose you are selling a treadmill.
51. This compares with selling at the.
52. That type of selling I like but I.
53. The Selling (or Writing) of Options.
54. Someone was selling meat pies nearby.
55. One usually does this by selling a.
56. That’s, What are you selling?
57. How will you apply this to selling?
58. Selling a put is a bullish strategy.
59. Selling a home requires an in-depth.
60. Two Things to Remember about Selling.
61. Selling a call is a bearish strategy.
62. This is a huge selling point for you.
63. Too close to the money, selling, 111.
64. Some guy just kept selling there at 3.
65. The many websites selling subliminal.
66. The company selling the website will.
67. You're parents have been selling?
69. Selling Coffee Calls Ahead of Harvest.
70. Don’t forget the stamp duty selling.
71. The issue also would be selling at 16.
72. He might end up never selling the put.
73. Chase stock was selling for around $34.
74. I end up selling the Nov 17 call for 0.
75. Both bond and stock are selling at 200.
76. However, when he’s selling training.
77. Selling without dealing with a Problem.
78. These work best when you’re selling.
79. What you are selling will not be perfect.
80. I need to believe in what I’m selling.
81. Selling this deep in-the-money put at 14.
82. When you are selling, your price has to.
83. Is the ANC selling out our sovereignty?
84. All you are really selling is electrons.
85. But heavy selling turned back the stock.
86. Our effective selling price will be 390.
87. The guy said he had heard I was selling.
88. Thus you will have missed selling a few.
89. I could not see the benefits of selling.
90. She was just selling the cars to anybody.
92. Our business is selling little fishes.
93. Marcel wasn’t buying what I was selling.
94. It's like selling your soul to the devil.
95. He was making and selling it in his own.
96. In a business where we are selling other.
97. Selling this call results in a profit of 1.
98. Offset some cost by selling the August 67.
99. If you run a mail order business selling.
100. But, that was it; the concept of selling.
1. I sold it to Dr.
2. Who sold it to you.
3. It was sold for $3.
4. He sold more than 2.
5. I have sold a horse.
6. But I later sold it.
7. Sold on 18 June 2011.
8. I have sold them both.
9. These were sold to a.
10. They are all sold now.
11. I sold whatever I had.
12. So I sold it to Jesus.
13. Bella: You sold the top.
14. First he sold all his.
15. One that is not sold.
16. Sold him cheap, he did.
17. I sold my small house.
18. I make 21p a copy sold.
19. The pendant sold for $2.
20. The home was to be sold.
21. If HBJ sold parks for $1.
22. Eddie had quit and sold.
23. In fact they were sold.
24. I’d sold the first one.
25. Sold to a man at age 13.
26. Has it been sold them?
27. The next week she sold.
28. And sold me back its heat.
29. We have sold nothing yet.
30. What a relief once I sold.
31. I sold it, he said.
32. Kevin Wilson sold me out.
33. I wonder why he sold it.
34. Oops, we sold that at 26.
35. He had sold himself to Mr.
36. You risk being sold out.
37. Although I sold the boat.
38. Close the Option You Sold.
39. I always sold the rights.
40. Her mother sold her when.
41. There they sold drugs too.
42. The Stables had been sold.
43. And he sold them on?
44. She’s sold as seen to you.
45. But it wasn’t sold there.
46. Midge was still sold on him.
47. I sold 1,000 shares at $66.
48. Ads may be privately sold.
49. If I sold it all, I could.
50. I sold it on in good faith.
51. To date the book has sold.
52. I sold the PBX switch, the.
53. As time went on, they sold.
54. The bonds sold at 7 in 1939.
55. He sold high and bought low.
56. It sold completely in three.
57. This workshop is sold from.
58. That could sting if you sold.
59. We sold Bank of Ireland today.
60. I sold myself for more than.
61. It was sold by a foolish man.
62. That you are being sold crap.
63. You'll be sorry you sold it.
64. They sold the sheep an enemy.
65. The stock sold for around $40.
66. The Midianites sold him into.
67. The option that I sold for $1.
68. Sold January 9 1978 at $1.
69. But if she sold the mills—.
70. The posiUon is sold at $8.
71. I sold him a Beretta Px4 Storm.
72. It worked out because he sold.
73. Lizaveta, who sold old clothes.
74. I sold him a jar of hemlock a.
75. Usually luxury items are sold.
76. Apparently, they were sold out.
77. Yes, sir, it was I who sold Dr.
78. Most products are sold on the.
79. However, the show was sold out.
80. We sold near the top of.
81. I had a $997 product that sold.
82. I hope you have not sold it off.
83. To Hal's credit, he finally sold.
84. I also sold variations of this.
85. At any rate, we sold for.
86. They both sold within the month.
87. Since I sold this spread for $2.
88. In January, it sold 1991 copies.
89. Silk sold for its weight in gold.
90. Caroline sold the house and left.
91. I’ve sold products, yet could.
92. He was sold to us as a superstar.
93. In 1938 these bonds sold at 34¼.
94. Louis and San Francisco was sold.
95. It should be either held or sold.
96. If you sold the bet originally (i.
97. In hindsight, we sold out cheaply.
98. They are never sold upon hats.
99. The book could be sold separately.
100. I hope they aren’t sold out.

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1. And sell it I did.
2. But we can sell it.
3. In a sell program (i.
4. I will never sell to.
5. Sell us the little man.
6. The object is to sell.
7. Sell the stock to you.
8. Both issues sell at 25.
9. It's too cheap to sell.
10. I could never sell them.
11. Choose a product to sell.
12. They sell you lists of.
13. Gives us more to sell.
14. It's hard to sell a book.
15. The book would never sell.
16. Item 2: Something to sell.
17. I know I could sell it.
18. How to Sell Your Products.
19. I had hoped to sell more.
20. You could sell it though.
21. What if you have to sell.
22. Sell it or give it to me.
23. Ill sell it to you cheap.
24. Buy, live in it, and sell.
25. So long as you sell papers.
26. He doesn’t sell hot dogs.
27. You could sell to England.
28. He wanted to sell me knives.
29. How to buy and sell shares.
30. They tried to sell me off.
31. I can choose who I sell to.
32. Why does he sell the spot?
33. He threatened to sell me.
34. He could sell fur coats to.
35. Avenworth to sell it to her.
36. I can sell more papers and.
37. To sell cars! He had met a.
38. What they sell is all drugs.
39. I sell the Aug 40 call at 1.
40. Area G—sell and sell short.
41. I have chosen to only sell.
42. Sell it and cut your losses.
43. Google had hoped to sell 25.
44. Why did it sell out?
45. What we sell is being used.
46. Who did you sell it to?
47. Don’t try to sell to them.
48. The man could sell anything.
49. If you are going to sell 50.
50. Why, I could sell your used.
51. She had to sell her town in.
52. If Julius was going to sell.
53. You either buy it or sell it.
54. Sell to the team, not to the.
55. It is really easy to sell a.
56. Next day, they'd sell their.
57. They almost always sell out.
58. Sell all that thou hast and.
59. On second thought, sell that.
60. Being prepared to sell means.
61. We sell only prime stock here.
62. Their shops sell kosher foods.
63. She would never sell Ali and.
64. But you don’t want to sell.
65. Perhaps I can sell a few 103.
66. I have to sell tomato ketchup.
67. Clearly they will buy and sell.
68. Sell your coat and buy a weapon.
69. I planned then to sell at 120p.
70. But there is a sofa for sell.
71. Sell Out Young with No Regrets.
72. I did not sell one single item.
73. He hasn’t been able to sell.
74. Don’t Have Anything To Sell!.
75. Don’t Sell With Your Tweets.
76. Buy land, split it and sell it.
77. Say you sell a $450 Put for $53.
78. Dashwood that morals didn't sell.
79. Surely it’s the wine they sell.
80. Fear tactics were used to sell Mr.
81. I do not sell to Jews that stink.
82. Whether of not you plan to sell.
83. The idea is to sell x number of.
84. I wouldn’t sell you a junker.
85. I sell, or used to sell insurance.
86. You shouldn’t try to sell your.
87. Why sell an option? For the money.
88. If he can sell the puts at say 25.
89. He wanted to sell him some horses.
90. And she refuses to sell you to me.
91. Sell your stocks in door hinges!.
92. Even The Best Won’t Sell Itself.
93. What the hell would I sell?
94. She really had not wanted to sell.
95. So, I come up here to sell blades.
96. I can see why you sell so much.
97. You can sell joke books, courses.
98. If you have affiliates sell your.
99. She replied that she would sell it.
100. He said they should sell the bonds.

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