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Semantically in a sentence

1. The patient semantically defective by lack of meaningful purpose.
2. Master, semantically, a whore would be paid, but you seem more likely to rape rather than buy.
3. Semitic… Semen… get it? All these facts are connected historically, semantically, and subconsciously to each other on many ways, and on many levels.
4. It is one of the few semantically honest words left in the code-words all business uses to deflect and avoid saying what they actually do and how they actually do it.
5. However, in science everywhere you can find the concept "Nature" Incomprehensible, inexplicable, omnipotent, and semantically very reminiscent of religious terms "God" and "Creator.
6. Unless you present their writings in a sane, comparative relative context: then you will misinterpret whatever is said because you will not know what was actually semantically meant.
7. By twisting the semantic meanings of words, by replacing semantically accurate words with lying mental with emotional trigger words that evoke subconscious reactions on a subliminal level.
8. Now the culture of ‘day care’ has been semantically normalized to: ‘child care’… as if stuffing as many children into cribs and rooms with no love or personal loving attention is more acceptable since 40-50% of all American families put their children into such inhuman living conditions in order to ‘work’ instead of bothering about their own children all day.

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