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    1. with God in a true sense of this term

    2. sense to claim you are in relationship with God and still

    3. influence this world? Games are addicting because they give you a sense of accomplishment

    4. "Hey, we saved the maps," Jorma said, "not that they made any sense to either one of us

    5. Time, in the physical sense, doesn’t actually exist

    6. a sense of proportion to the importance of certain matters in life

    7. awaken a whole new sense of being present and living life in the moment, as it is happening

    8. their sense of awe

    9. When you lose that sense, the

    10. our true sense of worship

    1. She passed her hands over his chin, natives either grew full length beards or had their facial hair genetically removed, so this roughness was something she seldom sensed and after the fifty Earth years since he'd left, it moved her in unexpected ways

    2. He had sensed they were much more intelligent than a horse, more intelligent than a feral dog

    3. She sensed something other

    4. The low menace in his voice reminded me of my father on report night, and for the first time in my life I sensed the difference between love and hate

    5. I sensed fear and bewilderment, mine included

    6. We sensed the nervous agitation of the guards, an anxiety verging on panic

    7. She sensed something other here but not evil, not in its own right, describing it to herself as rather a feral air, as though the man were wild and untamed as yet

    8. The twins sensed that they were going ‘home’ and they became very excited, running about and growling

    9. Since they were the same age, Nuran and Alan hit it off well enough that night in the inn that Luray wanted to suggest to Lmore that Nuran wouldn't be needing a guide to Zhlindu, but she also sensed that Nuran and Lmore already had a little history that Lmore wanted to continue

    10. They sensed the people in the large Hall and attacked it with a vengeance

    1. We are also not here to be preoccupied with indiscriminate or unregulated gratification of the senses, or to imitate the behaviour of others whose lives are so misdirected

    2. This is due to the fact that the focus of attention is away from the things of the senses, no matter how beautiful

    3. The withdrawing of the mind-consciousness from the periphery of the body, so that the avenues of outer perception and contact (the five senses) are stilled, and the consciousness is no longer outgoing

    4. Prathayara or Withdrawal of the Senses

    5. Senses are superior to your body

    6. Mind is superior to the senses and intellect is superior to mind

    7. I stand there like a lunatic for slightly longer than is polite … just staring at her and trying to take this in, then, come to my senses suddenly

    8. every inch covered her senses reeled with ever deeper revelation

    9. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    10. The steam rising from the freshly brewed tea assaulted my senses making me salivate

    1. ‘What is it?’ I asked, sensing something behind that last exclamation

    2. Sensing what he was up to, Jackson and Lady Isabol doubled their efforts to reach them

    3. Sensing that she was merely trying to save face, Rayne said she would use the wooden sword

    4. Denair remembered going thru the market place and sensing a strong life force about him, strangely familiar somehow

    5. probably sensing the truth about what was going

    6. Sensing the same, Mya offered a solution

    7. Carl peered through the candlelight at the janitor sensing his young friend

    8. Roman cut her off, sensing the onset of world war three

    9. “It’s always like this on Thanksgiving,” Buttworst said, sensing Roman’s

    10. “Keep your arrow on them,” Dobber said, sensing his fears

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    Synonyms for "sense"

    common sense good sense gumption horse sense mother wit sense sensation sensory faculty sentience sentiency signified smell smell out feel understanding recognition insight discernment awareness reasonableness discretion reason intellect knowledge reasoning intelligence brains mind wit significance meaning denotation connotation import signification impression thought idea estimation sentiment opinion recognize recognise perceive discern appreciate apperceive

    "sense" definitions

    a general conscious awareness

    the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted

    the faculty through which the external world is apprehended

    sound practical judgment

    a natural appreciation or ability

    perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles

    detect some circumstance or entity automatically

    become aware of not through the senses but instinctively