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Separator in a sentence

The Separator will sort them out.
The inhabitant sin is the separator.
Instead, the separator performs this, which is a magnetic type.
This is another format that cannot use a blank as the separator.
Keller placed a Separator in her head, but it yielded no results.
Use a colon as the field separator and then print the last field.
It is the separator between the month and day and the day and year in our date.

The x in the format name specifies the separator that you want to use according to the table below.
Through the separator between the shell and cab, he can see the motionless shoulders of the Neumanns.
The x in the format name specifies the separator that you want to use according to the following table.
The spheres are prevented from falling inside by the disc 22 for the balls 13 and the separator 19, which is a magnetic washer.
An example of using a path separator is passing the string /tmp/file1 as path_src and the string /home/user/file2 as path_dest.
Arranged on the inner side of 20 are 12 large and 60 smaller spheres (ball) positioned in separator washers 3 and 19, respectively.
It will read time values in the form hh:mm:ss or hhmmss, where hh is hours, mm is minutes, and ss is seconds, with an optional separator.
The following example demonstrates that the separator character does not have to be the same on every line, and the field does not have to be exactly ten characters long.
If the character string being processed is not in an MMsDDsYY(YY) (s stands for a separator), you will get a missing value stored in date1 and an error message in the SAS log.
Having a date as yyyy/mm/dd on one page and another in the format of mm/dd/yyyy in another diagram will create problems, as will the use of slashes for the separator of one date and hyphens for another.
The above INPUT statement will read the first ten characters in a line, starting at the first character in a data line, and SAS will expect it to look like mmsdds(yy)yy, where mm is the month from 01 to 12, s represents a separator character, dd is a day from 01 to 31, and (yy)yy is a two- or four-digit year.

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