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Services in a sentence

1. Cost of sales and services.
2. His services were not free.
3. Lots of Goods and Services.
4. The services he provided as.
5. You can count on my services.
6. For the loss of his services.
7. Family services are held by.

8. Women in Our Armed Services, n.
9. Father, we wait your services.
10. Mobile phone services were out.
11. I have need of your services.
12. He runs Lewis Security Services.
13. And then there are the services.
14. They conspire to trade services.
15. The services are in the morning.
16. Hence my need for your services.
17. Support services such as early.
18. I employed the services of Sergio.
19. Location Services and, 7–8, 21.
20. Services were held in a special.
21. Click on Start and type services.
22. These products and services are.
23. I proffered my services and money.
24. He missed services, but not meals.
25. You should use the services of a.
26. He heads up our forensic services.
27. I have pledged my services to the.
28. Family Services of Chemung County.
29. The wealth management services of.
30. Security services and all that.
31. Services were now running normally.
32. All products and services offered.
33. Other services that can be provided.
34. He would gladly offer the services.
35. As a fair trade for your services.
36. ID Theft and other consumer services.
37. These services are usually provided.
38. He was still in need of her services.
39. But I love my Goods and Services more.
40. Some services or companies will have.
41. His services with honour and with gold.
42. That would be two services rendered.
43. The products and services produced by.
44. There are lots of services available.
45. And the oil services sector jumped out.
46. She: Sorry, there are no services today.
47. Thomas could not stomach the services.
48. Often, in Jimmy Swaggart’s services.
49. Medical services offered by BSA to the.
50. This means that services like Hotmail.
51. He is not disappointed by your services.
52. More information about the services of.
53. It posts its rates and services on its.
54. Department of Health and Human Services.
55. They called social services and had me.
56. There are long services on that day in.
57. Yes, call client services to enroll them.
58. If you sell services, it's the same thing.
59. West Texas Family and Community Services.
60. Every Friday night they went to services.
61. The same goes with products and services.
62. Your services are no longer necessary.
63. The Secretary of Armed Services, as the.
64. Soon the emergency services were on sight.
65. It has to do with oil for church services.
66. She will trade services with me, not Jada.
67. Family Services would have taken me away.
68. What services are included in this price?
69. Does the nursing home have the services I.
70. There are clipping services dedicated to.
71. Services related to Creditors and Lenders.
72. Jack McCullough, Chief of Clinic Services.
73. They observed only four services a day -.
74. They have expanded their online services.
75. To be sure the autism services at STS are.
76. Not all products or services can be scaled.
77. Cut to next day in social services office.
78. Here's the Writing Services Agreement I use.
79. I wonder what time the services are today?
80. There are four main types of cloud services.
81. The sirens were heard all over the services.
82. The firm’s services include, but are not.
83. While there, he was off ered the services.
84. They render services to you by another way.
85. She could no longer do without his services.
86. Services started Helping Hands as a memori-.
87. Spectrum still available for the 2G services.
88. The daily chapel services had become plastic.
89. Always have new and better services to offer.
1. When servicing debt, profits received in.
2. You may only bomb the rail yard servicing the mill.
3. Molly had kicked in another gear and was servicing.
4. The beast is a dragon product servicing him on land.
5. Also, a technician was servicing the motion detectors.
6. This was a lot more pleasant play than servicing Yompere.
7. Most work in India is servicing international requirements.
8. The porn actress may be on her knees servicing one, several.
9. Being the baby division in the company and servicing such a.
10. We’re sorry but at the present time all representatives are servicing a customer.
11. My time is limited by me speaking and traveling, by me servicing my larger corporate clients.
12. Alan seemed to have a business restoring and servicing machinery that was modestly successful.
13. The house was an altar with ten thousand attendants, big, small, servicing, attending, in choirs.
14. Loriot then turned around and shouted at the mechanics servicing the other three fighter aircraft.
15. Don’t they understand that I am significantly over servicing this piece of business already?
16. She had been quick to point out that she was doing all the asking and he was acting like he was servicing her.
17. When Microsoft sells a Windows program, the company recognizes that future servicing costs are part of that sale.
18. If there has been a flaw in servicing the customer, accept the mistake, apologize for it, and promise to never make it again.
19. Nicky was probably at this moment in the throes with Sewer Girl, who’d been servicing him behind Sol’s back since at least October.
20. Witches are humans servicing the devil gained out of their irrational unconscious mind after manifestation of its content in a mind forge.
21. We cannot hit them, not only for the reason the President told you, but additionally because there are Soviet technicians servicing them.
22. W-werd's royal servicing hand slipped over Z-wurd's blaspheming lips, as he bounded them over the garden wall to the safety of the silent trees.
23. When she crossed his grant line with the scene generator servicing that slice she found he was in his private, private space, in his study in Nigeria.
24. She saw well enough for herself two hours later, after her C-142 had landed on the runway servicing the Lockheed production plant in Burbank, California.
25. Your four KC-200 tanker aircraft will also be based in Taipei for our raids inside China, along with a fleet of tanker trucks and ground servicing vehicles.
26. The buoy tender went aground off Michigans Keweenaw Point in the turbulent, icy waters of Lake Superior while servicing a navigational aid, and eventually sank.
27. The username part of an e-mail address (which is everything before the @ symbol) represents the name of a mailbox that has been created on the mail server servicing the domain.
28. A fund’s expenses incurred by accounting, shareholder servicing, and investment management fees are subtracted from the return that the fund actually earned on its investments.
29. I’m an adult, he told his father, grateful that all the crowd of men and women servicing the other vehicles were nearby to somewhat modify his father’s predictable response.
30. When Ingrid landed back in Batangas with five of her pilots and with Jesus Villamor and another Filipino pilot, she found Major General Lewis Brereton waiting for them near the servicing area.
31. Another advantage is that the 6th Pursuit Squadron, while it was down to only one pilot and one plane, still has a full complement of ground servicing and support crews familiar with the P-40.
32. But that was not before socialism wrecked Indian industry and ruined its economy so much so that the country, for servicing its national debt, had to pledge its gold for all those sterling pounds.
33. The field personnel seemed busy refueling and servicing the C-87s that had arrived from the Philippines, while another group of transports were being loaded up at what Ingrid considered a lazy pace.
34. With its debt rising faster than its income, America is attempting to keep its head above water as the cost of servicing the nation’s debt acts like an anchor, weighing down future economic growth.
35. Upstate New York’s five months of severe weather is hardly conducive to maintaining and servicing the units, inflicting wind and storm damage to the boards along with freezing temperatures on the men.
36. Some spots may be run at no charge, such exceptions brought about by technical failure in performing the spot, management granting a bonus spot to settle a viewer complaint, or in servicing a trade-out.
37. They reduced the process of making or servicing anything into segments so simple; that all the professional artisans and ironworkers of the 19th century could be replaced by unskilled immigrant labor and child slavery-labor.
38. The amphibious ships landed what appeared to be a reinforced battalion of marine infantry, complete with tanks, amphibious troop carriers and anti-aircraft guns, plus a long convoy of airfield servicing vehicles and equipment.
39. On the promise alone of being returned to normal old age, that train travels with the world, its side show populated with madmen waiting to be released from bondage, meantime servicing the carnival, giving it coke for its ovens.
40. Price also calculated that among the bank's credit card, mortgage servicing, and several other businesses, there was the equivalent of another $30 of hidden assets per share that simply were not recorded on the balance sheet because of accounting rules.
41. The work of the Old Testament helps the body to link with the world forces while the work of the New Testament links with the spirit of man that has all the businesses of sins to bring the good back to life, in image, servicing freedom instead of the cruel sword.
42. Before discussing the new debt counselling I would like to add that there are other factors at work besides the servicing of debt; they include income volatility, legalised gambling, bigger medical bills and a cultural shift that has de-stigmatised bankruptcy and bad debts.
43. Each project would be plotted in excessive detail and the participants would argue and reconsider and revamp, mostly because aside from maintaining the squalor they lived in and occasionally being compelled to perform the more dangerous or distasteful servicing tasks at one of the Viirin compounds, the hoomans had little else to occupy their time.
44. While Cochran and Maxwell started setting up the concrete measures of that recruitment campaign, Ingrid worked on thinking over and producing a proposed organization chart for her future combat unit, helped in that by Maxwell, who gave her pointers about the types of servicing and support units and sub-units that already existed in the Army Air Corps and provided her with examples of tables of organization and equipment.
45. Sir, only minor damage to systems that were already in need of servicing,.
1. The area is serviced by the.
2. Whether your product needs to be serviced.
3. Each of these small serviced offices were.
4. He loved his alma mater and serviced it nobly.
5. But he serviced dozens of ships over his career.
6. This tag tells you when the furnace was last serviced.
7. She was no different to the other clients I serviced at the salon.
8. Now to my last point when it comes to being serviced by.
9. The Resort offered a variety of superb, fully serviced accommodation.
10. Both of them, and I, were not happy with the customers Stevie serviced.
11. Where will you get the farm equipment serviced? Will asked his father.
12. Rule #357: Have your furnace and air conditioner serviced on an annual basis.
13. But what customers hate the most is being sold or serviced using dishonesty.
14. He had serviced Joe’s on occasion and only did family and friends privately.
15. The chauffeur dusted and serviced the car while I wandered apparently deserted streets.
16. They were fulfilled, satisfied, by the strength of the youths who serviced their needs.
17. They would explain that she was driving over to Wise to have them serviced by a technician.
18. It was almost empty, the bulk of trade having been serviced between the normal lunch hours.
19. My job was to keep the welders serviced and drive along the pipeline where they were needed.
20. And peace again at night as KK listened to the BBC World Service and Theo serviced the guns.
21. Never mind it was irrational, as ridiculous as arresting the prostitute but not the serviced.
22. You weren’t thinking about me while you were being serviced at the nightclub, she snarled.
23. Jane told the receptionist to leave everything as it was for now, and not to have the room serviced.
24. In fact he did not have many possessions having rented the unit as a furnished and serviced apartment.
25. The trading vessels and Military ships were all serviced, funded, and organized by the same government.
26. Tom had an AAA card and this friend of his named Murphy, serviced AAA accounts in and around Victorville.
27. And have the hens been well serviced by a healthy rooster? Ralph saw Merthin roll up his eyes in mock.
28. They were training to take over the maintenance and operations for the freight depots and ships that serviced them.
29. The caterpillar diesels and the booster pumps themselves had to be serviced, checked, and tested for mechanical failures.
30. The rooms were serviced and, as I indicated above, at one time breakfast was included in the rent, which was later cancelled.
31. The only difficulty was that her brother’s car was being serviced and not expected to be finished until later that morning.
32. They saw a battleship’s complete reactor housing spinning through space minus the rest of the battleship it had once serviced.
33. Old roads and trails serviced the power lines running along the easterly border of the trees; homes lined the fence on the west.
34. London was serviced with the most intricate public transport system, from buses to trains and including the underground rail system.
35. The Pakistan High Commission had rented two serviced apartments for us in a building in a modern square in the centre of Birmingham.
36. Every house and office has a backup generator which needs to be serviced and fuelled with a dedicated person to switch it on and off.
37. Assyria maintained a large system of roads throughout the empire and even had a network of postal stops serviced by a relay of horsemen.
38. The second part orbited the moon and was where the freighters too big to land on the moon could be serviced and their loads transferred.
39. The company made sports-wagering and racetrack-betting terminalsdesigned, operated, manufactured, and serviced computerized wagering systems.
40. Most of the boats belonging to the Kassikan are stored and serviced in a shop that is near the bottom of that lock just inside the boathouse.
41. For the next three weeks life was idyllic, he ate, partied, imbibed cocaine, serviced women for money and loved Ruth every which way he could.
42. They involve thorough inspections of all parts of a vehicle and must be carried out whenever the vehicle has been serviced, repaired or left unattended.
43. On top of that, they were usually associated with networks of call girls that serviced prospective tenants, mainly Arabs from the Gulf States and Arabia.
44. They would travel attached to a freighter which visited planets whose need was too small for a full convoy and were therefore serviced by a single freighter.
45. However, the American commanders were lucky to learn at the time that each Confederate vessel was being serviced for maintenance and repair and was in a harbor.
46. The helicopter had been serviced and it was time for us to return back to London and we all assembled in the car park in front of the manor house with our luggage.
47. The bathhouses I went to in London were vast – scores of cubicles serviced by aloof attendants; everywhere steam and noise and the sweet smell of soap, cleanliness and warmth.
48. The cargo modules that had been attached to the Queen Elizabeth would be serviced and then attached to one of the super sized freighters and would also return to regular service.
49. Here, GAAP are not used to value, per se, but rather to give analysts enough information to gauge the probabilities that a debt instrument will be serviced in accordance with its terms.
50. Since they did not retain the mortgage loans they originated in their own investment portfolios, they had little incentive to make sure such loans could be serviced and repaid by the borrowers.
51. The next morning Stu, Spock and Pon came down and ate breakfast, served by a happy serviced Giau, who had left Stu’s room in the early hours and returned to a still snoring Jock, none the wiser.
52. In the midst of serving customers Ben learnt a few interesting things about Francesca, firstly she was single and had been for many months, secondly she worked as a banker at Abbey National and thirdly she paid much attention to Ben, consistently praising him for running such a well serviced establishment.
53. Coast Guard historian and author Dennis Noble traced the role of the lighthouse tenders that maintained aids to navigation: supplied the lighthouses with mail, equipment, and supplies; removed and returned keepers to their stations; brought lighthouse inspectors on board; serviced buoys; and sometimes went aground in the process.
54. Five years and two children later John Warwick had to double the size of his workshops, giving up more land to accommodate his trucks and machinery, Bluey had accepted John’s offer of a share and bought into the company and was now the manager of a thriving business with contracts that serviced the local iron ore mines and loading facility’s on the coast.
55. She and the rest of these silly does have had their little libidos piqued by the thought of being, shall we say, romantically coerced, by such a huge and handsome fellow as yourself! They not only wish to be of service to you, they hope to be serviced by you! And if you command it by their vow, why, they cannot be blamed for getting what they want, can they, though it would be considered more than mildly scandalous for girls of such tender years to initiate such a liaison with a big human like you!.

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1. I did him a service.
2. So the service of the.
3. All part of the service.
4. Plan a real nice service.
5. Service that goes up there.
6. More service = more money.
7. I have a service pistol.
8. He was in the service of.
9. A hotline to room service.
10. It was a Pentecost service.
11. The bus service was still.
12. The first is a FREE service.
13. Their customer service is U.
14. This is an optional service.
15. A Life Of Service To Others.
16. He tied me up on his service.
17. How can I be of service?
18. This is bad customer service.
19. We stopped at a service sta-.
20. Her answering service came on.
21. That’s a service where you.
22. We do a great service, though.
23. Life-Saving Service and the U.
24. Service is the duty of Shudra-s.
25. The service was about to start.
26. There has been no final service.
27. Your service here is remarkable.
28. The repair service was used by.
29. That's why we have our Service.
30. All in the service of the state.
31. Then came the service in church.
32. During the service he received.
33. I consider this top notch service.
34. The answering service came on.
35. It is a funeral service for Jews.
36. She never charged for the service.
37. In what branch of service?
38. He's got to come out of service.
39. And herb for the service of men;.
40. We run a laundry service here.
41. To sixty hours community service.
42. Oh? What was this service?
43. The more service you render the.
44. More service is always the answer.
45. I agree with the Colony Service.
46. A service she was glad to provide.
47. In government service and with Mr.
48. This service is provided so that.
49. Rail service ended forty years ago.
50. That was quick service, she thought.
51. I’m glad I could be of service.
52. I could use the service entrance.
53. To be of service to others in need.
54. You have done me a service, boy.
55. We wish to swear service to you.
56. I acted and behold, service was joy.
57. Just compete with goods and service.
58. Many employees were of long service.
59. It is a simple yet dignified service.
60. The State And National Park Service.
61. Even his answering service is female.
62. The service was a solemn but happy.
63. My father was at his funeral service.
64. At the time, marketing this service.
65. Your heart’s call is one of service.
66. Oh princess, I’m at your service.
67. Lighthouse Service on their uniforms.
68. Lighthouse Service (USLHS) and the U.
69. His practice was service to the poor.
70. The service again was long and boring.
71. That’ll be a humble social service.
72. I wanted to provide a service that:.
73. In Ahmedabad, service is for the weak.
74. It had the air of a service connector.
75. After the service the pastor advised.
76. All I want is to be of service to him.
77. The service was quick and to the point.
78. Change Requests on the service system.
79. Just don’t expect five-star service.
80. Unwearied in that service; rather say.
81. Rupali, join the police service soon.
82. Chapter 81 A Life Of Service To Others.
83. He was only in the service a short time.
84. Glad to be of service, he replied.
85. Alex motioned at a service station ahead.
86. Inevitably, the service was running late.
87. Thank you for giving this service today.
88. In many it is the only service provided.
89. Those are provided by this same service.
90. He will review our service to Him from.
91. With the Secret Service in Washington.
92. This was the lesson in selfless service.
93. Apparently, the service was still going.
94. It’s about your product or your service.
95. But it is always the after sales service.
96. The service was in Grace‘s living room.
97. The navy was merely an ancillary service.
98. Google Alerts is a service where Google.
99. An important service offered to the mem-.
100. In 1915 the Revenue Service became the U.

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