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Seychelles in a sentence

1. You can read Colonel Hoare's excellent book called "The Seychelles Affair" for details.
2. I said I was from the Seychelles – no one knew where it was so they didn’t ask questions.
3. The Seychelles government being a bit upset with South Africa for a while did not welcome any of its citizens for years.
4. One episode that NIS was involved in was the failed coup de e'tat attempt to take over the island of Seychelles by using many former Rhodesian soldiers in 1981.
5. The idea behind the Seychelles attack was to gain landing rights for South Africa for most countries banned the national air service from flights across their airspace.
6. I have taken pains to verify this assertion, and have found it true, with the exception of New Zealand, New Caledonia, the Andaman Islands, and perhaps the Solomon Islands and the Seychelles.
7. But I have already remarked that it is doubtful whether New Zealand and New Caledonia ought to be classed as oceanic islands; and this is still more doubtful with respect to the Andaman and Solomon groups and the Seychelles.

8. Oh Brad, while you have a second, you were talking earlier about your holiday in the Seychelles, she began, locking his eyes in a smouldering stare that said ‘I don’t need to introduce myself, because you’ve asked who I am already'.

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