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  1. The thick but shapeless moustache.
  2. A shapeless black thing in one of the crates.
  3. But that black shapeless fiend has disappeared.
  4. It skulked in the moonlight, black and shapeless.
  5. The Master on his dais was but a shapeless shadow.

  6. No longer shapeless, it became a hand reaching out.
  7. But here, it looked out, into the shapeless spaces Between.
  8. She wanted them dead as in unmoving, shapeless heaps.
  9. The fury of the flood was stamped upon this shapeless mass.
  10. What shapeless lump is that, bent, crouch'd there on the sand?
  11. Your third estate is insipid, colorless, odorless, and shapeless.
  12. Margaret wore a shapeless black dress to cover her protruding figure.
  13. She watched him until he became a shapeless black figure behind them.
  14. His brain felt like something shapeless lying in a basin of tepid water.
  15. And now another shadow moved across the wall: a huge shapeless black blot.

  16. The outlines of the bridges lay shapeless in the mist one behind the other.
  17. Between these rival features the lips appeared very long and shapeless and.
  18. She was large and soft and round, her shapeless waist merging with her hips.
  19. Some of it has stood very well, while some has decayed into shapeless masses.
  20. Some shapeless thing which was coming from the boulevard was turning into the road.
  21. She made the final jump down, wishing she had a shapeless cloak to wrap around her.
  22. A few minutes later it moved, and a shapeless red mass slipped out: the afterbirth.
  23. The women were resplendent in period gowns, colourful but shapeless and out of place.
  24. The wall at the bottom has a sort of shapeless loophole, possibly the hole made by a shell.
  25. Ky stooped down to a large, shapeless and worn canvas holdall lying on the ground by his feet.

  26. Jim looked without emotion at the ten moaning men on the ground, their faces kicked shapeless.
  27. Pat is in a party of convalescents dressed in shapeless, buttoned-up jackets with white lapels.
  28. His face got loose and blank, shapeless like a thing that has been beaten too hard and too long.
  29. Rage filled him and his mouth slavered, and shapeless sounds of fury came strangling from his throat.
  30. His eyes lingered for a moment on her torso as curved black materialized from the soft, shapeless white.
  31. His soft, yielding, dislocated, sickly, shapeless ideas attached themselves to Enjolras as to a spinal column.
  32. Mark yelled as he swerved, wrenching the bars and bike around the brown shapeless lumps shuffling in front of us.
  33. It was a shapeless, high-shouldered shadow of somebody standing still, with lowered head, out of his line of sight.
  34. She dreamed that she was descending endless stairs and dark corridors, with a heavy, shapeless burden on her shoulders.
  35. There can, I think, be no doubt that this battered and shapeless diadem once encircled the brows of the royal Stuarts.
  36. He stood awkwardly in his shapeless black suit and clutching a large carrier bag that Maureen hadn't noticed until now.
  37. He had on a ragged smoking jacket, a pair of shapeless old Romeo slippers, his ordinary business waistcoat and trousers.
  38. Who’s sitting at the desk, hair unwashed, wearing a shapeless sweatshirt and banging away on an old manual typewriter.
  39. He awoke more than once feeling as though he was wrestling with something; as though he struggled with a shapeless enemy.
  40. Ringwraiths were scattered, and have been obliged to return as best they could to their Master in Mordor, empty and shapeless.
  41. And over all these things, a gloomy, indistinct and shapeless mass, rose the buildings and sheds that comprised Rushton & Co.
  42. The mass was shapeless, the energy created by the spirit was in similar disorder and chaos was the first product of creation.
  43. Ingrid Thiasson looked about fifty, with stringy brown hair; she wore a plain, shapeless blue dress under a heavy gray sweater.
  44. There sat the cops, speaking to a hippy chick with ribbons braided in her hair and a long shapeless dress covering her thin body.
  45. With these words the Witch fell down in a brown, melted, shapeless mass and began to spread over the clean boards of the kitchen floor.
  46. I headed the big stallion for it, as the men to either side of me and those knotted up in a shapeless mass behind me followed my lead.
  47. They affected bright shapeless caps, lightweight linen smocks, either bleached or natural, and colorfully dyed dinosaur-leather shoes.
  48. Mouldy cannon-balls, old sword-blades, and shapeless projectiles, eaten up with rust, were picked up at the spot where his horse' feet stood.
  49. Mysterious ladled the gravy, the mashed potatoes, and the peas on and mashed and crushed it shapeless as we watched, trying not to bug our eyes.
  50. The window, tattooed with grape-shot, had lost glass and frame and was nothing now but a shapeless hole, tumultuously blocked with paving-stones.
  51. This vacant circle is the only symmetrical form in these lofty masses that at a distance strikes the eye—all else is shapeless and fragmentary.
  52. The water element is the shapeless shape, the passivity of reaction, the dream that does not cast the shimmering net of consciousness out of itself.
  53. I soon recovered my nerve, however, when I reflected how absurd it was to associate so huge and shapeless a mark with the track of any known animal.
  54. His ears were nothing but shapeless shreds, ragged at the edges, seamed with ill-knit scars and beaded here and there with lumps of proud, bare flesh.
  55. Forté was tall, obviously strong, barrel-shaped in dark green shorts and shirt, standing firm on powerful, shapeless, slightly bandy, hairy brown legs.
  56. The slab has here been replaced by a cross-beam, against which lean five or six shapeless fragments of knotty and petrified wood which resemble huge bones.
  57. And the shadows were pulled, I was pulled, toward that vast glass eye, that immense window behind which a shapeless Something stared to dine on gymnasium airs.
  58. Without a word he stretched himself upon it, and sank into restless but deep sleep through which phantoms moved silently and monstrous shapeless shadows crept.
  59. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-coloured houses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blurs through the heavy yellow wreaths.
  60. The fog was so dense that five steps from the house the windows could not be seen, but the light from the lamp shone red and huge out of a shapeless black mass.
  61. And the boundaries between knowledge and ignorance, between truth and falsehood, between top and bottom, faded and his shapeless thought was suspended in emptiness.
  62. The dragon state of existence dwells in an abyss under the floor of the red sea in dark shapeless environment showing his punishment upon the imperfection of mankind.
  63. The bells of the city were striking the hour of Oracion when the carriage rolled under the old gateway facing the harbour like a shapeless monument of leaves and stones.
  64. When she put back her engines to idle, ready to power them back on if need be, there was only a large, shapeless mass of white hot metal left in space in front of the KOSTROMA.
  65. Hawkeye laid his hand on the shapeless metal, and shook his head, as he examined it, saying, Falling lead is never flattened, had it come from the clouds this might have happened.
  66. From one of these hinges hung a dirty and shapeless rag which, arrested there in its passage, no doubt, had floated there in the darkness and finished its process of being torn apart.
  67. The Russians were not in need of any information; they just wanted to smash the Germans into shapeless masses, by tying their hands and feet and beating them with the butts of their guns.
  68. Presently Sam appeared, trotting quickly and breathing hard; his heavy pack was hoisted high on his shoulders, and he had put on his head a tall shapeless fell bag, which he called a hat.
  69. By its light I saw that the black ceiling was coming down upon me, slowly, jerkily, but, as none knew better than myself, with a force which must within a minute grind me to a shapeless pulp.
  70. After his going they took Minas Ithil and dwelt there, and they filled it, and all the valley about, with decay: it seemed empty and was not so, for a shapeless fear lived within the ruined walls.
  71. Kolya pointed to a tall peasant, with a good-natured countenance in a long sheepskin coat, who was standing by his wagon, clapping together his hands, in their shapeless leather gloves, to warm them.
  72. The top of the shapeless bay into which this door shut was masked by a narrow scantling in the centre of which a triangular hole had been sawed, which served both as wicket and air-hole when the door was closed.
  73. Chance ordained, as we have just said, that one of these shapeless clusters of masked men and women, dragged about on a vast calash, should halt on the left of the boulevard, while the wedding train halted on the right.
  74. Below their refuge were white humps and domes and shapeless deeps beneath which the path that they had trodden was altogether lost; but the heights above were hidden in great clouds still heavy with the threat of snow.
  75. The Specter had made the platform, thinner now than in memory—William could see his shapeless fedora through the train’s rear window—but he was shrinking even further, until the blackness of the tunnel swallowed him.
  76. He spent his whole life in front of the computer, even when he was not working: a giant of a man and overweight, bloated and unkempt, with an attempt at an imperial beard that had long since turned into a shapeless thicket.
  77. Reassured, he looked farther afield discovering that the black cloud, as seen in the early light of day, had become an amorphous, shapeless thing spread out over the whole northern sky, as it had done the last time he’d seen it.
  78. For many years, though a vague report would now and then find its way across the sea,—like a shapeless piece of drift-wood tost ashore, with the initials of a name upon it,—yet no tidings of them unquestionably authentic were received.
  79. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a wild, haggard brown fellow, with a fortnight's ragged beard, and dust in ears and eyes, collarless, vulgarly shirted, with shapeless old tweed clothes and boots that had not been cleaned for the.
  80. From tract housing to shapeless, wrinkled, baggy clothing; from suburbs to modern art forms; from factories to highways, the effect is the same: all forms of duplication, all mass production produces boring, aesthetic ugliness and sameness.
  81. They were grim to look on; for though some were crushed and shapeless, and some had been cruelly hewn, yet many had features that could be told, and it seemed that they had died in pain; and all were branded with the foul token of the Lidless Eye.
  82. When I came out of the tent, Guskof was walking near the settees; and his slight figure, with his crooked legs, his shapeless cap, his long white hair, kept appearing and disappearing in the darkness, as he passed in and out of the light of the candles.
  83. On a thin tortuous little branch, or rather an ugly likeness of one, lay crooked, strange, unsightly, shapeless heaps of something turned outside in, or something turned inside out—wild fragments which seemed to be feebly trying to get away from themselves.
  84. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath.
  85. Natala saw her for an instant, a white figure of fear etched against a great black shapeless mass that towered over her; then the white figure was whipped off its feet, the shadow receded with it, and in the circle of dim light Natala hung alone, half fainting with terror.
  86. Somehow I found the strength to lumber forward while the carnival around me blurred and became a place without detail, where those luminous smears of red and blue and gold and white and green whirled and pulsed, swooped toward me and soared as if they were shapeless birds of light.
  87. Centuries ago, I'd been dumped for dead in the swamp by my fledglings, Claudia, the murderer, Louis, the coward; and I, a hideous and grasping thing, had survived in those stagnant, polluted waters, survived to come back and take my battered and shapeless revenge, sharpened to a fatal point by others.
  88. A little beyond the angle of the lane and the Rue de la Chanvrerie which cast a broad curtain of shadow, in which he was himself engulfed, he perceived some light on the pavement, a bit of the wine-shop, and beyond, a flickering lamp within a sort of shapeless wall, and men crouching down with guns on their knees.
  89. From moment to moment, some huge vehicle, painted yellow and black, heavily loaded, noisily harnessed, rendered shapeless by trunks, tarpaulins, and valises, full of heads which immediately disappeared, rushed through the crowd with all the sparks of a forge, with dust for smoke, and an air of fury, grinding the pavements, changing all the paving-stones into steels.
  90. Only then will science cease to be what it is now,—on the one hand a system of sophistries, needed for the maintenance of the existing worn-out order of society, and, on the other hand, a shapeless mass of miscellaneous knowledge, for the most part good for little or nothing,—and become a shapely and organic whole, having a definite and reasonable purpose comprehensible to all men; namely, the purpose of bringing to the consciousness of men the truths that flow from the religious perception of our times.
  91. Black gowns and bareness may be enough for those whose piety is so exalted that ceremonies are only a hindrance to the purity of their devotions; but the ignorant and the dull, if they are to be stirred, and especially the women who have entered upon that long series of gray years that begins, for those worked gaunt and shapeless in the fields, somewhere about twenty-five and never leaves off again, if they are to be helped to be less forlorn need many ceremonies, many symbols, much show, and mystery, and awfulness.
  92. For a long time I used to attune myself so as to delight in those shapeless improvisations which form the subject-matter of the works of Beethoven's later period, but I had only to consider the question of art seriously, and to compare the impression I received from Beethoven's later works with those pleasant, clear, and strong musical impressions which are transmitted, for instance, by the melodies of Bach (his arias), Haydn, Mozart, Chopin, (when his melodies are not overloaded with complications and ornamentation), and of Beethoven himself in his earlier period, and, above all, with the impressions produced by folk-songs,—Italian, Norwegian, or Russian,—by the Hungarian tzardas, and other such simple, clear, and powerful music, and the obscure, almost unhealthy excitement from Beethoven's later pieces that I had artificially evoked in myself was immediately destroyed.
  93. Thus,—and in the exaggeration of anguish, and the optical illusion of consternation, all that might have corrected and restrained this impression was effaced, and society, and the human race, and the universe were, henceforth, summed up in his eyes, in one simple and terrible feature,—thus the penal laws, the thing judged, the force due to legislation, the decrees of the sovereign courts, the magistracy, the government, prevention, repression, official cruelty, wisdom, legal infallibility, the principle of authority, all the dogmas on which rest political and civil security, sovereignty, justice, public truth, all this was rubbish, a shapeless mass, chaos; he himself, Javert, the spy of order, incorruptibility in the service of the police, the bull-dog providence of society, vanquished and hurled to earth; and, erect, at the summit of all that ruin, a man with a green cap on his head and a halo round his brow; this was the astounding confusion to which he had come; this was the fearful vision which he bore within his soul.
  94. Athwart the shapeless vastnesses of space,.

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