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Shareholding in a sentence | shareholding example sentences

  1. Shareholding came naturally to a people used to living on credit.
  2. The one thing you should never do is to accept a minority shareholding position in your investment.
  3. But I thought my brother in law was a director, and had a large shareholding, as well as a house of some sort up there.
  4. You invest in a company and obtain a minority shareholding for your money and in fact the shares are legally transferred to you by the auditors and you are part of the company.
  5. Point being that white men doesn’t feature in business with the government under these rules so if anyone sells you a business shareholding be very careful and make sure about the race of the seller.

  6. So what did you in effect achieve? Nothing which will bring you the return on investment promised to you! You gave your money to people to play with interest free and how will you recover your investment? By selling your shareholding?

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