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Shari in a sentence | shari example sentences

  1. Billy and Shari were there.
  2. Billy and Shari had come with us.
  3. Jack, the children, Michele, Shari, Billy and I went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on the water.
  4. To Shari, Rich, Marc, Brook, Terri, and all the rest of our amazing, loyal, and mission-driven executive staff.
  5. Brandon spoke openly and eloquently about his illness, and Garen and Shari about their family situation and their mental health politics.

  6. With Garen and Shari Staglin, the founders of the International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO), and my co-founders in One Mind.
  7. My partner in this whole project was Garen Staglin, a Bay Area financier turned winemaker who, with his wife, Shari, had quietly become one of the most aggressive and successful philanthropic forces in the world of mental health.
  8. Besides giving millions, Garen and Shari were very knowledgeable and demanding about where their donations went: they were ahead of the curve on financing research into the possible prevention of mental illness, starting with learning more about what is called the prodromal period in schizophrenia, which some believe is a period when the disease, or at least its severity, can be thwarted with very early treatment.

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