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Sharks in a sentence | sharks example sentences

  1. At noon the sharks came.
  2. Watch out for the sharks.
  3. The sharks had found them.
  4. Tell me about the sharks.
  5. The sharks had just amazed us.

  6. Then the sharks came closure.
  7. In the water with the sharks.
  8. Sharks are a keystone species.
  9. Louie was furious at the sharks.
  10. Sharks would probably do less.
  11. His big fear was sharks and sun.
  13. Who said sharks had an easy life?
  14. Sharks were in need of protection.
  15. The sharks retreat into the clouds.

  16. Sharks, Snakes and Crocodiles, etc.
  17. McKay, Harvey Swim With the Sharks.
  18. The sharks try to eat the jellyfish.
  19. Didn't you have sharks in Malaya?
  20. But the sharks soon became restless.
  21. But sharks were, by far, the worst.
  22. Most of the men were eaten by sharks.
  23. Even if there were sharks in the water.
  24. Never in four weeks had the sharks left.
  25. There are more than 400 species of sharks.

  26. I imagine the sharks got the best of.
  27. Phil and Mac kept fighting the sharks off.
  28. Below him, the two huge sharks closed in.
  29. Otherwise, sharks will infest the learning.
  30. Enough with the sharks, Trini pleaded.
  31. Probably not the sharks and the Frenchman.
  32. I've had some close encounters with sharks.
  33. Some argue legal rights for sharks and dogs.
  34. The alarming idea of sharks crossed my mind.
  35. It’s what blood in the water is to sharks.
  36. Sharks have been demonized throughout history.
  37. Then here’s to swimming with the sharks.
  38. I will let the sharks know, said the crow.
  39. D) Swim with Sharks but Navigate in the Waters:.
  40. He had seen no fish, no sharks, no turtles, etc.
  41. But on the way sharks started attacking his catch.
  42. So, can we swim underwater with those sharks?
  43. So Freddie owed a lot of money to the loan sharks.
  44. Orca whales kill sharks by torpedoing up into the.
  45. The sharks shown here have been known to attack man.
  46. Jaden can’t believe how organized the sharks are.
  47. The group after the Runagates was called The Sharks.
  48. The markets are full of sharks out after your money.
  49. Isn’t that one of the guys from The Sharks?
  50. He still owed the loan sharks $15,000 plus interest.
  51. Zombies, attracted like sharks, stagger to the feast.
  52. Squirrel Girl supposed that even the sharks were ready.
  53. There were sharks all around us and they were agitated.
  54. Reef sharks are safe but whalers and tigers should be.
  55. After you deserted me, I was almost eaten by sharks.
  56. That was when bronze whalers and tiger sharks appeared.
  57. The sharks on the wings are trying to pull the wings off.
  58. In the seas sharks and the huge Tylosaurus roamed eating.
  59. Very few types of sharks are considered dangerous to man.
  60. And what of the Sharks that trail the Ships? I askt.
  61. The shapes he saw bobbing in the halo of light were sharks.
  62. For millions of years sharks and orcas were masters of the.
  63. Fish swam past them; large sharks and octopus also swam by.
  64. David tried to tell himself that sharks weren’t a threat.
  65. This was because the sharks had already devoured the first.
  66. The sharks were rubbing their backs along the raft bottoms.
  67. Admittedly, the reef sharks got a bit agitated on occasions.
  68. The regular diners were reef sharks of the white-tipped va-.
  69. Perry Judd didn’t feel that this was a dream about sharks.
  70. Yeah, he's probably being surrounded by sharks as we speak.
  71. Little Freddie owed the loan sharks many thousands of dollars.
  72. Sharks perform that function at sea like vultures do on land.
  73. The contorted faces of loan sharks and estate agents, of fat.
  74. Snakes in Suits - Spot the true psychopath among the sharks in.
  75. The angry sharks coordinate and swim the ship towards the left.
  76. Sharks can track large prey by following their low-pitch sounds.
  77. However, making a commotion may ATTRACT sharks from a distance.
  78. A half dozen sharks come from below and charge at the jellyfish.
  79. Look at the lobsters and sharks hugging each other unconsciously.
  80. By the way, Professor Aronnax, you aren't afraid of sharks, are.
  81. He regards his fight with the fish and with the sharks as his duty.
  82. The twenty-foot long sharks resemble the shape of a shark on Earth.
  83. With the raft now reasonably inflated, the sharks stopped attacking.
  84. His fears had been of sharks, hyperthermia, sunburn and dehydration.
  85. He watched as the sharks below finally ripped apart his flimsy raft.
  86. The sharks fall off one by one, and spin in the tidal wave whirlpool.
  87. Jaden is surprised that the thrust isn’t hot or bothers the sharks.
  88. During that day a fearsome school of sharks provided us with an escort.
  89. They reach with their long tentacles and grab the lobsters and sharks.
  90. They had jumped into crowded pools of sharks and the disorientation of.
  91. The sharks are going after the octopuses for the helium in their heads.
  92. He was out played by pool sharks and was eliminated in the third round.
  93. This is even more than loan sharks or other payday like loan providers.
  94. Important notices from other sharks stating his request for a meeting in.
  95. They discussed ditching near Howland, but that raised the issue of sharks.
  96. The sharks continued to attack in spite of their rapidly dwindling numbers.
  97. If the sharks were going to try to eat him, he was going to try to eat them.
  98. It looked as if there were enormous, flat sharks hovering below the surface.
  99. The side wings point towards the rear, while the sharks continue to hang on.
  100. Already, sir, tigers and sharks are feasting, in anticipation, on their prey.
  1. At the present time, he is an enforcer for a local loan sharking group.
  2. Putting that ledger book aside with the future intention of burning it, Jennifer picked the second ledger book and found that it listed those who had contracted loans from the Mafia at grossly inflated interest rates, something called loan sharking.
  1. For in their succourless empty-handedness, they, in the heathenish sharked waters, and by the beaches of unrecorded, javelin islands, battled with virgin wonders and terrors that Cook with all his marines and muskets would not willingly have dared.

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1. The shark got a part 79.
2. Shark: It might have been.
4. The shark swam for the bait.
5. And then there was Shark:.
6. The shark that bit his old.
7. He was clenching his shark.
8. Shark Hunts the Best Stocks.
9. What became of that Shark guy.
10. I cannot say enough about Shark.
11. Don’t even go there, Shark.
12. The shark turned and raced away.
13. After that, shark feeding was.
14. The shark bellowed, so to speak.
15. Examples: the ray and the shark.
16. Shark: I didn’t pay through 41.
17. It was Shark who raised his hand.
18. SHARK: Why are they covering it?
19. Andrina’s shark grin grew wider.
20. Shark is not covering down there.
21. This guy here? He Sammy the Shark.
22. Shark liver oil they use to clean.
23. That shark king made me get in too.
24. Shark has that one covered as well.
25. DON’T try this with a large shark.
26. Shark (smiling): Yes, they did, Bella.
27. My sense is Shark was on to something.
28. The Emergence of the Shark Repellent.
29. The Great White Shark is an „apex.
30. The shark on the nose falls off first.
31. It is obvious that the shark is lethal.
32. Another shark slammed into the barrier.
33. The shark turned quickly and swam away.
34. The Shark circl’d the Area curiously.
35. Shark: Below 40 cents and below 25 cents.
36. The young shark, Jack, jumped into action.
37. Louie's loan shark biz ain't what it was.
38. A shark, attended by a pilot fish, swam by.
39. He settled in to wait for a smaller shark.
40. Then the first shark lunged for him again.
41. A moment later, the second shark jumped up.
42. Shark bristled at the mention of the police.
43. Provoke him, and he will buckle to a shark.
44. I handed the check to the shark in the suit.
45. This is a female shark in serious distress.
46. Unfortunately, there’s only one shark left.
47. The DTS, a bastard shark creeping the city.
48. The shark gave up and backed out of the hole.
49. But now they add a small shark to each tank.
50. He wasn’t aware whether the shark was there.
51. The pain lessened by smoking, what the shark.
52. Vick flashed his too white teeth like a shark.
53. The first shark grabs an octopus in its mouth.
54. Vinny smiled exhibiting his pointy shark teeth.
55. The shark whipped its tail and flung Louie off.
56. Ben kept his eye on the shark as they swam down.
57. The shark took no interest in us but the bar-.
58. I’d never heard of shark lye, but he must’ve.
59. He was probably eaten by a shark, Afu said.
60. Shark sent her his template for his daily review.
61. No, she said, still wearing her shark grin.
62. Moments later the little shark was back, gnawing.
63. Mike touched the shark tooth necklace I was wearing.
64. The shark was going in circles and near exhaustion.
65. Then another shark jumped on and, after it, another.
66. I got an awesome photo of a shark hanging around it.
67. Without warning, a baby shark appeared and attacked.
68. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.
69. I wasn’t there, but Ben and Shark did the business.
70. How about Sammy the Shark? Familiar with the name?
71. Sammy the Shark must have been doing well for himself.
72. If he does, Shark is gonna crush his trading results.
73. Shark had walked away from a huge trading opportunity.
74. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
75. I sent a brief e-mail to Shark and the other cutters:.
76. The site of his shark teeth frightened Ashley causing.
77. He loaded the gun and waited for the shark to come near.
78. He was killed before he was dumped into the shark cage.
79. A relationship, I think, is like a shark, he says.
80. That Shark doesn’t have panels for that, he said.
81. I saw an advertisement for shark steaks – wild caught.
82. I heard One Good Trade is pretty good, as well, Shark.
83. Shark populations, especially in Asian waters, are being.
84. The rest of the shark reeked, so they threw it overboard.
85. Unsustainable shark hunting is aggravated by the sharks'.
86. The typical victim of a shark bite loses more money.
87. TO apologized because he did not want to disappoint Shark.
88. He stays inside of the body of the shark heading upwards.
89. The daily work of Shark is how you build a trading career.
90. The club was decked out with an elongated shark bar, and.
91. He grabbed its wall and lifted himself clear of the shark.
92. He couldn’t fix his eyes on the large shark that would.
93. Two good questions waiting to be asked, thank you Shark.
94. New traders doing work like Shark is how you build a desk.
95. Someone grabbed an oar and hit the shark, and it slid off.
96. She smiles and there are those frigging shark teeth again.
97. Riding the long for over 2 points was not enough for Shark.
98. Shark is reintroduced to larger shark that tried to eat it.
99. This particular feat of the shark seems all but miraculous.
100. He saw a shadow of an approaching shark and then he saw her.

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