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  1. There were close shaves too.
  2. By the way, she shaves her groin.
  3. Your doctor shaves off the fibroids from the uterine wall with the.
  4. This will reduce the uncomfortable effect the stubble may cause between shaves.
  5. At 0430, you’ll be given corporate haircuts, shaves, and—believe it or not—manicures.

  6. A notoriously cruel guard called the Weasel began coming to Louie for shaves, but every time, he left without paying.
  7. They had splashed water on their faces to wake up and gone without shaves after they finally gave up trying to sleep at 0530 hours.
  8. Men carried air-dropped items into town, where they met cautiously friendly civilians and traded their goods for shaves, haircuts, and souvenirs.
  9. Once finished with his shower, he shaves, brushes his teeth, then walks into his bedroom and dresses before returning to the bathroom to comb his hair.
  10. Dear reader, don’t ask !!!! We’re still not sure as she has never informed us of how he shaves her own back , and maybe we really wouldn't want to know!.
  11. The same faded red-and-white-striped barber’s pole stood outside the shop with the sign that said Hair Cuts, Shaves, & Tooth Extractions—although no one had gone to Ezra Newcomb for a bad tooth since the first real dentist moved to town when I was eleven.
  12. This ingenuous little soldier, yesterday a peasant of Bauce or Limousin, who prowls with his clasp-knife by his side, around the children's nurses in the Luxembourg garden, this pale young student bent over a piece of anatomy or a book, a blond youth who shaves his beard with scissors,—take both of them, breathe upon them with a breath of duty, place them face to face in the Carrefour Boucherat or in the blind alley Planche-Mibray, and let the one fight for his flag, and the other for his ideal, and let both of them imagine that they are fighting for their country; the struggle will be colossal; and the.
  13. I have a perpetual scowl, a heavy beard that takes two shaves a day,.
  1. Shaving the hair in warmer.
  2. Shaving is safe in this area.
  3. What does shaving do to hair?
  4. It was _The Shaving of Shagpat_.
  5. The second smells of shaving balm.
  6. One of the tasks included shaving.
  7. Acne & Shaving - Go with the grain.
  8. I must have cut myself shaving.
  9. Less shaving cream is also required.
  10. Foamy shaving cream into the earpiece.
  11. I’m not shaving you down sweetie.
  12. Shaving bare skin can cause razor burn.
  13. Really, you didn’t need shaving foam.
  14. Shaving by touch comes with experience.
  15. I'm game for that job, shaving and brushup.
  16. What are the pros and cons of wet shaving?
  17. Shaving: Removal of the things of the flesh.
  18. There is also a shaving practise to consider.
  19. He had lived that scene many times: shaving.
  20. But I was disguised with shaving foam pies.
  21. What are the pros and cons of electric shaving?
  22. Also she had seen him at moments such as shaving.
  23. The next morning I was shaving when Rex walked in.
  24. I first got wind of the tsunami while I was shaving.
  25. An odor of tweeds, a pipe, a certain shaving lotion.
  26. An odour of tweeds, a pipe, a certain shaving lotion.
  27. Lucy literally could not recall a single shaving of.
  28. Tadeo rooted in the cupboard and found his shaving kit.
  29. From now on, no pants, no ties, no shaving, no nothing.
  30. Shaving was as simple as running the laser over his face.
  31. He jumped from his bed and grabbed a can of shaving cream.
  32. Apparently, shaving one’s privates was a disgusting and.
  33. Is there any chance you'd consider shaving it off?
  34. Shaving in this direction will tend to give a closer shave.
  35. Shaving accident, I told him and forced a crooked smile.
  36. That afternoon, after bathing and shaving, Jason told of his.
  37. David got bloody red in the face, and Irena started shaving him.
  38. In training, he had stashed his hooch in a shaving cream bottle.
  39. The next morning, while shaving, he cut himself, as he had dif-.
  40. While lathering his face with shaving cream, he spoke to Mitchell.
  41. Use a fresh shaving blade to minimize the chance of spreading the.
  42. Normally he would have asked before shaving his armpits and groin.
  43. He ‘borrowed’ one of Joe’s shaving blades for the initiations.
  44. He found a razor and a can of shaving cream by the side of the sink.
  45. Alternatively, shaving your head represents humbleness and humility.
  46. Shaving against the hair growth certainly gives a much closer shave.
  47. William also has a fear of shaving, so his beard is long and scraggly.
  48. Still, Turney could hardly claim that he had cut his shoulder shaving.
  49. The hair can be softened first with a hair conditioner or shaving cream.
  50. Al finished his dinner and spent half an hour shaving with Tom’s razor.
  51. Shaving in the same direction as the hair growth is the most comfortable.
  52. When it comes to shaving for men, some men may experience shaving rashes.
  53. It had, of course, been used, though his shaving kit appeared untouched.
  54. Purity is not the act of shaving the head as in Buddhism and Islam at Haj.
  55. I washed up but didn't shave and decided to give up shaving indefinitely.
  56. I started with his tooth brush, hair brush, manicure set and shaving gear.
  57. Conversely, a woman who wore a bathing suit to the beach without shaving.
  58. As his voice withered, Katy rose and took his shaving kit from the cabinet.
  59. Shaving removes this tip from the hair shaft so growing hairs feel bristly.
  60. While shaving the Weasel’s forehead, he let the blade stray a little low.
  61. Nicking blemishes can be avoided by shaving lightly and only when necessary.
  62. Margaret Thatcher shaving her legs but was disturbed to find that picturing.
  63. He stopped by the bathroom on the way out and decided not to bother shaving.
  64. He’s cut himself shaving: there’s blood on his cheek and on his collar.
  65. This took weeks of effort with microscopic scraping, shaving and laser to achieve.
  66. The thirty-year-old man rubbed the stubble on his face, and got out his shaving kit.
  67. With the ratio spread, you can adjust it simply by shaving off part of the position.
  68. When a cat died, the family mourned it, shaving their eyebrows to mark their sadness.
  69. Shaving produces stubble which may cause irritation as the sides chafe and rub together.
  70. There was a new toothbrush in a holder under the mirror, as well as a small shaving kit.
  71. Make sure there is shaving foam on the skin each time you make a stroke with the razor.
  72. To dream that you are shaving your head indicates a desire to reveal more of yourself.
  73. He called his species of work, for which he possessed special aptitude, shaving barbers.
  74. When shaving the leg area use long strokes going against the grain avoiding repeat strokes.
  75. But he did at least start sleeping through the night more often and shaving every morning.
  76. There was shampoo, soap, razors for shaving, a bathtub, and towels that smelled like lemon.
  77. Apply the shaving cream to small areas at a time so that it doesn't melt away too quickly.
  78. Then apply a thick layer of shaving cream, about a half an inch thick, to the entire head.
  79. He's sitting on the other half of the Curlew shaving himself—or he was, when I left him.
  80. One stroke of that huge paw tore off my calf as a shaving of wood curls off before a plane.
  81. I slipped my razor and shaving brush into the little leather kit and tucked it in my valise.
  82. To dream that you are shaving suggests that you are making a minor life-changing decision.
  83. I wanted to regain some of my independence and I started by washing and shaving myself again.
  84. For shaving the shaft of the penis some have used an electric razor or trimmer with good results.
  85. That little bag I filled to the brim with my shaving equipment, lotions, shampoo and deodorants.
  86. Cut yourself shaving? He doubled over, guffawing in exaggerated clown laughter at his joke.
  87. Ben Carter stood in his bathroom, washing the rest of the shaving cream off of his now smooth cheeks.
  88. We began shaving dirt sideways but superior driving on my part kept us perpendicular to the heavens.
  89. The servants were bringing in jugs and basins, hot water for shaving, and their well-brushed clothes.
  90. Or you might consider old bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs or other flea market collectibles.
  91. The attic smells of heat and dust and confinement and her own urine in the shaving bowl in the corner.
  92. His American shaving kit had been left behind in Warsaw, and he had not asked to borrow a razor from Karol.
  93. On the farther side of the fence the old bee-keeper was shaving a hoop for a tub, and he did not see Levin.
  94. Hair growing on the shaft of the penis and on the testicles can be removed by shaving using a new wet razor.
  95. You can imagine—daily bathing and shaving, clear the beer cans out of his truck, review a few Cliff Notes.
  96. Next to him, in a row, were Lochert, Bannister, and Monaghan, with their shirts around their waists, shaving.
  97. Shaving will only cause stubble to appear after a few days and it may cause skin irritation and painful bumps.
  98. Do not apply deodorants or antiperspirants right after shaving as this can cause acute irritation and soreness.
  99. What as sight I must looked, so I then decided that I would stop shaving and grow a beard to hide the ugliness.
  100. He ran a little bit of shaving cream over his face and reached for the straight razor and cautiously unfolded it.
  1. Let him first be shaved.
  2. I hadn’t shaved in days.
  3. It was shaved for him…’.
  4. He showered, shaved and ate.
  5. After that I shaved my head.
  6. I was newly bathed and shaved.
  7. I hadn’t shaved for ten days.
  8. Her pubic hair had been shaved.
  9. Shaved head, tubes all over him.
  10. He just recently shaved his head.
  11. Expecting a shaved, smooth moist.
  12. Susan: I had a shaved head then.
  13. Judy Katz with her hair shaved off.
  14. He did, and she carefully shaved him.
  15. He shaved daily, bathed weekly and.
  16. Those who have not shaved or dressed.
  17. The one that Spock had not shaved off.
  18. She telephoned while I was being shaved.
  19. The head remained shaved, but the tuft.
  20. The beard had been shaved off, replaced.
  21. Or grown a mustache, or shaved his head.
  22. I think it's time I shaved it off anyway.
  23. Kept the accounts, shaved many a crown,(*).
  24. You should go to a barber and have it shaved.
  25. He shaved and dressed casually as instructed.
  26. She keeps herself shaved so as not to cover.
  27. And when she had finished, he shaved it clean.
  28. He hadn't shaved since before leaving Hampton.
  29. I shaved up to where Sue had previously shaved.
  30. She had showered, shaved, and even moisturised.
  31. A lot of cops got their heads shaved for charity.
  32. So we shaved off our hair and we went on the lam.
  33. His head was shaved in the center like a circle.
  34. She’s in a camp, hair shaved, striped clothes.
  35. He hadn’t shaved and his cheeks were sunburned.
  36. Shaved winter truffle sprinkled over the cabbage.
  37. He slept for about an hour, got up and shaved.
  38. Here he shaved off his beard and became a hermit.
  40. He shaved, took a cold bath, dressed and went out.
  41. The silent man then rubbed his shaved head, smiling.
  42. I went every week regularly to have my head shaved.
  43. I shaved my beard and my eyebrows, and put on the.
  44. Half the brothers here nowadays shaved their heads.
  45. Washed and shaved, he went downstairs and asked Mrs.
  46. What floor? the girl with the shaved head says.
  47. Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his.
  48. We were all rested, freshly shaved, freshly showered.
  49. Dandelion Adar had a shaved head and a confident walk.
  50. The old bat gave me a hug; she could have shaved first.
  51. I prefer shaved heads to sweepers, and I do hate wigs.
  52. And the master had not shaved, which was most unusual.
  53. Lindy shaved several years off her life expectancy in.
  54. He was recently shaved and was painted three colors.
  55. He looked different; he had shaved off all of his hair.
  56. A man came with clippers and shaved his head and beard.
  57. I watched myself as I shaved and did a quick assessment.
  58. Though he had shaved that morning, his cheek was rough.
  59. It was over thirty years since he had last fully shaved.
  60. Nathalie stared at Tadeo’s shaved head and smiled back.
  61. He had hooked nose, a close cropped beard, shaved to a.
  62. His eyes were dull and he hadn’t shaved in a long time.
  63. She was curious, and watched in fascination as he shaved.
  64. I was dismayed because not long before that I had shaved.
  65. They had cut, shaved and notched all the timbers so they.
  66. I shaved, using one of her razors, and we went to the car.
  67. She done washed you and powdered you, shaved your face.
  68. One bathed and shaved while the other prayed and exercised.
  69. The man hadnt showered, cleaned himself or shaved in ages.
  70. I haven’t shaved since I’ve been here, nor cut my hair.
  71. Then I shaved the backs of Sue’s legs and around Sue’s.
  72. What do you think?’ he asked, pointing at his shaved head.
  73. They washed and shaved, made themselves feel fresh and good.
  74. Shaved off his moustache again, by Jove! Long cold upper lip.
  75. His head was shaved to the bone except for a neatly trimmed.
  76. I shaved, forcing myself to work on the tender areas as well.
  77. Top with shaved Parmesan cheese, and serve with a lemon wedge.
  78. His anger turned to surprise which lifted his shaved sideburn.
  79. Males had beards, and never shaved them for thousands of years.
  80. A tall fellow with his hair shaved in a Mohican style steps up.
  81. His face was smoothly shaved, and his hair was accurately cut.
  82. As he shaved, looking into the mirror, he kept seeing her face.
  83. The slaves had shaved heads and the convicts had tufts of hair.
  84. Her fingers spanned soft, shaved flesh and she remembered what.
  85. His skin was as black as coal and he still shaved his head bare.
  86. His doctor had suggested that he shaved his head and bought a wig.
  87. The ‘carrot top’ was very conspicuous, so he shaved his head.
  88. The faces of hunters and fishers bulged at the brows, the shaved.
  89. It was at least three days since he had shaved or taken a shower.
  90. He scrubbed and shaved himself then changed into his best boots.
  91. The last time he shaved must have been the day they came to Iowa.
  92. He’s shaved and his hair is clean and combed back from his eyes.
  93. Let’s go and eat,’ she said, caressing his shaved head gently.
  94. To the surprise of the hairdresser he requested his head be shaved.
  95. It was shaved in the priests’ way but the clothes were different.
  96. This, said a tall clean shaved man, is a free principality.
  97. The beard is gone, too, but he hasn’t shaved in a couple of days.
  98. They injected synthetic cartilage material and shaved the meniscus.
  99. I remember us holding him down so his head could be shaved.
  100. Louis licked his lips on seeing that her groin was carefully shaved.

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1. That was a close shave.
2. And you shave your chest.
3. Be the better of a shave.
4. He also never had to shave.
5. Or someone has to shave him.
6. Did he shave it all off?’.
7. Since then I shave myself in.
8. Billy needs a wash and a shave.
9. And you might want to shave.
10. I get up, wash, shave and dress.
11. A shave? Well, that can wait.
12. Then come to dress and shave me.
13. I could use a shower and a shave.
14. First of all, you need a shave.
15. The closer your shave, the more.
16. He had gone there to have a shave.
17. See, many ad networks shave your.
18. A shave would seem to be in order.
19. Maybe I should shave? I knew that.
20. He hadn’t taken the time to shave.
21. He had a shave and brushed his teeth.
22. This will give you the closest shave.
23. Treated himself to a shave and a sauna.
24. Close shave that but cured the stitch.
25. Never shave the shoulders, back or tummy.
26. So young there is no facial hair to shave.
27. You may just feel the craving to shave it.
28. My mother asked me when I wanted to shave.
29. And shave, for fucks sake said Esther.
30. But you would have to shave your body first.
31. It is orc-necks I would hew, not shave the.
32. A slow and thorough shave did things to him.
33. Frederick has to shave now, Werner realizes.
34. To shave in the shower was a real timesaver.
35. He needed a shave and he seemed preoccupied.
36. That was a close shave, commented Archie.
37. Six Pack Abs to shave off all his unwanted fat.
38. You need to shave, the stranger replied.
39. I think I need to shave, he said out loud.
40. But it was a terribly narrow shave, so to speak.
41. Leave for five minutes before starting to shave.
42. When Gaston came to shave him he was quite chatty.
43. Shave chocolate over the top right before serving.
44. Even James showed concern and tried to shave Him.
45. Ill have to write and tell him to shave his arse.
46. It had been a close shave, but I had been in time.
47. Later, like the shave, it became a reflex action.
48. Well, okay, I'll shave it off it you think I should.
49. And how often do you have to shave? I teased.
50. When sailors came in for a shave they were quizzed.
51. He went to shower and shave and looked in the mirror.
52. EBPP space and shave months off product development.
53. Shave sticks with shallow cuts to ‘feather’ them.
54. You forgot to shave this morning, didn't you?
55. I've still to wash and shave and to brush my best coat.
56. I've got to get in there myself and shave my hairy mug.
57. For months he hadn't looked in a mirror except to shave.
58. Recent haircut, recent shave, recent shower, new clothes.
59. You can shave your head or wear a wig…’ he suggested.
60. Mel needed a shave and had wild looking hair, a bed head.
61. In the meantime I shave my legs and apply body wash and.
62. I shave my legs and wash my hair, twice, before adding a.
63. Shaving in this direction will tend to give a closer shave.
64. The man had not had a shave for several days and his face.
65. As you shave your face, you do not think about the manner.
66. The next time you shave; ask yourself why you ran for office.
67. The shave won't be as close, but you probably won't break out.
68. My clothes, my hand towel, and my shave towel were always damp.
69. God, what a close shave! thought Edward, drawing a deep breath.
70. You look like you haven’t had a bath or shave in a month.
71. After breakfast, a good scrub and a close shave gave his bushy.
72. My mom joked that she didn’t shave much and that was a start.
73. He still hadn't bothered to shave, at least, nothing more than.
74. Shave the testicles last as a close shave is not so crucial here.
75. I'll take a shower and shave and then I'll give my baby her bath.
76. Damn, you need to shave this thing, she said between licks.
77. He had not bothered to shave, and his eyes were red and bloodshot.
78. I felt them shave my skin, the scrape of the edge, the burn of it.
79. He applied the foam to his face and started to shave off his beard.
80. Shaving against the hair growth certainly gives a much closer shave.
81. Young networks or those, who're known to "shave" affiliate profits.
82. You need one hell of a shave; you'll look better for the court case.
83. Whereas sharpening methods above are implemented to shave off dulled.
84. Suck out the moisture, or shave to a pulp and squeeze over the mouth.
85. Taking pity on the youth, Zeno asked, ‘Should I shave my pubes?’.
86. What is a calling? What does it mean? Do I have to shave my head and.
87. They had to shave down my kneecaps because I had worn grooves in them.
88. After a quick shower and shave, Matt fumbled with the drip coffeemaker.
89. Chaturmaas, after the ritual shave, at the suggestion of a devotee the.
90. He had obviously not brushed his hair and had missed his morning shave.
91. He hesitated only for a second before deciding to take the time to shave.
92. Like many of them, he bought his first shares before he started to shave.
93. He was in need of a shave and he wasn’t as clean as was normal for him.
94. I washed up but didn't shave and decided to give up shaving indefinitely.
95. As Ronald Reagan looks in the mirror to shave, he is pleased with himself.
96. And that would shave time off of how long Ahbaht had to get into position.
97. We took the overland route via the meadow to shave 10 road miles off the.
98. He says he needs to shave my head to prepare me for tomorrow’s procedure.
99. He got all dressed up in his best clothes after a shower, and a clean shave.
100. He was casually rubbing at the fuzz of beard he hadn’t yet begun to shave.

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