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She in a sentence

On and on she went.
She saw them on T.
I mean, she was a.
She said, I got it.
She was of his line.
She is the wife to Mr.
She was right so far.

She had to let it go.
When she came to me.
She drew a long breath.
She wished that I too.
She holds out her hand.
She did not want her.
She should cut and run.
She would not be the.
She spoke in a whisper.
He, She or It has by.
She could say no more.
She wanted to go home.
She would be all right.
She met Jerry coming up.
She could hear a siren.
She took a breath and.
She was the woman you.
How old is she then?
She went in and showered.
She worked out that if.
She was truly the most.
She sure could be a heel.
She went to work on that.
She smiled too, for in.
She begins to tear them.
She thought for a moment.
She wanted her home back.
She was going to the pub.
She was born the United.
She had loved him dearly.
She looked askance at him.
She slaps him on the arm.
She leans in close to him.

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