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Sheerest in a sentence | sheerest example sentences

  1. It will be the sheerest folly to antagonize the Egyptians.
  2. Is it not the sheerest folly and ingratitude to let yesterday spoil the God-given to-day?
  3. With a rope firmly anchored at the upper level, it is possible to descend the sheerest cliff.
  4. I’m afraid I did, she had to admit, keeping her eyes on Roberta’s by the sheerest willpower.
  5. And yet my Hatred of this Lady was so great, that it gave me sheerest Pleasure to think of the Discomfort I had already caus’d her.

  6. Ah, Belinda, ’tis a Paradox of Lust that the deliberate Modesty of Nuns’ Attire may conjure more lascivious Visions in the Brain than the sheerest Nakedness!.
  7. Some Days I would walk the Streets of London to buy some necessary Item of my Trade—new Patches or Paints, Scents, and such—and I would feel the sheerest Fury ’gainst ev’ry Man I saw.
  8. With her Aid, I washt and dress’d myself in the Gown she brought, which, by the sheerest Chance, was the same Sacque-backt Dove-grey Silk I had tried on, then rejected, upon that fateful Day when Mr.

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