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Sheets in a sentence

Now they flew bed sheets.
Mmmm, the sheets were cool.
Sheets billow in the breeze.
Pa was wrapped in his sheets.
Thin sheets served as walls.
I pulled the sheets off him.
Spoon over candies on sheets.
He sifted through the sheets.
Hands to sheets and tacks.
Press into sheets about ½ in.
Except the sheets, of course.
But his sheets were dirty too.
He pulled the sheets over them.
Silk makes the best bed sheets.
Four thick sheets of a glassy.
Liz was naked under the sheets.
The sheets still smelled of her.
Chuckie whipped back the sheets.
She fussed with Holly's sheets.
Place on greased cookie sheets.
There were no sheets on the bed.
Stephen rustled the sheets again.
The sheets were strewn, a pillow.
Place pretzels on baking sheets.
The use of cascading style sheets.
The pristine sheets were smeared.
Scraps of iron sheets covered the.
Cut pastry sheets into four pieces.
Place on prepared sheets to harden.
The sheets were clean beneath them.
The rain was coming down in sheets.
Notice the feel of silk bed sheets.
The sweaty sheets clung to her body.
Line cookie sheets with waxed paper.
Not to mention the bed sheets that.
Typed it out on two sheets of paper.
She would rather have clean sheets.
Settling next to her under the sheets.

Tears were sheeting down my face, but I wasn’t sobbing.
But when he got around the side, the plastic sheeting was gone.
Plastic sheeting and tape - we have some in the storage areas.
Visqueen sheeting had been wrapped and stapled all around the perimeter.
Blue plastic sheeting was blown buy fans to represent the ripples on a lake.
All were two stories, constructed primarily of local timber and metal sheeting.
Some water has collected in the sagging underbelly of the plastic sheeting stapled there.
Armed with a staple gun and plastic sheeting, Travis and Curran spent an hour patching up.
Groaning, he became aware that his shirt was gone, his chest bound tightly with cotton sheeting.
In seconds he found the plastic sheeting that separated the construction space from the rest of the house.
Whole streets of houses were empty, with gleaming plastic front yards and plastic sheeting that flapped in the wind.
He’d watched as Sir Richard’s team brought plastic sheeting to the rockfall and proceeded to seal off the tunnel.
Clear polythene sheeting stapled to a large timber framework formed a room inside the building, to house the equipment.
Bare that is, except for a sturdy metal chair fixed to the floor, in the center of polythene sheeting pooled with blood.
All this Richard took in through the sheer plastic sheeting hung from a bodega awning on the corner of Tenth Avenue to protect the flowers underneath.
Through the plastic sheeting that sealed off the construction site, he watched Cross’s wife enter the dining area, moving stiffly, her face bandaged.
They rose in an incredible pillar of smoke—and no doubt steam—on tails of flame that sent more smoke sheeting across the sky in a smothering canopy.
She made a puffing noise but then shrugged and nodded before gesturing at the plastic sheeting the contractors had put up to seal off the construction site.
He paused to close the Velcro strips, then got out the pistol and headed toward the slit he’d cut in the plastic sheeting that surrounded the new addition.
Can't see! Who's behind me? Out quickly, quickly! Do you see the tide flowing quickly in on all sides, sheeting the lows of sand quickly, shellcocoacoloured? If I had land under my feet.
Claire had seen thousands of diagrams of residential walls: the siding on the exterior, the thin wood sheeting for strength, the thick layer of insulation tucked between the wooden studs, the Sheetrock.
Junmi, after putting the pistols in her belt and sheeting back the Portuguese sword, was then taken in charge by the retainer in charge of the castle’s guard force, who took her away towards the women’s quarters.
One more piece of the puzzle, I thought, and considered what I’d been able to dig up after moving the last of the kitchen into boxes and the basement and watching the horror in my grandmother’s face when Billy DuPris entered the house with crowbars and rolls of plastic sheeting.
The sheeted mirror.
A bright white light sheeted her.
With sunshine sheeted icicles from the.
She grabbed the doorknob, then wiped at the sheeted tears on.
A floor-to-ceiling waterfall sheeted down a copper wall behind him.
Elizabeth, following her lead, sheeted both her sword and her throwing knife.
They also appeared to wear wide belts with pouches and possibly sheeted knives.
Each Balor was seemingly sheeted in flames and held both a great sword and a whip.
The vast mind was sheeted with stone; and each compartment in the depths of it was safe and dry.
He commanded the upper sails to be well hoisted, sheeted home anew, and every way expanded to the breeze.
I sat on the throne, as the water sheeted out around it and gushed down the steps carrying away Heinrich’s henchmen.
He was weightless, tumbling off the bed and slamming into the wall, and he had to bite back a scream as pain sheeted through him.
The latter ones, sheeted in soft leather holsters by the sides of her belt and with their butts sticking out, attracted his attention.
On second thought, she sheeted back her swords before the enemy could fall on her: if a quick retreat was called, she would need those swords on her.
Kregridor’s head came back out of the water, as he climbed back up onto his island as water from his recent dive sheeted off the platelets of his heavy scale armor.
Charley Coffin said it was used for an ice-piercer; for the Narwhale, rising to the surface of the Polar Sea, and finding it sheeted with ice, thrusts his horn up, and so breaks through.
All of the Zoarinian cavalry sheeted off to form a long line facing General Nadero’s cavalry that had drawn up in the sands of the western shore and was now busy forming their own line.
Water sheeted off everywhere and I gasped for air for a few brief moments before making my way below decks for the open scuttle cocks near the rudder even as Jim went for the one at the forward prow.
Much the same is it with the backwoodsman of the West, who with comparative indifference views an unbounded prairie sheeted with driven snow, no shadow of tree or twig to break the fixed trance of whiteness.
Of the three men remaining around the sheeted form there were Carlson, who had been at this sort of thing for thirty years, and Moreno, who had been at it for ten, and Latting, who was new to the job a few weeks back.
The two laborers’ laughing however strangled quickly when the biggest of the men in armor gave them a less than friendly stare while pushing away a part of his cape and uncovering a kind of short sword sheeted at his side.
It was the largest of the tannin and Talaric heard Ellanara say, Kregridor! The heavy caliber rounds of the enemy craft smashed into the heavy back plate armor of the tannin and sheeted off it in a lead rain to either side.
On their arrival, which was about 12 o'clock, I discovered that they had only twenty pistols, and neither cutlasses nor battle axes; but on application to Generals Smyth and Hall, of the regulars and militia, I was supplied with a few arms, and General Smyth was so good, on my request, as immediately to detach fifty men from the regulars, armed with muskets; by four o'clock, in the afternoon, I had my men selected and stationed in two boats which I had previously prepared for the purpose; with those boats, fifty men in each, and under circumstances very disadvantageous, my men having had scarcely time to refresh themselves, after a fatiguing march of five hundred miles, I put off from the mouth of Buffalo creek, at one o'clock the following morning; and at three I was alongside the vessels; in about ten minutes I had the prisoners all secured, the topsails sheeted home, and the vessels under way; unfortunately the wind was not sufficiently strong to get me up against a rapid current into the lake, where I understood another armed vessel lay at anchor, and I was obliged to run down the river by the forts, under a heavy fire of round, grape, and canister, from a number of pieces of heavy ordnance, and several pieces of flying artillery; was compelled to anchor at a distance of about four hundred yards from two of their batteries.

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She also has a sheet.
A sheet sort of thing.
He grabbed a new sheet.
What is a Cheat Sheet?
Went looked at his sheet.
I often hold a sheet of.
The sheet of paper which M.
Jess handed the sheet back.
Except this sheet of tears.
Silas held up the clue sheet.
So I owe the place a sheet.
He flipped a sheet of paper.
I am not as pale as a sheet.
Set the salmon on the sheet.
Totski grew white as a sheet.
This bed sheet has had it.
Use a cookie sheet pan that.
Exchange on the Balance Sheet.
It was a police charge sheet.
He looked as white as a sheet.
David handed him another sheet.
She can use sheet music, but.
Spread on cookie sheet to dry.
Notice the plaid sheet here?
Jack handed over a second sheet.
It doesn't have a ground sheet.
Place on prepared baking sheet.
Hold cash on the balance sheet.
Keep an eye out for Sheet Hot.
She went up in a sheet of flame.
She spread a sheet on the floor.
See Fact Sheet 116 Collection.
However, the balance sheet sucks.
She took a peek under the sheet.
She turned as white as a sheet.
Especially for a sheet of paper.
I rounded a long sheet of plywood.
The kicker was the balance sheet.
She covered herself with a sheet.

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