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Sheikhs in a sentence | sheikhs example sentences

  1. It has been violated by its sheikhs and its followers.
  2. Thus I had adopted the way of the sheikhs and all of my desires were within my reach.
  3. He recounted his story to this man and told him of his brush with death: I followed sheikhs who were in possession of so-called supernatural powers.
  4. Yet on that day a heated controversy came about between two of the bands’ sheikhs (who claimed to be people with supernatural powers or saints of God).
  5. Not a ruthless or evil man, he had made his money from oil and, like other Sheikhs, enjoyed the trappings of the wealth that his liquid gold had provided.

  6. The teachings that he had been following were based merely on so-called supernatural powers and false miracles, and in giving offerings to his sheikhs he was committing sins that would lead to his being condemned to hell after his death.
  7. Would he return to his magician sheikhs after he had witnessed the truth, and seen that there was no prosperity or benefit whatsoever to be found through their methods? Of course not: Who will come down with me into the pit – into the tomb in which the horrible fate that I have witnessed is to be found? And who will face the angels instead of me? How shall I meet my Provider with my sinful spirit and low deeds? I must find a true guide; a guide who will help me to follow the orders God has provided in His Book, for just as Al’lah saved me from death in response to my prayers, in the same way he will gather me with the true men.

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