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Sheila in a sentence | sheila example sentences

  1. Sheila was a busy woman.
  2. Sheila was ever the wit.
  3. And then there was Sheila.
  4. Sheila just shook her head.
  5. Sheila and Joyce met them.

  6. Sheila pushed her back down.
  7. Sheila was back in her domain.
  8. Sheila had all but missed it.
  9. Sheila sat staring at the phone.
  10. Sheila could not help but laugh.
  11. The topic was Sheila Montgomery.
  12. Sheila thought that was terrific.
  13. Yes, Sheila, I’m still here.
  14. Sheila … whatever her name was.
  15. Sheila, you have to save her!.

  16. Has Sam or Sheila been in?
  17. Sure, was all Sheila could say.
  18. Sheila and Jerry exchanged glances.
  19. Sheila cocked her head to the side.
  20. Sheila dialed the number and waited.
  21. Sheila picked it up, and read the.
  22. What do you want?’ It was Sheila.
  23. Silently, he handed them to Sheila.
  24. I am in the crapper, Sheila thought.
  25. Sheila asked me to give her a hand.

  26. Yes, Sheila, I’m still with you.
  27. Sheila said while entering the room.
  28. Sheila as if they had lost patience.
  29. Go on, Sheila said, suspiciously.
  30. Yes… Sheila gave her a sedative.
  31. There was silence until Sheila spoke.
  32. No shit, Sheila said in amazement.
  33. Jesus, was all Sheila could muster.
  34. Sam what happened? Sheila asked.
  35. It’s okay, Sheila, Janeway said.
  36. She has a sinus, Sheila announced.
  37. He found only two Sheila Montgomery’s.
  38. Sheila read the memo for the third time.
  39. Sam Reynolds, please, Sheila directed.
  40. Sam looked up as Sheila entered the room.
  41. Sorry, Sheila said, touching his hand.
  42. Sheila waited until he was out of earshot.
  43. Credit is given to Sheila Wee of Storywise.
  44. Sheila was staring straight ahead at Jeff.
  45. Another Sheila claims as hers not Ian’s.
  46. Sheila with great surprise on her comments.
  47. Sheila pointed silently to the women's tent.
  48. Sheila McGowan, McGowan’s younger sister.
  49. Ah, Sheila, Sam Reynolds said engagingly.
  50. It’s a start, Sheila, but not too helpful.
  51. So Sheila had helped bring all of this about.
  52. Thanks, Sheila said, getting to her feet.
  53. Sheila turned to the respiratory technician.
  54. Sheila hit him lightly on the top of his head.
  55. Sheila stopped and turned around to face him.
  56. Sheila grabbed a pillow, and tossed it at him.
  57. A lot of them felt that way, Sheila added.
  58. They had a physical trail on Sheila and Jerry.
  59. Sheila charge paddles to 200! Clear! Zap!.
  60. He and his wife Sheila lived five streets over.
  61. Sheila did not respond to the empty compliment.
  62. Sheila pulled the covers up around Lady Triplet.
  63. Sheila entered the waiting area; everyone stood.
  64. Sheila to see if there's any history on her.
  65. Then, Sheila, Phokion’s girl became pregnant.
  66. I don’t understand why it has to be Sheila.
  67. Sheila turned and stared down the angry attorney.
  68. There’s a Sheila Montgomery here to see you.
  69. Sheila preened herself for him, but wasn't fooled.
  70. And all this media play is local, Sheila said.
  71. Sheila, who was not in heat, zoned in immediately.
  72. Sheila turned to me with a tiny half-smile that.
  73. They’d found Chas and Sheila by the look of it.
  74. Sheila knew just enough about computers to get by.
  75. I caught her! Sheila announced, triumphantly.
  76. Thanks Nat think you saved my life and you Sheila.
  77. Sheila looked away from Malcolm’s determined look.
  78. Sheila come with me! VICi, connect me to Ian Allen.
  79. Sheila hit the mute button and stared at the screen.
  80. Sheila and Don moved down here about six years ago.
  81. When they reached Sam’s office, Sheila hesitated.
  82. Sheila was elected as President of ZTA unanimously.
  83. But if Sheila… See, I've got Sheila on the brain.
  84. Sheila was now in the chair, with the bag in her lap.
  85. He’d been less enthusiastic since Sheila had died.
  86. I'm going to need to watch him as closely as Sheila.
  87. When Sheila gets here, send her to the scrub room.
  88. Sheila left the living room and went into the hallway.
  89. Who is he in there with? Sheila asked suspiciously.
  90. Sheila read between the lines and realized two things.
  91. Michael looked towards Sheila, and Sheila just smiled.
  92. Thanks, Richard, Sheila said, and got into the car.
  93. Sheila felt more connected with Jerry than ever before.
  94. What the hell are they trying to pull? Sheila asked.
  95. His infatuation with Sheila had been the kiss of death.
  96. Never mind the vermin, Sheila, we’re late as it is.
  97. Sheila was surprised at what a good time she was having.
  98. Sheila was admiring a beautiful dress in the shop window.
  99. Sheila smiled as she lighted her fifth cigarette of the.
  100. What do you say Sheila? Sheila was in full agreement.

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