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  1. Ferocious shelled reptiles.
  2. Here and there shelled or burned.
  3. They’ve been shot up or shelled.
  4. Trematon had shelled out eleven million to.
  5. After a few chews it swallowed the hard shelled.

  6. Littlesock's home after they had shelled out numerous clips.
  7. From gelatinous tiny little footballs to hard shelled giants.
  8. Oh Lisa, she’s not THAT bad, she’s just a bit hard shelled.
  9. To aggravate the situation, they began to be shelled by friendly.
  10. Carefully dry the shelled almonds, then grind to a powder in an electric.
  11. I suppose she’d always be hard shelled, that was just the way she was and that was ok.
  12. A heavy strafe was on, and the road was heavily shelled at intervals from Beavry onwards.
  13. You could walk through one of the shelled upper floors and look from end to end and see nothing.
  14. Christine was her usual self, hard shelled but with a dash of glow to her newly loved up features.
  15. We can bring those floors to a shelled state and it will be less money when we do the construction.

  16. Occasionally Chuck or Johnny shelled out a dime for a dance, but to Joe the price seemed extravagant.
  17. The cratered streets were flanked by little more than ruins of shelled buildings and abandoned homes.
  18. Here he had his first experience of war, lying for some days in trenches shelled by the distant German guns.
  19. Before the beans can be sold, they must be hand-picked, hauled out of the fields, shelled, dried, and sorted.
  20. A mound of Eagle Eye shelled peas gleamed on the packaging, more seductive-looking than any real-life pea had ever been.
  21. But she still needed to get in close enough to land her own blows on their shelled bodies and she had to plan her motions carefully.
  22. The Balsam positioned and maintained mooring and channel markers for the warships that shelled Japanese positions prior to amphibious troop assaults.
  23. They also shelled and destroyed all their villages along the coast forcing them inland where they were more fragmented and unable to mount a serious defense.
  24. He was poling his pirogue towards the shore and a boy, his son, Jacques and he had more fish plus two large, pissed-off soft shelled cooters for the boy to clean.
  25. In response the excited citizenry had shelled out precious nickels and quarters and dollars, raising an astonishing twelve thousand dollars to send the crews east.

  26. Once again the landscape changed and we began to see cottages and farmhouses that had been shelled and sometimes we would pass entire villages that had been devastated.
  27. The peace deals he negotiated in Oslo and Washington didn’t last, and even the Palestine Authority he helped set up crumbled when the Israeli army came and shelled it to pieces.
  28. The battalion to which I belonged had been heavily shelled for many hours, and among the casualties was "Topper" Brown, a Cockney, who was always in trouble for losing items of his kit.
  29. Usually she shelled every beach in turn but today she had concentrated solely on V and W Beaches and the incoming reinforcements which must have left them chewing sand and the shit running down their legs.
  30. Refugee camps that had been set up in neighboring states and the few within the borders of the new country itself were raided and shelled, in attempts to wipe out the terrorists’ bomb-making laboratories and arms caches.
  31. I received word that the two fuchuan I had requested were now on patrol and had already intercepted some Re Che boats and shelled and destroyed concentrations of their boats on Chiloe’s eastern shore, where most of the villages happened to be.
  32. After releasing the animal from its predicament, the sentry said: We'd better send the blighter to the Zoo, Corp, wiv a card to say 'this little pig put the wind up the troops, caused a fousand men to open fire, was bombed, machine-gunned, and shelled.
  33. Since most of us paid for the classes ourselves – although it was much cheaper than what you’ll pay today – we made it a point to not be in a situation where we shelled out cash for Advanced Bomb Design even though we didn’t register for the session!.
  34. Conseil had just made a cast of the dragnet, and his gear had come back up loaded with a variety of fairly ordinary seashells, when suddenly he saw me plunge my arms swiftly into the net, pull out a shelled animal, and give a conchological yell, in other words, the most piercing yell a human throat can produce.
  35. The latter agreed that the conclusion arrived at by the constable was probably the right one and they were about to pass on when the inspector noticed a small speck of light shining through the lower part of the painted window, where a small piece of the paint had either been scratched or had shelled off the glass.
  36. He was snapping up numbers of the little white- shelled downland snails from the wet grass and cracking them in his great beak, when he suddenly turned to Bigwig and said,.
  1. The shelling came to a stop.
  2. Then Fritz started shelling us.
  3. Instead of shelling out $40,000.
  4. Constant shelling and bombings created.
  5. These judges are used to shelling out 15.
  6. Ellen went on shelling peas for a few minutes.
  7. Instead they are shelling out funds to clean up the damage.
  8. But the incessant shelling in the background more than made up for that.
  9. She needed transplant surgery and America wasn’t shelling out the dough.
  10. They think they can get by without shelling out the money for this expense.
  11. Now it is time for the military expedition to start moving for shelling the country.
  12. En route our escort of Welshmen were telling us of the "terrible" shelling up the line.
  13. There was no shelling, no gunfire, no sound of engines revving up and armor clamoring by.
  14. We were lying anchored off the Belgian coast, shelling an inland objective with our 18-in.
  15. That is one reason why you should use caution when shelling out money for these types of products.
  16. A few hours shelling would have demolished the blockhouses and cleared the trenches along the ridges.
  17. The consuls drew up a letter of protest to Admiral Sampson, against shelling the place without due warning.
  18. They’re scuttling ships at the port, they’re shelling the cathedral, and there’s no water at the hospital.
  19. The shelling continued for a minute or two, but they landed far from us, which meant the enemy couldn’t see us.
  20. Two of the three guns at San Ursula were doing effective shelling under Colonel Ordonez, wounded during the afternoon.
  21. With Creelman and Armstrong, I moved down toward Caney, and turned to view the shelling of the citadel from the Ducrot.
  22. They weren’t shelling out astronomical dollars to have their sons and daughters learn from someone with Alzheimer’s.
  23. Our home was near Circuit House, the army headquarters, so we were worried it might have been destroyed in the shelling.
  24. It was hard to sit in the bunkers because of the fear of being buried alive by a direct hit but then the shelling stopped.
  25. A telephone line was laid to it, but owing to persistent shelling the wire soon became a mere succession of knots and joints.
  26. There was no fire support artillery on mountains or the shelling of suspected positions as used in Vietnam in any of these wars.
  27. I was driving a lorry along the road from Dickebusch to Ypres when the Germans started shelling with shrapnel and high explosive.
  28. She sat him down in the rocker in the kitchen and put him to shelling black-eyed peas with an ease that said he had done it before.
  29. Suddenly during a lull in the shelling far away along the ravine we heard a voice shouting, Ere's yer fine 'eads er salery 'orl white.
  30. What was she doing? Knitting, shaving herself, peeling potatoes? Shelling peas? Was she sixty, eighty, one hundred, ten million years old?
  31. Preparatory action holds infantry to cover with artillery at the front, until the shelling has produced sufficient effect for a general advance.
  32. Two neighbors are both invested in the market, but one is shelling out fistfuls of cash each year, while the other is paying pennies on the dollar.
  33. What we were not so happy with was the shelling that was raining down on the beaches but to tell the truth we did not receive many casualties from it.
  34. On the second day of our stay there Jerry was shelling the steeple of the village church, and we had taken cover in the cellars under the village school.
  35. Mind you sometimes this was an advantage as the Germans seemed to concentrate on the nicer sections of trench leaving these others alone when they were shelling.
  36. The officer ran away towards the palace, letting Nancy wait impatiently as the GILGAMESH ignored the shelling and started lifting the Imperium ship with a tractor beam.
  37. After nine minutes of this effective shelling, the Spaniards fortunately held fire, and thus the crowded troops behind the ridge were able to move from their perilous position.
  38. Some of the lads found some old wire entanglements that had been snapped off in the shelling we dragged these around and placed them behind us facing the other German trenches.
  39. That was the trouble with the rest areas was that you were always shunted into working parties to do fatigues this and the constant shelling meant that you didn’t get that much rest.
  40. A great deal of heavy shelling was in progress in our immediate vicinity, and many of Fritz's "high-velocities" were screaming past our lofty pinnacle, which was swaying with the concussion.
  41. When the surviving LSTs landed on the beaches, the blunders continued and many Americans were killed by friendly fire from the British artillery that had started shelling with live ammunition.
  42. Our first objective was the city of Lublin, which was one hundred sixty kilometers away, but progress was very slow, as part of the journey was by foot, under severe shelling from the Germans.
  43. A few weeks after Louie arrived at Ofuna, an American carrier force began bombing and shelling Wake Atoll, where the Americans captured during the Japanese invasion were still being held as slaves.
  44. Even if they could, the heretics wouldn’t be shelling them this way unless they intended to come calling in person, and men who were crouched in dugouts were men unable to man the parapets of their works.
  45. But most of us half-caff-latte-with-a-twist types who’ve been willingly shelling out the big bucks for our morning indulgence have no idea about the real ups and downs of growing and harvesting coffee beans.
  46. They learned how to surround German outposts at long range, call in their planes to blast them apart, surround the dug-in German forces with artillery: and level them safely from a distance with more long-distance shelling.
  47. And once again it was pounded home to him how many of his classmates apparently did not even have to think about money, how many had people watching out for them, shelling out thousands of dollars they never expected to see again.
  48. The truth was that the damage to the city was astronomical considering the antiquated technology that they had been attacked with, but the enemy fleets had pressed the attack courageously and the continued shelling was beginning to pay off.
  49. There’d been less laughter about that one … and no laughter at all once the second row of sunken barges prevented the ironclad from steaming straight past and shelling the Army of the Seridahn as it retreated along the tow paths and country lanes which followed the river north.
  1. We have a box of shells.
  2. Teresa looks at the shells.
  3. What are cars? Cars are shells.
  4. Glossy black shells covered the.
  5. The turtle's shells are its ribs.
  6. He continued to remove the shells.
  7. You're not out of your shells yet.
  8. What are houses? Houses are shells.
  9. The next, his shells were worthless.
  10. They are armed with exploding shells.
  11. Artillery shells landed all around us.
  12. Slugs are simply snails without shells.
  13. He is encrusted with weeds and shells.
  14. Kirtland's collection of shells, 22;.
  15. Artillery shells detonated below them.
  16. SHELLS gather in piles along the shore.
  17. Our cars look like the shells of birds.
  18. I gave him more shells and off he went.
  19. Check the bullets, different shells.
  20. See if you can find any shells in this.
  21. When shells surface in the Queen of Cu.
  22. Shells were bursting above and around us.
  23. But he only drew in stones, shells, and.
  24. We live inside shells like baby birds do.
  25. Everyone was now back in their own shells.
  26. The line tapped with a row of white shells.
  27. Many of these shells broke in half and two.
  28. They scrambled, popping the slots with shells.
  29. Press into tart shells two 4 inch tart shells.
  30. Fill the tomato shells with the spinach mixture.
  31. They are only outer shells with nothing inside.
  32. The shells of their eyes sparkled in the light.
  33. All of the canvas shells were still up and had.
  34. Shells, fresh-water, long retain the same forms.
  35. Fire control, close and seal your shells, please.
  36. I put my clips and shells in a small bag I found.
  37. Out of the hundred shells twenty-seven recovered.
  38. The shells fragmented as they hit the sweeper car.
  39. Some of the other common shells are as follows:.
  40. They are much thinner and longer than cone shells.
  41. Semi burned out, we are the empty shells we created.
  42. It worked! In a moment the shells turned a healthy.
  43. She had never had to contend with the shells before.
  44. Krome picked a couple of Shells up from the bucket.
  45. Unload the shells and just use it as a 'stun' gun.
  46. A mixture of brown and white shells seemed to point.
  47. The shells of the spinning gatling-gun tore through.
  48. An old pilgrim's hoard, dead treasure, hollow shells.
  49. Pour into 2 pie shells and store in the refrigerator.
  50. Shells from the Secondary and Tertiary Formations, (T.
  51. Observations on some Species of Zoophytes, Shells, &c.
  52. Matilda left with artillery shells exploding around her.
  53. She then smiles and says, These shells are wonderful.
  54. We had mended one break when shells dropped all round us.
  55. Peppered by shrapnel from exploding 40mm shells and by.
  56. One day, he had a pile of shells worth thousands of dol-.
  57. Remove all the crab meat from the shells and set it aside.
  58. Those are the shells of little animals, Deanna said.
  59. That gun had ejected its shells out the top side of the.
  60. I can’t hear the explosions of the tank shells anymore.
  61. We could hear the roar of artillery shells and explosions.
  62. The book warned that without vitamin D their shells turn.
  63. Tenebra or Auger and Turrid shells also have poison darts.
  64. Stephen's hand, free again, went back to the hollow shells.
  65. Scales, feathers, fur and hard shells were all represented.
  66. Meat shells are overrated but I suppose they are necessary.
  67. He can’t kill me, until the shells with gems in are split.
  68. The white shells will help you to turn things back to normal.
  69. Oh, you could always tell which shells had received their.
  70. There were also 75mm guns and 80mm mortar shells left behind.
  71. You literally have to break the joint holding the two shells.
  72. He handed her the gun and took the rifle and a box of shells.
  73. Gasbag ate the lion’s share of the peanuts, shells and all.
  74. By 1943, all of them—thirty shells in total—would be his.
  75. He lifted his gaze from the idle shells to the old man's stare.
  76. In addition, all the elements that had been fusing in shells.
  77. Then, dropping Ned and turning to the battleship, whose shells.
  78. In a few weeks, tiny little creatures break out of their shells.
  79. They’re the shells of tiny sea animals, Tammas explained.
  80. He pulls the trigger again but, click he is out of shells.
  81. Utterly tense, we watched as the shells slid over the table top.
  82. She could see a handful of sea shells, sparkling brown and white.
  83. Evidently they felt in their shells that their food was ripening.
  84. Here is how to print all the shells that are in use on the system.
  85. Tony stuffed his pack with grenades and Ramsey filled up on shells.
  86. The walks are sanded with river sand; there are tiny violet shells.
  87. He blew onto the same shells again and her other foot became white.
  88. He could make out three of the Reactor shells at the metropolis’.
  89. Undead filth do not want to give up control of their living shells.
  90. The coxswains of those quick shells started yelling as they passed.
  91. Some of the round things had fallen and lay among the empty shells.
  92. The collisions produce dense shells of gas, some of which cool to.
  93. Michael’s, or remove the shells of the bombardment from her walls.
  94. The air ahead was full of the sounds of artillery and mortar shells.
  95. After the fourth I was out of shells for it so I tossed the box away.
  96. Three Zeros orbited it, spewing streams of bullets and cannon shells.
  97. Now then, nature has generally obeyed this law in coiling her shells.
  98. The special shells, they almost never missed, he said, sitting.
  99. I gave him a box of shells and he took it all to the cab of the truck.
  100. Jezzabell could not move, she wanted to walk near the shells but she.

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1. Was that a shell? No.
2. Alice picked up a shell.
3. You eat the shell and all.
4. It had part of a shell.
5. The hard shell of emotion.
6. Have a look at BP and Shell.
7. The heroes in a half shell.
8. It was a spent shell casing.
9. Thomas was an empty shell.
10. A chick needs the shell to.
11. Once the shell was heading.
12. Butte is nothing but a shell.
13. The city was an empty shell.
14. So long as the shell of the.
15. The shell smashes through Col.
16. Your body is your shell casing.
17. That was my obliterated shell.
18. A shell screams over the house.
19. The sky was a giant blue shell.
20. Brush the shell with the sauce.
21. Shell need B12 and Folic Acid.
22. This shell of himself did well.
23. The bullet shell hit the ground.
24. Shell, and well mash with a fork.
25. Brush bread shell with olive oil.
26. The shell was repaired yet again.
27. Don had built this shell around.
28. Her shell was starting to harden.
29. Pon on the fruit in the pie shell.
30. Spread the berries in the pie shell.
31. He pierced the shell with his beak.
32. Being a Acme shell it was a dud of.
33. Turn the filling into the pie shell.
34. They just went into a shell or left.
35. What he saw was just an empty shell.
36. They scheme to leave an empty shell.
37. Or a shell will explode on the road.
38. One day he tumbled into a shell hole.
39. They both picked a brown Sea shell up.
40. LTP ex vivo in NAc shell but not core.
41. The shell was up and the roof was on.
42. The third brown shell fell into the.
43. I cracked the second shell and read:.
44. A shell, says Ciere desperately.
45. The Hab is a shell of its former self.
46. With a rubber band around your shell.
47. Shell the eggs and cut them in halves.
48. Shell region of the nucleus accumbens.
49. Pour filling into 9 unbaked pie shell.
50. A shell detonates somewhere aboveground.
51. Add to it the eggs, still in the shell.
52. He closed the display shell around him.
53. The shell flies into a wall and smokes.
54. A piece of shell hid me from their eyes.
55. When Frances sees me shell kick me out.
56. To have a good shell is to be resilient.
57. The shell where the seed has broken to.
58. He looked down at the shell of the man.
59. Shell had already spent $4 billion ( $2.
60. He obviously never came out of his shell.
61. Living in the shell of another broken man.
62. There really is a ceramic shell in there.
63. I got fine shell ears, delicate as roses.
64. So it could eat what was inside the shell.
65. It seemed only a shell of its former self.
66. Hold this shell up to your ear and listen.
67. Blood gushed from his chest as the shell.
68. In Echinoneus, the shell is described by M.
69. A snail hides in his shell, Dunk remembered.
70. Its promptings in that little shell her ear.
71. Of the framed ACME shell in the wall in Col.
72. The triple-alpha process begins in a shell.
73. Her breath like the sea in a shell, find it.
74. Pour the filling into the pastry shell and.
75. Its shell was oblong and about seven inches.
76. He made me come out of that negativity shell.
77. I kept my ear to the conch shell of creation.
78. Trapped inside the shelter of a shell, shell-.
79. There were large pieces of shell strewn about.
80. Conform the shell to that which dwells within.
81. Born with a gloomy shell underneath his brain.
82. It didn't seem right, as if she was in a shell.
83. I chambered out the shell and slid out the clip.
84. The shell of the vehicle prevents this and we.
85. Place the pizza shell on an ungreased pizza pan.
86. It’s the detonation of a high-explosive shell.
87. Ebright could order a shell or not, as he chose.
88. If I were a turtle, I’d have been in my shell.
89. In a jiffy, back into the harmless shell he went.
90. Go get yourself a Shell Card, buy a new Pontiac.
91. Roll out pastry and fit into a 10 inch pie shell.
92. Turn filling into shell and sprinkle with topping.
93. That shell could have been fired at wild game.
94. Had he been in the shell, he would have survived.
95. This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head.
96. They tossed sacks in the shell of an awaiting van.
97. Joe retreated into the life of the shell house.
98. The fruit has a tough, thorny outer husk or shell.
99. Twice a day they took light workouts in the shell.
100. I saw Captain Farid crouching inside a shell hole.

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