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Shoats in a sentence

1. If only the shoats were safe! If only the family had gotten safely.
2. One of the shoats would have to be killed the next day if they were to eat at all.
3. At least, she had the cow and the calf, a few shoats and the woods and bury in the ground.
4. Two shoats grunted and squirmed at him through the fence, black pigs, sunning and comfortable.
5. Scarlett watched them eat and tenterhooks lest they discover somehow that Pork had slaughtered one of the shoats.
6. Most of the shoats in the feedlot were lying all over each other, less than a hundred pounds each, covered in crap and sleeping.
7. There would be so little of them to eat if they were killed now and one of the shoats but she put it off from day to day, hoping to raise them to maturity.

8. The reason he stopped is ‘cause I was finishing off shoats (a bigger pig but not yet a hog), that I sold in the Fall so the neighbors could put a slap of bacon and a couple of hams in the smoke house.

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