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Silica in a sentence

1. The word sand does not mean silica sand.
2. Layers of this silica form and do not degrade.
3. Solidification time with silica sand is-------------- 17 minutes.
4. They basically consist of amorphous silica (85-95% SiO ) in the form of 2.
5. Colloidal silica in Purified Water and Water for Injection is easily removed by most water.
6. Two byproducts of this operation are silica and hydrogen sulfide, both harmful to human beings.
7. Silica fume is an highly active mineral admixture for concrete which is widely used in recent years.

8. It was found out that the most effective microsilica admixtures are byproducts of crystalline silica and ferrosilicium.
9. It was even made of the same material, silica, that was in glass, and was nothing but the crushed shells of tiny, ornate sea organisms called diatoms.
10. He rolled with the momentum, but even so, it was a violent roll, and though the ground was sand-covered, a layer of hardened silica was not far beneath.
11. The circulation of water through the sand deposit of which our rocks are made dissolves part of the grains, and the silica taken up is redeposited on others.
12. Using long-lasting silica boards overlapping to fan out replaced brick and every other assortment – even the flowing mortar style, and following patterns.
13. The plains of sand were followed by a bed of that viscous slime Americans call "ooze," which is composed exclusively of seashells rich in limestone or silica.
14. Silica fume is an ultrafine byproduct of production of ferrosilicon or silicon metal and contains particles of the spherical form with average diameter 0,1µm.
15. It certainly is, however, with this secondary silica that the original sand has become a building stone, and the particles have become interlaced and bound together.
16. Mostly due to effective modifiers (superplasticizers and silica fume) industrial technology of concrete production at given strength range have been developed and appropriate standards were worked out.
17. The transparent panels of the canopy are actually a thick sandwich made of three layers of various materials, the outer one being made of transparent silica in order to resist the heat of the reentry.
18. The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmitted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about.
19. It is a remarkable fact that most of the pebbles included in the red rocks are quartzites, or indurated silicious sandstones; and, as showing that their solidity and hardness are due only to a further continuance of the deposit of silica in the interstices, it has been proved that the purple quartzites are purple only by reason of the original coloration of the grains which have been enclosed between the original grains and the secondary silica.

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