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Sited in a sentence

These were only a couple of many scenarios he sited.
Where would you prefer the new building to be sited?
The report on the screen sited instances where individuals.
Where do you think the new buildings should be sited?
There were two massive, powerful telescopes sited by the windows, one.
Nearest the entrance, you will find a latrine sited over a deep pit.
Remember, for integrated appliances, the sockets cannot be sited directly.

Pat and Nobby were still running strands of wire along the angled wire at the front and back this wire was sited at an angle narrowing down.
The new-model twenty-five-pounder and forty-pounder shell-firing cannon were products of Yu-kwau’s own foundries, and they’d been sited with care.
The ablution block was below the monks' dormitory, having been sited there so that the brethren could answer calls of nature with minimum inconvenience during the night.
Kara reckoned it was a walk of two miles, three at most, from the side street where the Association was sited to the railway station and she had a good two hours in which to cover the distance.
They are usually sited by wasteg – partly because of the water supply and partly because it enables the produce to be transported quickly and easily to the major towns which is where the food is most needed.
Plans are for a four-person residence to shelter inhabitants from dramatic temperature changes, meteorites and gamma radiation, to be sited at the Moon’s southern pole with near-perpetual sunlight on the horizon.
The house was similar in appearance to our ‘Lingit house only on the outside, although even there the house was rectangular and sited parallel to the river, and the oval door (on a smaller side) faced downstream.
He documents the test of the 3 master riflemen from the NRA who had the Mannlicher-Carcano, allegedly used by Oswald, first rebuilt so that it could be sited as Oswald’s rifle lacked the shims to align the sites.
After less than one kilometer of slow walk, she came into full view of the Château Champlain Hotel, a huge brick building strategically sited at the edge of the rock face leading down to the Old Lower City and the Port of Quebec.
And while there might be a lot of guns aboard the approaching ironclads, there were better than four hundred in Rahdgyrz’s eighteen carefully sited defensive batteries, and all of those guns were on solid, steady, unmoving mounts.
When they had returned to the conference room, Rupert explained that it had seemed to them self-evident that if it was possible to directly access a bank’s mainframe computer simply by inserting a card into a remotely sited ‘hole in the wall’, then it should equally be possible to access the computer via the Internet from a remotely sited computer.
Siting on the ground, he began to scold Ye.
When siting signals take full account of the terrain.
Siting the polytunnel is important; avoid areas where water collects, a water logged tunnel is plain useless.
He had taken the wheels off the cart and Nimblefax was siting in it for a change whilst Lemoss pulled it along as a sledge.
After staring at it for some time, he raised his staff, and using it as a rough siting tool, followed the water all the way until it became indistinct as it reflected the light cast off from the pillar of fire.
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