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Sobering in a sentence | sobering example sentences

  1. It was a sobering thought.
  2. With a sobering expression, Dr.
  3. Not a sobering notion, he mused.
  4. It was an extremely sobering lesson.
  5. Seeing her like that was a sobering.

  6. This TRUTH should be sobering for you.
  7. There’s something far more sobering.
  8. Consider this an intervention! A sobering.
  9. Something about her demeanor has a sobering.
  10. Sobering, I sat up, pulling the sheet around me.
  11. The sobering thought had focused him and it had been.
  12. The image was sobering, and pierced right through him.
  13. Vinny could feel himself sobering up as he made his way to.
  14. Suddenly, her body shivered, sobering her from her delirium.
  15. He was also not bullshitting about sobering me up, which he.

  16. The whole thing has a very sobering effect, and I find myself.
  17. She had some sobering and scary material up there on the podium.
  18. And further in regard to the poor, there is this sobering thought.
  19. But the truth is far stranger and more sobering than any fiction.
  20. It was a sobering sight that made us realise how fortunate we in.
  21. The accident sent a sobering thought to all of us that crossing with.
  22. The fire at the hawker’s centre was a sobering reminder to us that.
  23. Horne shot a sobering look at Barnes, who had already guessed the worst.
  24. They stood well back from the group, but their presence had a sobering effect.
  25. He was sobering up from the weed; it was becoming too real for him to deal with.

  26. Unks comment about home abruptly ends this surreal moment with a sobering though.
  27. At the unexpected news, Mom opened her eyes, almost sobering up from the surprise.
  28. This is a sobering thought that should compel us to share the Gospel with everyone.
  29. These sobering numbers give solid proof to the fact that the strategies and techniques.
  30. Our Lord spoke these sobering words to us, as found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24.
  31. The sense of danger was a very sobering one, even against whatever trickery he was using.
  32. Yigal, sobering a little at the question ventured, We couldn't be sure who was in the.
  33. The doctor shook Ethan’s hand and looked him in the eye with a sobering, stone-hard gaze.
  34. The early morning everywhere, including Petersburg, has a sobering effect on a man's nature.
  35. This very sobering scripture tells us that only a few will enter in at the strait gate.
  36. Given that this mission was stretching the plane’s range to the limit, it was sobering news.
  37. I was rather hoping it would have been for an occasion a little less sobering than this, she.
  38. This turbulent ending of the third public preaching tour had a sobering effect upon all of Jesus' followers.
  39. If so, however, he was about to find himself face-to-face with two ironclads, and that was a sobering reflection.
  40. A more sobering analysis of this Huxlian scenario may suggest consequences that have not been properly considered.
  41. That for all the twentieth century’s technology, it was still faced with disastrous famine is a sobering thought.
  42. It was sobering to look back and see where my life had been just a year prior, but at the same time, I was thankful.
  43. The sobering experience reminded the man of the dead dogs at the shack and he sure didn‘t want Joe Billie finding those beauties.
  44. The morning that followed the fateful interview with Dounia and her mother brought sobering influences to bear on Pyotr Petrovitch.
  45. Yigal, sobering a little at the question ventured, We couldn’t be sure who was in the encampment when we saw it at first light.
  46. Can the Investor Identify Them? But our natural enthusiasm for such excellent records is tempered somewhat by a sobering consideration.
  47. I’m like a bad penny, he grinned, but it was a sobering kind of smile as the two of them remembered the lives that had been lost.
  48. From what I know of evolution we are the next step up the ladder but I have some sobering news for you, we skipped a rung in that ladder.
  49. That for most of the world’s population, dictatorship, not democracy, was the norm for most of the twentieth century is a sobering thought.
  50. It is sobering to realize that the United States of America, today a bastion of liberty and justice, was so backward in its thinking less than a century ago.
  51. This was a blessing, bright, vivid, and exhilarating;—not like the ponderous gift of gold: rich and welcome enough in its way, but sobering from its weight.
  52. It was sobering and frightening to think that losing a person could unhinge someone to that extent so that on reflection I felt only sorrow and compassion for the woman.
  53. Theodore Dalrymple, writing from his experience as a psychiatrist in a British prison, offers this sobering thought: Men commit evil within the scope available to them.
  54. She saw with the piercing eye of a relation--that eye from which hardly anything can ever be hidden--that something had happened and that the something was sobering and unpleasant.
  55. I decided against it and put them in my shorts pocket, just in case I needed two cents between now and the Olallie Lake ranger station, which was still a sobering hundred miles away.
  56. There'll be a day when you will keep this appointment, and you'll stand before the judgement seat of Christ; and what will be on view is how you've run your life - that's a very sobering thought.
  57. The worse elements of society, gaining possession of power, under the sobering influence which always accompanies power, grow less and less cruel, and become incapable of using cruel forms of violence.
  58. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference.
  59. One of their sobering conclusions is that by 2050 global crop yields could be just half of 2000 levels, which would present a massive problem if, as expected, the global population expands by 50 percent over the same time frame.
  60. When asked how it felt to be sitting on top of the rocket about to launch, it is claimed one of them said it’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realise that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.
  61. But though her childhood had been spent among these objects, which were esteemed at the Palace because falling just short at the last moment of quite sweetness and quite niceness they discouraged sinful gorging, they had none of their ancient sobering effect on her there in Milan.
  62. The number of predictions about future events contained within the Bible and the fact that we find that all events that have occurred in our past, came true with 100% accuracy, not failing once in accuracy or timing, should leave one with sobering thoughts about the events predicted for our future.
  63. By the time it said, "The Baltic, now," the laugh which had been running through the audience became a general shout, and but for the sobering effects of party and that great public cause which the entanglement of things had identified with "Brooke of Tipton," the laugh might have caught his committee.
  64. It was the getting caught, and seeing the pain that I caused others, and falling down just to get back up so I could fall down again that brought my life to a place that I had to take a long sobering look at myself, be ashamed, repent (change my mind), so my life could be led by God without interference from me.
  65. This process takes place in the following manner: the worst elements of society, having seized the power and being in possession of it, under the influence of the sobering quality which always accompanies it, become less and less cruel and less able to make use of the cruel forms of violence, and, in consequence of this, give place to others, in whom again goes on the process of softening and, so to speak, unconscious Christianization.
  66. It was however a slightly sobering thought that we might actually be risking life and limbs (whose limbs we weren't sure) in testing out are belief- especially as once we entered Iran it would be well nigh impossible to communicate with the outside world - mobiles, the internet, email, facebook being all things of the future - even international dialing was almost impossible unless in a large town - and we intended to steer clear of those.
  67. So this was how things were with him, so doomed was he, so much he had lost his way and was forsaken by all knowledge, that he had been able to seek death, that this wish, this wish of a child, had been able to grow in him: to find rest by annihilating his body! What all agony of these recent times, all sobering realizations, all desperation had not brought about, this was brought on by this moment, when the Om entered his consciousness: he became aware of himself in his misery and in his error.
  1. He’s sobered up a bit now.
  2. Your uncle's visit sobered him.
  3. Finally, she sobered enough to.
  4. You've sobered me up, said Crumley.
  5. John laughed, but then sobered quickly.
  6. The whole thing sobered me up really quick.
  7. Suddenly he sobered, and his countenance fell.
  8. He had sobered up completely around midnight.
  9. The two taller men looked sobered by her words.
  10. When the boy had sobered up, he told the police.
  11. He sobered himself up later, after he calmed down.
  12. The whole thing was most painful as he sobered up.
  13. Patrick quickly sobered up to his newfound reality.
  14. Sabrina sobered as well, but she didn’t stop eating.
  15. Hindley descended more leisurely, sobered and abashed.
  16. The shock and the incipient pain had partly sobered him.
  17. He was as if sobered after a long bout of intoxication.
  18. The horses were completely sobered and covered with sweat.
  19. Ashi sobered, What do you mean? You want to have sex?
  20. Now sobered by the stinging cold, the men dismounted nervously.
  21. Thoughts of Dumbo sobered Therese as she took a brush to Sugar.
  22. Nancy�s face sobered up as she reminisced about her experience.
  23. Alec sobered for a moment, pondering the depth of that statement.
  24. An’ then I felt that knife go in me, an’ that sobered me up.
  25. The woman sobered enough to hitch her bodice and slink quickly away.
  26. She immediately sobered up; Sam swallowed hard when the cold gun barrel.
  27. A sudden thought sobered him, had he really depended on her that much?
  28. Jags and Rani pulled out their guns; the drunken guys sobered up rapidly.
  29. That sobered all of them and the rest of the hall seemed ridiculously loud.
  30. This rather sobered the others, but for some time afterwards whenever they.
  31. The man in the chair sobered, straightened and looked the inspector in the eye.
  32. Tommy Pike had sobered up considerably when Smith walked in to Chalmers office.
  33. He sniggered into his hands then quickly sobered up as he heard someone running.
  34. Russell looked up, and, seeing the look on Sebastian’s face, sobered immediately.
  35. Away from Paco, sobered by the cool air, I wondered about walking with the spirits.
  36. If I straightened myself out and sobered up, there’s a possibility that I could adopt.
  37. Then he sobered down and ran lovingly by Stephen as they all made their way to the beach.
  38. Not too serious, and they were all released after they sobered up the next day to go home.
  39. The events of the evening had sobered him and now he was left with one hell of a hangover.
  40. Hey! That’s completely different again! Mark grinned, then sobered in concentration.
  41. Ashat’s joy of fathering other sons was always sobered up by the memory of Rosa in labor.
  42. Honest, strong, steady men, sobered by domestic ties, one and all, as far as I can remember.
  43. I felt humiliated once I sobered up and realized that I probably had made an ass out of myself.
  44. Their mood sobered, and he continued carrying her home, between the widely spaced gigantic trees.
  45. Tarzan shook his head, and an expression of wistful and pathetic longing sobered his laughing eyes.
  46. He stood holding the cloak, eyeing her as if the sight of her rich garments had somewhat sobered him.
  47. She wandered aimlessly for a time, but eventually sobered up enough to decide to go to Annie’s house.
  48. Apparently he was a consultant on moral philosophy! He howled when he heard that, but he sobered up abruptly.
  49. He had, for the most part, sobered up, though now he was beginning to feel the aftermath of his intoxication.
  50. He sobered up Life is without guarantees little one, but I don’t see why we can’t make this last forever.
  51. There has not been anything I have said or done that I have been embarrassed or ashamed of after I have sobered up.
  52. Flynn instantly sobered up as a look of heartfelt contrition came across his features, Sorry about the boat Captain.
  53. Jules threw a few threatening glances to certain people in the room and the atmosphere immediately sobered up and dried.
  54. Suraj was stunned, he couldn’t share the enthusiasm; he hoped that the idea would drown by the time the girls sobered up.
  55. Unseen and thusly unannounced I burst upon a holy sight—the inner workings of a spire—that quickly sobered Mine intent.
  56. It’s as if the fresh air has suddenly sobered him up and he realizes where he is, and it’s not the where he wants to be.
  57. By then, Ingrid’s face had sobered up noticeably and she measured her words carefully in response to Dewey’s declaration.
  58. He stayed drunk to wash away the sorrow and the guilt, but once he sobered up, he’d always feel ten times worse than before.
  59. The tearful joy of suffering wives over their sobered husbands, and anxious parents over their wandering boys will not be forgotten.
  60. Then when he had sobered up by the morning, the head of the station treated him hospitably, ate breakfast with him and calmed him down.
  61. The reaction from the spectacular procession into the city was disastrous to Simon Peter; by night he was sobered and inexpressibly saddened.
  62. Partly sobered by fear, the three culprits sneaked off and hid themselves, pale and trembling with terror, under the box seats of the three brakes.
  63. Lebedeff, now quite sobered down, sent for a doctor; and he and his daughter, with Burdovsky and General Ivolgin, remained by the sick man’s couch.
  64. That sight sobered somewhat her triumph: this was probably only the start of a crisis that could too easily turn into a war between two superpowers.
  65. But when she sobered up, she looked very attractive, in spite of the life she previously led that could have—should have—been a rather short one.
  66. We laid him upon the drawing-room sofa, and having dispatched the sobered Toller to bear the news to his wife, I did what I could to relieve his pain.
  67. We have had the most attractive time, said the Cousin, prettily, as, suddenly sobered by this calamity, the Lambs protested in a body against her going.
  68. Once he sobered up, he just stayed in bed 24/7, but proved to us by his high paying gig some years later at McDermott Will that he was the smartest of the five.
  69. I sobered up then, and with a moment of clarity beyond the pain I felt, I looked into his face and said, The war of life is long and the battle hard, but my reward is eternal.
  70. Carol’s tears sobered Therese, though she knew her aunt would be utterly grieved by that knowledge, so she bravely smiled and gave a quick wave before Todd pulled her around again.
  71. This sight sobered her as nothing else had done, for she’d witnessed just how far apart her world was from theirs, and the tears she’d been holding at bay were becoming harder to stem.
  72. While the others around him also cheered at first, some quickly sobered down, including another pilot captured at about the same time as Anders and who was occupying the top bed of their bunk.
  73. Beth sobered suddenly, pushing Truman to arm’s length where she examined the details of his face, then clung to him with her face nuzzled into the cradle at the junction of his neck and shoulder.
  74. Adèle had been in a state of ecstasy all day, after hearing she was to be presented to the ladies in the evening; and it was not till Sophie commenced the operation of dressing her that she sobered down.
  75. I don't know whether the shearing sobered our black sheep, but I do know that in all Washington I couldn't find anything beautiful enough to be bought with the five-and-twenty dollars my good girl sent me.
  76. I was a little inclined to take his seriousness lightly, for, after all, four days of rest and freedom from burning, harrowing, anxiety does help to restore one's spirits, but when I saw his face, it sobered me.
  77. This panicky feeling sobered me up for a second and I pulled out the bag, resigned myself to missing the flight, ran over to the check-in counter to check the bag, came back, and tried to apologize profusely to her.
  78. When the president sobered up, he looked at the hanged man, and realised, suddenly, that he knew him and thought: ‘Oh… how terrible… he is…’ and his thoughts tailed off as he realised what he had done in his drunken state.
  79. He went back to Morocco, where he had been happy, and gradually drifted down the coast, from place to place, until one day when he had sobered up - his drinking goes in pretty regular bouts now - he conceived the idea of escaping to the savages.
  80. I instantly refused, saying that I didn’t want my dad to get called in based on the fact that I was a runaway whom had likely caused the governments thousands of dollars in rescue fees, to which he immediately sobered himself, then asked if I wanted to go south with him.
  81. Reflection had given calmness to her judgment, and sobered her own opinion of Willoughby's deserts;-- she wished, therefore, to declare only the simple truth, and lay open such facts as were really due to his character, without any embellishment of tenderness to lead the fancy astray.
  82. Reflection had given calmness to her judgment, and sobered her own opinion of Willoughby’s deserts;—she wished, therefore, to declare only the simple truth, and lay open such facts as were really due to his character, without any embellishment of tenderness to lead the fancy astray.
  83. Having reflected for a short while the high commander said to our officer, ‘Ah now I understand, so I’ll answer you from the legal perspective: you performed your duty perfectly when you tied him to avoid the consequences of his intoxication and then you entertained him when he sobered up.
  84. George followed Leon up to his suite more to humor him than anything else, but once there, the sight of numerous payoff checks, in addition to a semi-cryptic receipt from a downtown bank for eleven million dollars in cash ‘Ed’ claimed he had just delivered, all of which appeared authentic, sobered him.
  85. At length the old hound burst into view with muzzle to the ground, and snapping the air as if possessed, and ran directly to the rock; but, spying the dead fox, she suddenly ceased her hounding as if struck dumb with amazement, and walked round and round him in silence; and one by one her pups arrived, and, like their mother, were sobered into silence by the mystery.
  86. So you see we are very happy up on the Galgenberg just now; the lovers like a pair of beaming babies, Frau von Lindeberg, sobered by the shock of her good fortune into the gentle kindliness that so often follows in the wake of a sudden great happiness, Papa Lindeberg warmed out of his tortoise-in-the-sun condition into much busy letter-writing, and Vicki's brother so uproariously pleased that I can only conclude him to be the possessor of many debts which he proposes to cause Joey to pay.
  1. ICC Award-Sir Garfield Sobers trophy for cricketer of the year 2010.
  2. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within.

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1. It might sober him up.
2. We need him sober, Brice.
3. It had been a sober house.
4. He seemed not quite sober.
5. It’ll help sober you up.
6. He would stay sober for a.
7. She was sort of sober again.
8. Not only that, he was sober.
9. But then, I was fully sober.
10. He is not sober, as he used.
11. His views were sober and sound.
12. She will grow sober by degrees.
13. A sober Shorty iced the babble.
14. He was cheerful and sober after.
15. When he does, his voice is sober.
16. To be called ‘responsibly sober.
17. And seek the sober grounds of truth.
18. Reginald gave him a sober look then.
19. Helen Sturgis nodded at that, sober.
20. Seventeen and a half years sober.
21. He’s now been sober and happily.
22. The next day, all of them were sober.
23. Come on, it’ll sober you up a bit.
24. He would meet them sober, on their.
25. Dixie got sober in AA in early 1984.
26. But, I shall be sober in the morning.
27. By Guam, Parker was sober and coherent.
28. Sober or drugged, he would flash back.
29. Try and sober him up, will you?
30. He was sober and quiet and preoccupied.
31. If I’d been sober and could see the.
32. I’m hoping not to be sober by then.
33. Dealing with Prohibition, stone sober.
34. He seemed to be rendered suddenly sober.
35. Once sober, realizing with whom she had.
36. They did sober themselves for Beth's sake.
37. Who would but hold the earth in sober wit.
38. Did a sober journalist write that?
39. He was a cynic, and he was clean and sober.
40. It is true he was probably not quite sober.
41. Gabriel had changed: he was more sober fed.
42. He stared at her, his expression going sober.
43. Also, with much emphasise he was to be sober.
44. The odd part was, they were stone cold sober.
45. We instantly became sober as Gaspar continued.
46. Ann gave her a sober look as she answered her.
47. And here is a perfectly sober conclusion: if.
48. When she confronted him, she wanted him sober.
49. Beauchamp, that you are more sober than he was.
50. At the end, Moore nodded, his expression sober.
51. Raidan's smile faded and his eyes became sober.
52. He seemed sober and a little out of the trance.
53. But the guy at least seemed sober when at work.
54. She then stared at him with a sober expression.
55. Garth in his gig, or on the sober cob which Mr.
56. Overall it was a sober, demoralizing experience.
57. He then looked at Farah with a sober expression.
58. He was good and sober and took pity on the girl.
59. Everyone has to wait until we're nice and sober.
60. They studied Scott with gentle, sober amusement.
61. He'll be useful if we can keep him fairly sober.
62. Conklin nodded, his brown eyes sober this morning.
63. He turned his mild sober gaze on her for a moment.
64. Oh, no, it’s not; it’s the very sober fact.
65. The problems will still be there when you sober up.
66. Why did he go to the bears when he was not sober?
67. Nay, in sober sadness, I believe I now love you all.
68. What are you doing here? she asked still sober.
69. I didn’t trust Joe anymore even when he was sober.
70. Ingrid then looked at Whitehead, her expression sober.
71. I think it’s time to sober you up real fast! He.
72. Just make sure he is fully sober when you tell him.
73. A sober me would never have dared, but he insisted I.
75. I promised myself that I'd always be sober, and ready;.
76. Even I could translate this one: sober intoxication.
77. It is the sober expression of a not very complex truth.
78. Dressed in sober blue, he looked both taller and older.
79. Gaze averted, sounding far too sober, he said, Ciere.
80. He’d spilt beer on his T-shirt and was far from sober.
81. But he was sober again by the time we reached the woods.
82. She had just wanted him to live sober, but he wouldn’t.
83. Tina then looked at Michel Koniev with a sober expression.
84. Youll be sober by the time you leave the animal shelter.
85. He gets himself organised and sober, she gets less prissy.
86. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.
87. If the driver had been sober, he would've taken notice of.
88. First thing in the morning when you sober up you can go.
89. I was sober for eighteen months when the following happened.
90. Mare’s house was decorated in a maritime and sober manner.
91. The President then nodded to Perkins, her expression sober.
92. Otho's expression changed and he seemed to sober up slightly.
93. Teresa was stone cold sober and found herself shaking a bit.
94. Ingrid gave Griffith a sober look, appreciating his frankness.
95. Bridget said knowing that they both knew it was a sober house.
96. In sober moments the rejection made him question his identity.
97. For once, I’d rather preferred that she was drunk than sober.
98. He came home sober too, but that was none of Scarlett’s doing.
99. Recovering alcoholics struggle to stay sober, one day at a time.
100. This story il ustrates how very much aware and sober we must be.

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