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Socialising in a sentence | socialising example sentences

  1. He spent so much time on schoolwork, there was none left for socialising.
  2. After socialising with a friend or relative do not give any time to worrying whether you have said the wrong thing.
  3. He found some respite from his worries when in the company of Hatch and Musab, although Hatch was increasingly busy with his studies which left little time for socialising.
  4. He was due to fly back to NYC that evening, to stay in his flat before joining Tatania for Valentine’s day, but he was sure he could fit in some more pleasurable socialising.
  5. His two years in the United Kingdom as correspondent for the South China Morning Post was drawing to a close and he was spending the last month doing a lot of farewell socialising.

  6. Nobody is able to express themselves perfectly all the time and it is inevitable that after any bout of socialising there will be one or two things that you may wish you had put differently or perhaps not mentioned at all.
  7. It is during as far as offering fruit and energy drinks in between and in some of the after-run socialising that I get some of the best addition, had cooling points that sprinkled you with cold water advice from strangers that I see on the running trail as they droplets as you ran through a tunnel.

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