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Socialite in a sentence | socialite example sentences

  1. Still the fuming socialite hesitated.
  2. The salty lips of the socialite sisters.
  3. She loved everything about the socialite status.
  4. That beautiful lady is today the top socialite in.
  5. What is Socialite, after all, if not a collection.

  6. The Socialite 1 series would not have been completed so.
  7. Socialite story as the Amis’ mission is endangered by the.
  8. Alvin the socialite, mulled over at what angle he wanted to.
  9. She was playing the socialite role they had been training for.
  10. Back in the good old days, Jane was a well respected socialite.
  11. Socialite to make the call, Ray said as he handed the device to.
  12. No, it is his girlfriend, forty-year-old Washington socialite Leslie deVeau.
  13. Even as a socialite, I tweeted on social and national issues through tweeter.
  14. Sampson supported the crushed socialite as they left the room by another door.
  15. Mrs Smyth-Fletcher was a wealthy socialite who wanted to hear what she wanted to hear.

  16. There was a party afterward in Bayswater, at the house of an actress and socialite.
  17. As she said: staring as a socialite wife is fun and all that, it’s just that I don’t have time for it any longer.
  18. She discovered that what he wanted was not the socialite, he already had the display buterfly in Marilee, Margaret went for the servile role.
  19. She had been married to a socialite, and when he divorced her for his twenty-one-year-old secretary, Dorothy Hollister was forced to go to work.
  20. Haldeman mentioned Amanda Burden, a 28-year-old New York socialite who had been linked romantically with Kennedy, who was married, in recent published reports.
  21. Reality TV star: Socialite, model and star of Keeping up with the Kardashians and its sequels, Kim Kardashian (USA) has 17,810,657 followers.
  22. Nancy Reagan keeps the Vassar-educated socialite Joan Quigley, fifty-six years old, on a three-thousand-dollar-per-month retainer secretly to provide astrological guidance.
  23. Duncan wondered if his abrupt and unprecedented invitation caused Hugh — with some justification — to worry this meeting might be in relation to his young socialite wife.
  24. When he was home, she used his name and social stature to experience life as Caroline LeClerc, the socialite who, together with her husband, mixed with other influential couples.
  25. As limousines clog the city streets, California socialite and longtime Nancy Reagan confidante Betsy Bloomingdale actually gets out of her stretch limo to direct traffic at Dupont Circle.

  26. Months passed in peace and contentment, knowing that Hella Dracon was in control of our destinies, but unholy forces have brought about the untimely deaths of our original 13 monks, their bodies unceremoniously dumped on Castle Desiree's doorstep, and not long after, two of our most beloved and prominent members went to America on official business, and have disappeared after visiting with a New York socialite named Queen Rose.
  27. He was more of a socialite than his brothers,.

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