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  1. In order words, children have to be socialized.
  2. It should be socialized to cats preferably from.
  3. Correctly socialized, the Border collie can be good with.
  4. But it’s also a product of our being socialized into a.
  5. However, if this dog is not properly socialized it can be.

  6. The reason for the kids being late mattered not in socialized.
  7. Beagles that are properly socialized will ‘smile’ and wag.
  8. I was socialized to believe that I was supposed to find a husband.
  9. They lived on the same street and their families socialized quite a bit.
  10. In this industry it was where they socialized, got jobs and even got paid.
  11. It is under this value system that most of us have been raised and socialized.
  12. Since females are socialized to be more fearful than males, and clearly have more.
  13. Socialized healthcare is just like the privatized healthcare system that is dominated by.
  14. He was as dry as a prune; did his job and hardly ever smiled or socialized with the tenants.
  15. Muhammad, after all, came from an exalted family and all along socialized with the nobility of the Meccan tribes.

  16. And for once, humans would not be socialized into antagonistic classes based on their wealth-interest greed-levels.
  17. Baptism was the price which the followers of Jesus paid in order to carry with them, as a socialized religious group, the followers of John the Baptist.
  18. They socialized with Pauline and Luigi in the limited time they had to spend with them that holiday and learned much about the lifestyle in the Big Apple.
  19. Our sense of the passage of time, for example, is a socialized phenomenon, whose distortions become apparent when we enter altered states of consciousness.
  20. Paul's Christian church is the socialized and humanized shadow of what Jesus intended the kingdom of heaven to be -- and what it most certainly will yet become.
  21. Always does the socialized religion of a new revelation pay the price of compromise with the established forms and usages of the preceding religion which it seeks to salvage.
  22. The rest of the night I socialized, rocked a move from time to time, and just chilled with all of my crew mates and our groupies (as I liked to call them) Tabitha and Sabrina.
  23. During the questioning, Hillary tried to justify her attempt to initiate her system of socialized medicine in 1993 by stating she was merely trying to provide proper medical care for all.
  24. Trainees when they socialized, they socialized well even going as far as to call each other brothers so it was hard when it came to the extinction of the rogues as it pit brother against brother.
  25. I was simply leisured, educated and adrift, rubbing shoulders with these fading elite in the golf pavilion, where they socialized, drank their cocktails and exchanged their hate and derision for the regime.

  26. The ideals of Jesus, as they were reinterpreted by Greek philosophy and socialized in Christianity, now boldly challenged the traditions of the human race embodied in the ethics, morality, and religions of Western civilization.
  27. We, who thousands of years ago passed through the transition, from the personal, animal view of life to the socialized view, imagine that that transition was an inevitable and natural one; but this transition through which we have been passing for the last eighteen hundred years seems arbitrary, unnatural, and alarming.
  28. The socialized man of the present day is brought by experience of life itself to the necessity of abandoning the pagan conception of life, which is inappropriate to the present stage of humanity, and of submitting to the obligation of the Christian doctrines, the truths of which, however corrupt and misinterpreted, are still known to him, and alone offer him a solution of the contradictions surrounding him.
  29. What I logically fear is that the federal government’s enactment of Medicare and Medicaid thirty-eight years ago and its congressional starting and subsidizing the early Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which are failing with serious consequences, will nonetheless give justification to those ‘liberal’ types to push for government to ride in to solve the mess by taking over with a form of nationalized (socialized) medicine.
  1. Thus you are socializing more from home.
  2. This neighbourly socializing was largely.
  3. Sort of explains why evenings are out for socializing.
  4. Socializing has always been a strenuous activity for her.
  5. It also indicates socializing with people of high status.
  6. By playing with each other and socializing with each other.
  7. I spent a lot of free time either socializing in those rooms.
  8. A lot of your socializing this year seems business related.
  9. After five years of socializing with a bunch of foul-mouthed.
  10. I never learned what young girls learn growing up socializing.
  11. But primarily dancing is associated with socializing and courtship.
  12. A popular pastime in socializing establishments all over the plains.
  13. They spend most of their time socializing with people who think in.
  14. Teens are at that time of their lives where socializing is their # 1.
  15. Socializing had become an ordeal for her especially as she got older.
  16. But we were all busy, busy raising food, socializing, writing, dreaming.
  17. This town is laid out nice for socializing, but the gardens are so long.
  18. Shopping and socializing with her wealthy friends gets dull after a while.
  19. I recognized most of the board members, who were still socializing in the room.
  20. There was no socializing, no conversation, not even between Harold and his wife.
  21. Spend the next few weeks limiting your time watching TV and socializing on the internet.
  22. When you look at the social web, you can see a construct of millions of people socializing.
  23. He re-spected Banda, but it was traditional that there was no socializing between the two races.
  24. It is a selling image of leisure, affluence, ease, good-times, socializing, and cultured elegance.
  25. It has always been used as a place for socializing diminishing the actual purpose of the so caled music room.
  26. Socializing keeps you happy as you can forget your tensions but to stay healthy you need to exercise as well.
  27. Socializing also gives you the chance to get feedback from others and put everything into a better perspective.
  28. It would be our honor to invite you to join us at the Landfall Lounge this evening for dancing and socializing.
  29. In his grief he had cut himself off from people, and when he had recovered he had lost the habit of socializing.
  30. The process of introducing the employee to the business can also be called orientation, socializing or induction.
  31. Educrats, that stated learning was boring and that children should have more fun and do more socializing at schools.
  32. Kemberra was a one-girl guy and their friendship had suffered because Kemberra and his woman never joined in socializing.
  33. After our first day of work, it was time for dinner, drinks, socializing, and learning more about these traders personally.
  34. He was also a believer in not having dinner or socializing with the managers when overnighting at one of the field offices.
  35. They created a pact, a tolerance for each other by living separately and not socializing with each other for all of their lives.
  36. Kris’s office, she secluded herself in her New York apartment, refusing most guests and expressing no interest in socializing.
  37. Studies have shown that slightly more than one fifth of those who play MMORPGs prefer socializing online to doing so in real life.
  38. Several servants recalled seeing both talking together and socializing at the many receptions and parties held at the residence.
  39. Her longing for Roopa and her brooding over their reunion confined Sandhya to her home, precluding the possibility of her socializing.
  40. In Western society, toys also play a major part in socializing and mirroring for children how and in what qualities they should be investing themselves.
  41. Most of you go home and spend your free time in front of a television or a computer instead of getting out in the real world and socializing with real people.
  42. For individuals at level 3 awareness online socializing can provide much desired opportunities to make connections in addition to those found in their offline lives.
  43. That was pretty close to being completely true, since he hadn’t been able to communicate normally in his primary years, he had traded socializing for media surfing.
  44. But modern civilization has destroyed all group socializing and group activities, and turned modern consumers into paranoid lonely alienated isolated anti-social freaks.
  45. And they will find a host of things: from being numbed and drugged by food, or being numbed and distracted by the media, by busyness, work, chatter, socializing, drugs, etc.
  46. Game nights, parties, and outings to nearby restaurants were frequently organized and there was a great deal of socializing amongst young and old from all parts of the world.
  47. You have seen the iPhone’s practical and entertaining sides; in this chapter you’ll see its socializing and fun sides: interacting with your family and friends, and playing games.
  48. As per her habit, Nancy ate only moderately then and had only one cup of wine as alcoholic drink, preferring instead to concentrate on socializing with the other guests and their host.
  49. But what does linear functionality actually do? What is the result? It teaches the obscene lie; that work comes before family, friends, children, love, laughter, play, fun, socializing, being human.
  50. Of course, there is always the danger of becoming too dependent on virtual socializing to the detriment of making a sufficient effort to establish, what may be perceived to be, somewhat more intimidating relationships in real life.
  51. Why walk when you can drive? Life becomes more specialized and segmented; exercise becomes separate from work, work becomes separate from socializing, socializing becomes separate from the family, the family becomes separate from the community.
  52. As they had been told early in the voyage, Byia and Eelon were not like normal captains, they let marVan the navigator bawl the orders and functioned more like business managers of the Vikenvor, so she had no real reason to be on deck other than socializing.
  53. Instead of socializing first, they had to re-tool their flints, their sharp stone cutting tools, their heavier tools, their killing implements, their defensive implements, and God knows what other things they used as an advantage to survive in the African Veldt.
  54. It was a longish ritual, or at least it had always seemed that way to me as a semi-bored teenager repeating the words, shivering and wishing I could be off at the Halloween dance at the high school (even though in general I wasn’t much for socializing), or over at Sydney’s house, eating popcorn and watching scary movies.
  55. During the Christmas vacation, the pipes for the school heating system were frozen, and morning classes had to be held in various nearby bars, a unique experience, particularly for students from the United States where bars are totally devoid of the public socializing atmosphere and purpose that has always characterized the bars in Spain.
  56. Braving the wind, the light rain, and the dark skies that continued to appear menacing, they had roamed the grounds as well as the beach in search of treasures conjured from the deep by the tumultuous seas, though many had still preferred the comfort and luxuries of the lobby and its environment where they enjoyed tea or coffee as well as socializing.
  57. It’s on a social level that she’d be at a disadvantage because of her lack of self-confidence and obvious intelligence … her early experience could have left her with a feeling of gaucheness and, combined with the fact that she wasn’t married, it would have made socializing rather difficult for her, especially if men liked her … that wouldn’t have made her very popular with the women.
  58. As he entered the lobby where several guests had materialized and were now socializing in the sitting area where the pianist had begun a somber melody that was entirely inappropriate for the circumstances, Feltus noticed the palms outside the veranda were flapping violently in the wind and imagined that soothing rustle of leaves, which had a tendency to ease the strain of life with its subtle harmony.
  59. In a sense, we have achieved the architectural infrastructure, if not the inhabitance, of a significant aspect of Marx's utopian ideals of communism, where the tools of production liberate the laborer from the tedium of repetitious and unfulfilling employment: a little work (ecommerce, web-based business), a little fishing (Wii-ercise, Guitar Hero), a little painting (YouTube, PhotoShop, Garage Band), a little thinking (Googling, Wikipeding) a little reflecting (blogging, twittering), and a little socializing (URhoming).
  60. And ironically, it is his dual attitude towards women that denies the fair sex of Islam the feel-good that a normal socializing would have afforded them! Though the medieval man’s attitude towards women was no different from that of Muhammad, the burkha that Islam ordains them, deprives them whatever little freedom their sisters of other faiths have! Thus, if the globe were to become an umma as Muhammad had dreamed, and should its mullahs come to reign, as they would in such an eventuality, half of it would be reduced to walking tents for all that.
  61. If you would spend half the time you do in here socializing in the real world,.

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1. Did we socialize at the clinic?
2. They never socialize with anyone.
3. You socialize just fine with me.
4. I don’t plan to socialize with him.
5. They socialize with their computers.
6. He needed to get out and socialize more.
7. Socialize with others of similar interest.
8. They socialize with their machines instead.
9. My family used to socialize with these three men.
10. Each member was too busy using tools to socialize.
11. Find single friends to socialize with and party with.
12. They would play football, and socialize with friends.
13. She never wanted to meet and socialize with my friends.
14. I realized that Corey wasn’t in the mood to socialize.
15. If we wanted to socialize, though, it wouldn’t be here.
16. Yes, but would you want to socialize with a Greeg?
17. Perhaps you do not have time to socialize during the day.
18. Socialize all you want, while that webcam conference is.
19. That why you and the twins don’t socialize much?
20. She actually did socialize at Noonmeal with a few random guys.
21. Spacious lounges will allow men to gather and socialize over.
22. Owners should socialize this dog with other persons and animals.
23. Getting myself to socialize is still a challenge for me at times.
24. Pregnant and unemployed, I suddenly had more time to socialize with.
25. And you did not even have to socialize, or speak to anyone to do it.
26. When I was at the university, I didn’t socialize with many of the other.
27. Because I was an outlaw, girls my age were not allowed to socialize with me.
28. It is best that the boys socialize with the young ladies under our supervision.
29. Even if it is a brief conversation over the phone; whatever you can do to socialize.
30. We look to our mother and father, and our society, to socialize us in a certain way.
31. He looked at Euric matter-of-factly, "We marry and socialize with all members of the N’bari-".
32. Yeah, we really have time to stop and socialize! Preeti huffed, throwing her hands in the air.
33. Because of this, the inmates were given the hours in the yard to themselves as a way to unwind and socialize.
34. There at least they could escape the squalor of their immediate surroundings and socialize with fellow countrymen.
35. Birds socialize by sitting beside each other not touching each other and being distracted by looking at moving things.
36. Although my parents put me in sports and acting classes, I was always more predisposed to read books than to socialize.
37. Aside from that, you should also let other members of the family socialize with him, so that he would feel that he belongs.
38. When traffic was stopping for the tide, they would often stop together on the same beach and give people a chance to socialize.
39. He knew from Kartha that there were people out there who didn’t socialize, he was going to claim he came from such a background.
40. I would like to have known more about William, but this was not possible since I did not really socialize with anyone close to him.
41. It came about because, as the cook-out was winding up and some friends stayed to drink and socialize, a certain music artist came up.
42. The next day, Marilyn was told that she would be allowed out of her room if she agreed to mingle with other patients and socialize.
43. Sometimes she sat alone, the general off to some other row to socialize, and I would walk by, pretending not to know her, but dying to.
44. I dance, socialize and perform what is required of me with a painted on smile as the evening drags on so slowly I feel like I’m in hell.
45. He does not meet with women or socialize with them as God has ordered, and a true believer obeys the orders of Al’lah and does not break them.
46. If it was the scrounge living in this area he wouldn't want to socialize and quite possibly whatever drugs he was burned out on might make him paranoid.
47. Ebbw Vale, who I think normally didn’t socialize to any great extent with the Churchills; and others, including a Russian; some distant cousin of the Czar.
48. They only socialize with others who have identical tastes, identical clothing, identical cars, identical bikes, identical houses, identical interests, identical personalities, identical bodies, identical faces.
49. Rather than having streets for the use of children and adults to socialize and play on, it was taken over by machines… until the memory of a street meant to be used for humans instead of machines no longer exists.
50. For example, the programmers communicate regularly among themselves, tend to go to lunch together, some socialize outside of work, and all keep the discussion of their relative productivity and responsibilities to themselves.
51. Computers are the dawn of a new mass-cultural psychosis, a new low in human inhumanity… of humans raised inside an artificial culture of machine surrealism that is so disconnected from the rest of the Universe: that humans who use computers: no longer socialize with each other in person.
52. Really? Listen guys, Dana is not worried about my co-workers! She wouldn't care if I socialize with my co-workers! Dana is not worried about my co-workers, my social life or my love life! She's not worried about any of that at all, as long as I'm happy and as long as no one harms me! If Dana sees that I'm happy, then she is happy for me.
53. That’s the only way they learn to socialize appropriately,.

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