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Socioeconomic in a sentence | socioeconomic example sentences

  1. Higher parental socioeconomic status probably has an inverse relationship with crime.
  2. Everything occurs because the world is consolidated in a totally mistaken socioeconomic system.
  3. Not merely because it was not even on their radar, but because of the socioeconomic repercussions.
  4. The result is impressive! It activates the socioeconomic development of the two involved countries.
  5. The socioeconomic fact only happens when there is the use of the given income for production or usufruct.

  6. This theory constitutes new economic and social model as alternative to the current socioeconomic systems.
  7. Therefore, the more rapid we form Bank3Sectors; more rapid there will be the elimination of the socioeconomic problems and of the lack of money.
  8. This can be made with the simple change for our new socioeconomic model that utilizes the complete and innovative Computational Monetary System.
  9. Soon, that small investment solves in a definitive way its socioeconomic problems besides the generation of immense wealth with its reconstruction.
  10. It avoids the transfer of the money between the people or socioeconomic agents; it also avoids its conversion for any type of existent physical coin.
  11. With our methodology, this socioeconomic block also finds the path of the success and the solution for the payment of the foreign debt and national 184.
  12. The maximum value depends on the quantity of people that the sponsor or the Country desires to benefit to solve socioeconomic problems in a definitive way.
  13. The beneficiary individual receives continuous income in quality and sufficient quantity to satisfy its socioeconomic necessities with completeness for all its life.
  14. It does with that all the socioeconomic agents act in way active or passive in this innovative Coordenational Structure that forms the global network of Bank3Sectors.
  15. Higher total socioeconomic status (usually measured using the three variables income (or wealth), occupational level, and years of education) correlate with less crime.

  16. Our Project economizes those trillion dollars annually and it generates socioeconomic power to benefit the immense Chinese population, without excluding absolutely anybody.
  17. The new systematics unites those countries, allowing that they act in socioeconomic blocks, without the geographical limitations and without each country loses its autonomy.
  18. For all, we give the certainty that the new systematics is definitive solution to the serious socioeconomic problems and of the lack of income that massacre the people and destroy the planet.
  19. The national and world benefits will be incalculable, because they put an end to the socioeconomic conflicts and it avoids Planet Earth’s destruction, without damaging its organizations and the people.
  20. See to follow the example of budget of Country Haiti to exhibit how the deposit of the investment in the XUSING Project occurs with intention of solving the socioeconomic problem of that country in a definitive way:.
  21. With this, we give opportunity the other partners so that they can participate from this great solution in a definitive way to the socioeconomic problems and of the environment, without being anything transitory or momentary.
  22. We have come to a point in world development at which we begin to see that true greatness for societies will increasingly be measured in terms, not of the empire or military resources they command, but in the extent and quality of their socioeconomic relationship.
  23. Every process occurs without there to be socioeconomic sacrifices and without anybody loses any thing; besides it liberates the country of the high cost of the money, of the losses with coins exchange maintenance and of all disorders of the current financial and economic system.
  24. Our Project can substitute the whole state-owned system and to liberate any country of this immense social cost because it generates automatic income for all citizens, organizations and the State, besides satisfying all the socioeconomic necessities of the country with low cost.
  25. The solution of the serious socioeconomic problems must be systemic so that the human society can really be organized and to integrate its agents in a wide global network, without frontiers and without the blockades of the limitation of the use of the money in any region of the planet.

  26. This new socioeconomic paradigm as alternative model to the countries is the Systemic Theory of Usuarism, so that the countries act without the need of tributes, without needing of the expensive physical money with its coinage and immense operating expense for accumulation as wealth in definitive possession.
  27. This budget exhibits as most of the economically lacking population of any country can solve its socioeconomic and financial problem immediately with unique symbolic contribution and availability of its resources to accomplish its activities through a new systematics, without discovering a saint to cover the other.
  28. This perverse socioeconomic model creates the scarcity in the middle of the abundance, for instance, the world hunger in the middle of the abundance of produced foods; the lack of income in the middle of the abundance of available capital, the lack of products or services in the middle of the abundance of wastes or idle stocks, among others.
  29. The important is that its autonomous entirety accomplishes the change of the current economic system with the utilization of the rules of the legal game to accumulate immense capital and to form the financial amount so that the Third Sector obtains the power to make political decisions to solve the serious socioeconomic problems in a definitive way.
  30. The result is catastrophic because it isolates the familiar unit (individual), the public unit (the State) and the producing unit (corporation public or private) in the middle of the society, even if these units attempt to group in associations, cooperatives, unions, political parties or socioeconomic networks to acquire force political or economic.
  31. This strategy is the largest challenge, so much for XUSING Project’s sponsor, as for all the excluded people that act in the new Coordenational Structure because the process begins of the nothingness, besides the people receive knowledge and practice of the new methodology to practice all the activities with new behavioural style and ecological conscience, liberating them of the contamination or addictions of the current socioeconomic system.
  32. This Theory turns viable new socioeconomic model as alternative to the model of current human society to accomplish generation of income with distributary justice and the total usufruct of products and services, besides motivating the entrepreneurs to the gain without being predatory competition and without any economic concentration type, such as: of the income, means of the production, communication vehicles, industry of the entertainment and of the knowledge.
  33. The state-owned grandiose and expensive infrastructures of the countries, international aid organizations and the organizations of the Third Sector of the civil society (non-profit) seek to solve serious social problems that last long per millenniums, however they don’t obtain the definitive solution to the human beings’ basic necessities that become excluded in its majority for imposition of the perverse existent socioeconomic model in the world that privileges minorities and it impedes that all the citizens live with dignity and well-being in any country.

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