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Socked in a sentence | socked example sentences

  1. I socked him.
  2. Entirely socked in.
  3. It socked me to the core.
  4. I socked him in the armpit.
  5. I socked him in the shoulder.

  6. I socked him right in the face.
  7. She sprung up from the bed and socked me in.
  8. The weather has socked in, he informed Mrs.
  9. You’ll have to keep $2,258 socked away in that.
  10. By all reports, long stretches of it were socked in.
  11. The man socked Graisse in the side, causing the dog to whimper.
  12. I wanted to hike the PCT, but I couldn’t! It was socked in!.
  13. There was one angle to the story that had socked him right in the gut.
  14. It’s socked in pretty much everywhere above here, she replied.
  15. The Sierra’s completely socked in, Greg said, echoing Bud’s words.

  16. Regretting that I hadn’t socked the bitch earlier, which would have at least been a.
  18. The geckoid with the Hiranien leaped off, landed on the mech’s shoulder and socked it in the head.
  19. Needless had been socked in by three feet of snow keeping nearly everyone hostage in their homes for a week.
  20. And sometimes, while the tank refilled from the second, she would hear socked feet scurrying off toward a far corner of the apartment, as if in flight.
  21. I kept heading towards the DJ booth, vending machines, and restroom area where I thought I had last seen the short skirted, neon green socked, sexy seductress.
  22. Kids skated on the linoleum hallway on socked feet, asked for quarters for the vending machines, fooled around with wheelchairs while Becky sat in shock, denial, disbelief.
  23. Byron kept expecting to turn around and see a herd of white socked with sandals tourists clicking their way through a hundred film rolls in-between suitable gasps of wonder and curses about the heat.
  1. I imagined me testifying, Tom Terrific socking it to me on the cross.
  2. What I might do, I might say something very cutting and snotty, to rile him up--instead of socking him in the jaw.
  3. Finally, let’s say you’re in your primary investing years and have been socking away $20,000 per year into your retirement funds.
  1. He took his socks off.
  2. Reilly out of her socks.
  3. And put yer old socks on.
  4. He wore no shoes or socks.
  5. She then took his socks off.
  6. He hated wearing dirty socks.
  7. Socks that were full of holes.
  8. He removed her boots and socks.
  9. I’d eat old socks if I had to.
  10. The mother’s socks were green.
  11. He wore black socks with sandals.
  12. The socks one answered Billy.
  13. Pete put on his boots and warm socks.
  14. I did notice that his socks matched.
  15. While shepherds washed their socks.
  16. She knits socks for soldiers all day.
  17. He took off his boots and socks and.
  18. But the German went without his socks.
  19. The socks I wore were the same color.
  20. With some cute white girly socks that.
  21. Underwear, socks and new lace-up boots.
  22. I hope there's no holes in those socks.
  23. She also had on socks and tennis shoes.
  24. He raises two pairs of socks in the air.
  25. It was then that he shocked my socks off.
  26. I forgot I’m wearing Hello Kitty socks.
  27. In the end I stood in my boxers and socks.
  28. Shall I take my socks off? he asked.
  29. Off came his shorts, his socks and shoes.
  30. Tuck trousers into socks, and wear gloves.
  31. My socks soaked in a puddle of muddy water.
  32. Here’s the uni and some underwear, socks.
  33. After Sue put on her cute girly socks and.
  34. That's where your socks came from on Sunday.
  35. He shows all that he is wearing green socks.
  36. I'm a student, I'm meant to have holey socks.
  37. Dress socks silenced his feet on the stairs.
  38. You can keep your own socks and underclothes.
  39. Orange socks and black pants and black shirt.
  40. That would leave her in socks, bra, and shirt.
  41. So, too, were his underpants, socks and shirt.
  42. Cherrie finds him his shirt and shoes and socks.
  43. In my socks, I walk to the staircase and look up.
  44. He was wearing dark socks and black dress shoes.
  45. She still wore pink underpants, wool knee socks.
  46. He was wearing boxer shorts and a pair of socks.
  47. And now he wants me to don two pairs of socks?
  48. The best pair of running socks prevents blisters.
  49. Rather than wear socks Bjorgolf had stuffed her.
  50. He's said to change lovers like he changes socks.
  51. A compulsion made him take his socks off as well.
  52. He put on his socks and shoes and helped her stand.
  53. Socks with holes are not what a man takes hunting.
  54. Many other congressmen had eaten their socks then.
  55. That would be a sufficiently large number of socks.
  56. He didn’t even bother to wear socks to the trial.
  57. You fall in love as often as some men change socks.
  58. Reluctantly the biker surrendered his socks to him.
  59. She’s fixing the holes in my socks, I noted.
  60. She lowered her glasses and continued darning socks.
  61. Quickly he put some warm underwear and socks on him.
  62. Those socks in the mouth got it out of my system.
  63. And little Alfie, too, bless his woolly cotton socks.
  64. What you gained on the socks you lost on the peanuts.
  66. He took off his shoes and socks and let his feet soak.
  67. He pulled a pair of his own clean socks over her feet.
  68. Girls appeared wearing flowery skirts and ankle socks.
  69. The children would often slide along it wearing socks.
  70. Jared took his boots off and stuffed his socks in them.
  71. He was going to ruin the shoes and get his socks full.
  72. That’s worse than keeping his socks on during sex.
  73. She had on tight black French jeans, no shoes or socks.
  74. They hang up their boot linings and two pairs of socks.
  75. My host started to take off my running shoes and socks.
  76. Bra, long skirt, blouse, sweater, socks and shoes again.
  77. He then takes his socks off and ties them to each ankle.
  78. The suitcase was already missing some socks and collars.
  79. He returned with the socks just as Jacob was pulling on.
  80. He had a bag of cocaine hidden under socks in his drawer.
  81. Ashi put on her thermal underwear, her warmest socks and.
  82. His socks were an especially vile, livid shade of Orange.
  83. For clothing she had on a harness, leg socks and sandals.
  84. Code of the West to tell all skiers how thin their socks.
  85. Yuck, he said, One of my socks is not dry and it.
  86. He removed his socks and threw them on top of his t-shirt.
  87. He sits back on the bed as he puts on his shoes and socks.
  88. In one pocket of my mantle I carry an extra pair of socks.
  89. With damp socks for perfume you will be sure to charm him.
  90. It took a lot of concentration because my shoes and socks.
  91. His socks squeaked water as he walked, they were very cold.
  92. I went upstairs, found one of my unmatched socks, stuffed.
  93. A clean pair of socks should be used following inspection.
  94. Oliver Stone was wearing orange socks during that interview.
  95. She tucked the wet socks under her arm-pits to dry them out.
  96. I will begin by not wearing socks are starkers most of the.
  97. It seemed like a month since he had his socks and shoes off.
  98. When he was naked except for his shirt and socks, he pushed.
  99. Aaron, socks in hand, approaches and, ever the salesman, he.
  100. Jezzie pulled off her boots, then her striped-blue knee socks.

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1. Put a sock in it.
2. You looked for my sock.
3. You whined, 'Give me my sock.
4. A sock or two here and there.
5. Then Sue pulled that sock off.
6. You're the sock that gagged me!.
7. He kept the keys inside his sock.
8. I wanted to sock him in the face.
9. He would have fixed Josh’s sock.
10. They had also stuck a wind sock up.
11. Since I now masturbated with a sock.
12. Who sent out the purple sock monkey?
13. Matt spat out the smelly old gym sock.
14. I fished an ice-cold sock out of his.
15. I looked at my sock then, too, but now.
16. Then she slid off his sock and balled it up.
17. Later he appears again, clenching a dripping sock.
18. As soon as the sock reaches it, the flame goes out.
19. Where’d that sock even come from? Matt asked.
20. He felt John sock him on the arm once, not too hard.
21. Later that same guy attacked me with a lock in the sock.
22. Andrew then proceeded to stuff a sock in Matt’s mouth.
23. RANDY FISH HAD all the starch and vigor of a sock puppet.
24. He had been wearing only a T-shirt and one white tube sock.
25. William adjusted his sock so that the toe disappeared again.
26. You can’t cure a sock in the puss with a sock in the puss.
27. Sadly, the sock which Thane unceremoniously shoved into his.
28. A sock got stuffed in his mouth towards the back of his throat.
29. I looked at my sock then, too, but now … now I have been ill.
30. My confidence restored I reached into my sock for my last match.
31. The other end of the sock is tied to the post on the foot board.
32. The water had found a seam in his shoe, and his left sock was wet.
33. A Scottish prisoner approached, carrying a spoon and a bulging sock.
34. He removes my other shoe and sock, then stands and removes my jeans.
35. The sock puppet – anonymous avatar for a cause – speaks the truth.
36. It gives me a kick to wear it under my sock, tied safely to my ankle.
37. Finally, though, I'd leave his room without even taking a sock at him.
38. He pulls the light switch and pads across the landing in his sock feet.
39. And another thing that was of special interest to you was your own sock.
40. Wear one sock on top of another and stuff dry grass or moss between them.
41. Smaller but trickier mutations of the bed monsters were the sock monsters.
42. Then El Fuego concealed his new weapon in his sock waiting for the day to strike.
43. The first thing that you need to do is store the rod in the sock and a hard tube.
44. ALICE TUCKED A PIECE OF paper with her name, address, and phone number in her sock.
45. He hopped up three steps, and was ready to light the sock that would act as a fuse.
46. He has one sock on, the other being buried somewhere at the foot of his single bed.
47. Alicia rolled her sock down and showed her mum a small red patch just above the ankle.
48. Trembling they obeyed, even Pitty picking up a sock and holding it in shaking fingers.
49. With that resolved, I raided the sock drawer for three hundred dollars, got dressed in.
50. The first time Louie saw them return, he learned where that sock of sugar had come from.
51. Cheer me up, why don’t you! Can’t you just put a sock in it, you insensitive tart.
52. I followed her eyes to a pile of laundry and saw the corner of a plastic bag under a sock.
53. I hadn’t seen the Cross girl before, but my mother gave me a sock she owned as an infant.
54. The woolen sock resisted her, tangling and frustrating her efforts, refusing to be a sock.
55. The tip of the sock was soaked with blood;’ he must have unwarily stepped into that pool….
56. I'd rather push a guy out the window or chop his head off with an ax than sock him in the jaw.
57. With such limited mobility, it took a lot of maneuvering, but I was able to get it into my sock.
58. I could donate my entire sock collection to Goodwill and wear nothing but flipflops in Florida.
59. One look told me why the ostrich had not stopped running after I'd dropped the sock over its head.
60. As she pulled up her white sweats and pulled down her pink sock to her shoe, he checked her ankle.
61. He dipped the spoon into the sock and ladled out two heaping teaspoons of sugar into Louie’s cup.
62. He could probably make you want to buy an old sock if he wanted to, I thought and smiled to myself.
63. Finally, she sat up and pulled the soaked sock from her foot, something she should’ve done sooner.
64. If you're supposed to sock somebody in the jaw, and you sort of feel like doing it, you should do it.
65. No one had looked, then! Then he remembered the sock about which Razumihin had just been telling him.
66. One of the managers at the Sportsman Warehouse is almost shocked when I show him my poor, wounded sock.
67. Look, you put the sock over the ostrich's head, see? And it thinks it's night-time and goes to sleep.
68. A universe where this, I said, toeing the sock aside, a few ounces of marijuana, isn’t illegal.
69. They had barely turned the first corner when Irma smashed a sand-filled sock into the side of his head.
70. What’s more I think he must have told Ainsley, and that’s why Ainsley tried to hide it in his sock.
71. And this is my sister, I’us, said S’us, wiggling the sock puppet so the arms flailed pointlessly.
72. The kitten whipped out her claws and targeted his sock, which unfortunately had his foot in it at the time.
73. Greater astonishment still followed the withdrawal of the sock, and the revelation of a white five-toed foot.
74. The ostrich plucked the sock from Shooter's hand, deftly flicking the offending object over the roof of the car.
75. He looked; in his right hand he held the shreds he had cut from his trousers, the sock, and the rags of the pocket.
76. He has one shoe on, other foot just covered by a sock, hanging half off and more blood’s dripping off his fingers.
77. She produced the sock puppet, and I’us said, But I can—at least with plants! I just need to get back my old body.
78. I put the £25 in my sock drawer at once and put the credit card in my pocket, planning to draw out the maximum the next day.
79. A roar of astonishment followed when they beheld my blue sock, as they generally surmised that my feet were blue and toeless.
80. How easy would it be for them to set a savings goal and sock away money to give to others? Look, my scholarship is for $1,000.
81. My shoe goes into the crapper, my sock is wet as I speak, but what do I care, because I’ve just cost a living thing its life.
82. I'd have the damn gloves right in my hand and all, but I'd feel I ought to sock the guy in the jaw or something--break his goddam jaw.
83. George lighted the sock, grabbed the knife from his teeth, and slashed the ocky straps that held the Golden Fleece onto the roof racks.
84. He would never let the man know that he had been with Holnami when she struck him with the sock full of birdshot and blinded his left eye.
85. A sock full of birdshot is all right in an emergency but to successfully fight slavery it is necessary to have much more effective weapons.
86. Why else would I be on my patio laughing with someone half my age, someone whose library consists of Scarne on Cards, whose car has a sock.
87. I had been sitting near this door, finishing off the last sock, and trying to understand what he said to a new scholar, who is as stupid as I am.
88. Needless to say, he immediately exchanges my battle-worn sock for a new pair, and assures me that I'll have no problems with my three other pairs.
89. Of course I was going to give Bob his shoes but I also wanted to show Bob the flip flops, so he could see them as I told him the sewer sock story.
90. To any POW, sugar was a treasure of incalculable value, and Louie couldn’t understand how this man could have acquired an entire sock full of it.
91. D player, which was blaring out Bob’s favourite Hawaiian singer Gaby Pahanui, which sounded to Sock and Stu like Pavarotti gargling a bumble bee.
92. Ainsley had a mobile phone in his jacket pocket and, most interestingly, a sheet of A4 paper folded up and pushed inside the sock of his right leg.
93. After a brief rest I counted out my money, took what I needed, and stuffed the rest in a handwoven cotton sock with a tiny rose embroidered on the ankle.
94. They were scuffed-up brown oxfords like I wore in grade school and when I reached down to scoop up the hands I saw a black caterpillar crawling up my sock.
95. This scruffy, long-haired tabby enjoys sitting behind chairs or lying in the middle of the kitchen so he can hook your sock with his claws as you walk past.
96. The foot, which was described by police as being clad in a high-end sport sock and what appeared to be a sports/assault sandal, was ‘about a nine and a half.
97. Nowadays people sock away their actual money-wealth and try to hide how much they are really worth into all kinds of businesses, properties, and investment portfolios.
98. But Jo had her own eyes to take care of, and feeling that they could not be trusted, she prudently kept them on the little sock she was knitting, like a model maiden aunt.
99. Pulling out the sock, I succeeded in slipping it over the ostrich's head but my shout of triumph was short lived because the sparks raised by my tin hat had set fire to the winch rope.
100. And, in fact, on the following Friday, as Charles was putting on one of his boots in the dark cabinet where his clothes were kept, he felt a piece of paper between the leather and his sock.

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