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Sodas in a sentence | sodas example sentences

  1. I love sodas.
  2. Alicia cracked open two sodas.
  3. As for drinks, avoid the sodas.
  4. We shouldn't have stopped for these sodas.
  5. Avoid high sugar beverages, such as sodas.

  6. Sodas, regular or diet, are the worst culprit.
  7. Aaron-Rey has had three sodas and a bag of chips.
  8. There were no regular mortal sodas at the camp store.
  9. The waitress arrived with the diet sodas and left them.
  10. A couple good examples of this include cereals and sodas.
  11. Coffee, tea, sodas, juice from concentrate and beer are not water.
  12. Here we are, boys, she said, three platters and three sodas.
  13. What do they have there? They have magazines, chocolate bars and sodas.
  14. He ceased drinking sodas and did everything he could to sleep, but it was no use.
  15. Yet they taste every bit as good as those name brand sodas we often associate with.

  16. Toss out your sodas, energy drinks, and coffee and replace them with soothing teas.
  17. We admitted we were, and she told us she'd bring us some cookies and sandwiches and sodas.
  18. It was a suite with three separate bedrooms and a bar stocked with candy, sodas, and chips.
  19. I love deli sandwiches and sodas, but now for lunch I eat a Greek salad with grilled chicken and water.
  20. They fed me, told me stories, gave me cigarettes, and sodas they could not have been much older than me.
  21. I made needed pit stop, got sodas to go and ate my second free breakfast heading toward the exit for Mt.
  22. I sat down at the bar--it was pretty crowded--and had a couple of Scotch and sodas before old Luce even showed up.
  23. We both grabbed a couple of sodas and I followed her out the back door of the diner where there was a picnic table.
  24. Although it is better than drinking sodas, such juices may still contain extra calories, especially if they have been processed.
  25. Others laughed, talked, and sipped on their drinks they’d taken from the two coolers that were loaded with sandwiches and sodas.

  26. All sources of caffeine should be avoided, including coffee, tea, chocolate, caffeinated sodas, and caffeine-containing medications.
  27. Unfortunately, the more doctors I’ve talked to, the more convincing the argument has been that sodas are killers, just like cigarettes.
  28. Pair it up with some popcorn and sodas, and your family would have a great time with you, while you are not worrying about the total cost.
  29. Brian saw the look in the Arab’s eyes and turned his attention to the trio that were now in the freezer section of the store grabbing sodas.
  30. From the candidates who presented themselves, Colling selected three men who were able to demonstrate that they knew how to prepare sundaes and sodas.
  31. Around ten young white, Hispanic and black pre-teen boys are walking down the organization hallway with sodas and drinks in their hands as they chit-chat.
  32. Cami grabbed her laptop and joined the ladies in the comfy seats around the coffee table, which Jonquil loaded up with sodas, a hot pot of coffee and munchies.
  33. Teas, bottled waters, sodas, wine—all could be drunk, but what would be best? Wine might not be the best choice so soon after a heart attack, and soda wasn’t an option.
  34. I'm not sure what the other kids in the cafe saw, but they went crazy and started throwing their burritos and baskets of chips and sodas at each other, shrieking and screaming.
  35. I know that a decent married man of my age and a lady killer of Almington’s ought to have poohpoohed this childish sport, and sat with our cigars and our whiskies and sodas on the piazza.
  36. The biggest change during the trading day is that instead of sucking on sodas and coffee and having my energy move up and down like a stochastic on a five-minute chart, I drink six bottles of water (16.
  37. It was unforgettable both for the awful slush in which we stood awaiting our turn to ride to the top of the Arch, but for the green draft beers and green scotch and sodas we consumed downtown in a bar off of our hotel’s parking garage.

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