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Sorus in a sentence | sorus example sentences

  1. After a short discussion Tamar refused to bring Sorus back.
  2. Sorus, another skilled in the arts of magic, stepped forward.
  3. Tress’s hand lashed out across Sorus face leaving a reddened cheek.
  4. We tried that before we came here,’ replied Sorus shaking his head.
  5. Sorus you are going on a journey, take a trip to the armoury and move with haste.

  6. With that Sorus threw his diamond to the ground and uttered powerful words of magic.
  7. As he fell a portal appeared far in the distance below and Sorus disappeared from view.
  8. Sorus ignored the questions, and for a few seconds the tent was silent, then at last he spoke up.
  9. Tress’s well-trained eye picked up the tiny slight-of-hand movement that Sorus made before entering.
  10. Tamar was now concentrating on a spell as Sorus spoke to the ground asking it to hold onto Bellack’s feet.
  11. She knew her pace would need to be quick, Sorus had made it crystal-clear to her that time was now of the essence.
  12. There would be little time to celebrate, Sorus had insisted that time was of the essence in order to reach the mine.
  13. The sword had been delivered to her by a man known as Sorus shortly after passing in to Nordheim on Tamar’s mission.
  14. But let me tell you Sorus, they were imprisoned for all eternity for a reason and I am not ready to find out that reason.
  15. If you were willing to undertake it I would send you and Sorus down to my armoury, to get yourselves kitted out and prepared.

  16. With that, not wishing to share Lewem’s fate, just as his shield collapsed a smouldering Sorus dived back through the portal to safety.
  17. In that moment, taking advantage of the slight distraction, Sorus thrust the point of his trident forward piercing the Soul Beast’s hip.
  18. Sorus lost his footing, flailing his arms in the air in wild panic he fell from the ledge - with a scream he plummeted hundreds of feet down the ravine.
  19. Surely escape and a chance of life is still a better option than annihilation?’ replied Sorus, raising his voice and feeling the stress of the situation.
  20. The Soul Beast’s talons ripped out at the newcomer but Sorus was better prepared than his companion and was able to deflect the death blow with the shaft of his trident.
  21. With the force of the air Corvus and Sorus were thrown in the opposite direction across the room, the wall of air passed harmlessly around Athene, merely ruffling her hair.
  22. Sorus rummaged through several further areas of the room eventually pulling out a crystal-cut vial of liquid, he had also retrieved several small pots and handed them all over to Tress.
  23. There was his old friend Sorus, Delanichi the trickster, Anamack from the distant lands of Menchata dressed as always in his colourfully bright silk robes and Ragnor the hermit of Nordheim.
  24. The beast sunk its teeth into the magical shield and the invisible barrier became visible for several seconds as the beast began to suck the magic out of Sorus through his protective shield.
  25. They all sat down as Cedar supplied some refreshments and went over the required tasks and plans, after which Tamar retired to his quarters and Sorus led her through the corridors to the armoury.

  26. After patching up Sorus and dozing on the soft silk bedding of the guests’ quarters for a few hours, she was gently awoken by Cedar, Tamar’s House Master, he had returned from one of his many tasks.
  27. After what seemed like an age, Sorus jumped through the portal, she could see immediately that he was in a bad way, his arms were charred black and elements of his clothing were still alight and smouldering.
  28. Sorus was next through the portal and into the fray; he wore a leather helm and breastplate that ill suited him, and in his hands he wielded a large iron trident that was instantly raised on seeing Lewem’s husk.
  29. A squad of men came charging from the darkness to attack Barrad, but before they could close in on him Sorus released his spell, with his arms and staff waving in the air he seemed to pull a white light from the darkness.
  30. The Soul Beast did not flinch as the dagger pierced its tough skin and more fire pulsed from the resultant wounds, but unlike Sorus, the flames fell harmlessly around her, without so much as singeing a single strand of hair.
  31. He rubbed his shortly cropped blond beard, Sorus here has informed me of the struggle with the beast, I would have sent you more help if I could have, but it was only by pure luck that I even managed to get Sorus to you in time.
  32. Sorus had conjured an invisible barrier about himself, absorbing the raking blows from the enraged Soul Beast that seemed to grow feeding from his magic, although, from the desperate look on his face, it didn’t look as if his magic would hold for much longer.
  33. She also selected a new curved blade with a keener edge than her current Nordheim weapon from amongst the clutter of the room, hoping that it may contain some magical properties she closely inspected the blade but Sorus informed her that it had no magical powers.
  34. After seeing the mess that had been made inside her mind it had been easy to select the right cords to pull; besides if she indeed found what she now sought, he was confident that he could heal the deep wounds of her mind, well a least with a little help from Sorus who had a talent in these areas.
  35. The enraged beast quickly chopped downwards, its backhand blow, smashed the shaft of the weapon and then frantically clawed at the trident’s embedded head, eventually pulling it free, sending a glowing red fire spraying out of the wound where blood should have been, Sorus was caught in the radius of the flames and was badly burnt before he could bring his magic protection to bear.
  36. Isn’t that what they teach you Su-Katii? What we need from you now is to break out of these mountains and retake the mine…’ Sorus paused for a moment, not wanting to give the last of the news,.
  37. She even spotted a cat-box and Tress found herself wondering what possible magic could such an item contain that it warranted a space in Tamar’s armoury? Sorus rummaged through the piles of items talking away to himself, eventually pulling out a long bolt of woven cloth from amongst a pile of banners,.

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