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Spasms in a sentence

She jerked with spasms of.
My body convulsed into spasms.
It can cause pain and spasms.
Omes said it was muscle spasms.
Andrey started having bronchi spasms.
Her back was sent into spasms and she.
These spasms lead to a stiff back and.

He was wracked with twitches and spasms.
His spasms were strong, but seemed random.
Sam did not move as he felt her spasms on.
His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
The spasms in his legs are worsening by the second.
Everyone is safe, but my heart still spasms in my chest.
Alex sits in silence, watching Billy until the spasms abate.
They experience spasms and feel the vibration but there is.
Not until the spasms receded and her body lay limp and spent.
She did not have those horrible spasms, which felt as though.
I swear I begin to see love with sweeter spasms than that which.
The tremors and the spasms started the moment she got her limbs back.
The spasms moved from the lower half of her body to the top in waves.
Her entire body shook, spasms running through it like a wild current.
How they contort rapid as lightning, with spasms and spouts of blood!.
He felt her body slowly relax, as the spasms grew more faint and sparse.
He was crying hard enough that his entire body was convulsing with spasms.
He heard the matador’s weakening spasms, and then more localized thrashing.
Muscle spasms ‘fix’ the bone in position, making it very painful to replace.
His prominent jaw muscles were in spasms, his icy stare fixed the sheriff‘s eyes.
He was not conscious, but this was something more than some postmortem muscle spasms.
Electrocution may stop the heart and muscle spasms may throw the victim some distance.
Lavender tea can naturally lower the amount of acid in your stomach and reduce spasms.
The silence was only disturbed by the slight involuntary spasms of Trillian’s throat.
Spasms of laughter erupted at this statement and Rad also found himself humorous before.
She made herself slide back onto the saddle and controlled her spasms with deep breaths.
He then swallowed a mouthful of seawater and coughed in spasms as he tried to fight the.
At times she was so ludicrous it had us in spasms of laughter which Lesley applauded as a.
The final spasms of release left her lover’s body and he lay, spent, gasping for breath.
Intermittent spasms of coughs and wheezes brought silent glares from their fellow passengers.
The lipless giant had a sudden fit of spasms, which Adros interpreted as its form of laughter.
He needed water before the sharp, stabbing aches in his calf muscles turned to crippling spasms.
Even eating was done in short spasms, while performing many other minor, often unnecessary tasks.

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