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Spatial in a sentence

1. Generate a spatial portal for us.
2. Her spatial perception was a bit off.
3. The imaginative way gives the spatial qualities.
4. These guys are very good at spatial calculations.
6. I perceive a spatial breach that has been sealed.
7. The Key Mage of Coermantyr enchanted a spatial sorcery.

8. Both groups were impaired in some of tests of spatial.
9. There are 5 dimensions: 3 spatial, 1 time, and 1 probability.
10. The sea was turbulent during the permeation of the spatial rifts.
11. Spatial intelligence holds the model, unique in set of abilities.
12. His spatial acuity and musical comprehension were off the charts.
13. The spatial rifts created by the Summoners in Arkadia captured me.
14. Then each fermion and boson would also be composed of the 3 spatial.
15. The four Knights of Order generated a spatial rift and strode through it.
16. The spatial rift dissipated and the stunned mercenaries rose to their feet.
17. The spatial rifts of the Dire Queen, Ankharet, caught us in this Plane.
18. The random, spatial rifts that appeared throughout Gaea trapped us here.
19. Science stretches in every possible direction because of spatial intelligence.
20. The silver dragon passed through a large, spatial portal that closed behind her.
21. Perhaps, as a human, he was never meant to venture into other spatial dimensions.
22. They emerged through spatial portals of their own to combat the Armies of Chaos.
23. A negated predicate points to the entire spatial set of the subject rather than.
24. The specters trembled as they focused their maximum effort on the spatial portal.
25. Only her heads up display made it possible to avoid total spatial disorientation.
26. Guardon and Ankharet must bring a halt to their tampering with the spatial portals.
27. A spatial breach that existed until recently was sealed with him on the other side.
28. Puller looked through the feed initially to orient himself to the spatial parameters.
29. Wotan, help me to establish a spatial portal to the Crossroads in the Ghastly Fens.
30. Spatial differences happen to be directly connected between acquaintances and strangers.
31. Stephen Hawking states that time can be thought of as another spatial dimension and that.
32. Spatial relations are likewise different in that travel across seemingly infinite space can.
33. Bor D, Duncan J, Owen AM (2001) The role of spatial configuration in tests of working memory.
34. Changed the oaks have since I was imprisoned by the rampant spatial portals of the Dire Queen.
35. If this is the case Ankharet is either dead or sealed in the Spatial Plane of her daemon host.
36. The various fighters grouped together as they passed through the spatial portal to the Ghastly Fens.
37. Rachel thought for a second before she spoke, How solid is his grasp of spatial relationships?
38. The spatial portal opened by the Ephemeral Specters hovered as a disk in the sky above the volcanic earth.
39. This is a boon to those who have difficulty rectifying the spatial relationships inherent in chart reading.
40. The air has changed since you ventured through the spatial portal Siegemunde generated in the Martial Academy.
41. By tapping the orb’s power he will be able to establish a permanent, spatial breach between his Plane and ours.
42. Out of these spatial portals stepped a quartet of large trolls dressed in shiny, steel plate and chain mail armor.
43. You continue to exist? This is superb! Hallucinations with time and spatial persistence! He pointed the gun at them.
44. The Internal Plan, Spatial Fabric – this is the most sacred things for which we pray, and that is our foundation and generating start.
45. A person with such spatial ability has a very visual mind with an insight derived from a spatial model rather than a pure line of thinking.
46. You scored in the ninety-ninth percentile in your ability to attend, in things like abstract reasoning, spatial skills, and language fluency.
47. When one day an expedition was sent to the spatial coordinates that Voojagig had claimed for this planet they discovered discovered to be lying.
48. They appear to have arrived here from the spatial portals established by the Dire Queen during her assertion of power from her Abyssal Cairn.
49. In placing his life in carnal things, a man does that work which is always in dependence on spatial and temporal causes, which are outside of him.
50. Especially where it discusses the spatial metaphors conveyed in the foothills of the Antipurgatorio and the Paradiso Terrestre on top of the Mountain.
51. The universe had 8 dimensions: 4 spatial, 2 imaginary spatial, 1 temporal, and 1 indescribable dimension that time could occupy and do weird things in.
52. It isn’t wise, however, for us to concert our efforts into recreating a spatial rift such as the one that Leif and the rest of you succeeded in closing.
53. The technicians kept to the end of the boat farthest from the mortar arrays, but the distance between them and their boss seemed less spatial than spiritual.
54. He extended his spatial awareness and tried to desync into various selves, but he instantly and involuntarily snapped back to his initial point of awareness.
55. There would be no independent things, only phenomena consisting of configurations of other phenomena that persist as spatial and temporal patterns over time.
56. My mercenary associates, Liege Lord Taliesin and the Baroness Sharon, succeeded in closing the spatial breach that the Dire Queen used to infiltrate our villages.
57. While linear thinking and theory-making is associated with the left brain, the right brain is associated with spatial intelligence — which includes 3d perception.
58. Both pool and billiards require considerable strategic thinking as well as spatial awareness – it is a far more involved and intellectual activity than many realize.
59. On a basic portable device – with its screen display that only allowed him to observe – he noticed the probe’s sensors had detected a spatial field anomaly: space was being warped.
60. Good pursuit driver; skilled at evasion; seems to have an excellent sense of direction and spatial awareness, so navigation is OK, and he seems safe and confident with almost everything we’ve got.
61. While standing inside, she mentally ordered the miniature computer implanted in her head to register the spatial coordinates of the house, so that she could easily jump spacetime to it if need be in the future.
62. Bianki, who conducted experiments with rats, concluded that in rats the parallel and spatial processors of information is localised in the right brain; and the sequential and temporal processors in the left one.
63. Did you know your brain shrinks as you age? Most susceptible to atrophy is the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for memory and spatial reasoning, and the region first attacked by Alzheimer’s disease.
64. The subiectum’s outside-situatedness (spatial, temporal, and valuative) – the fact that the object of empathizing and seeing is not I myself – makes possible for the first time the aesthetic activity of forming.
65. During any repeated exposure of the hologram or its part by the reference wave, it is possible to reproduce a spatial image of the Form or any other Information recorded by the holographic method as many times as possible.
66. He and Hanna had believed that the early diagnosis of August would help them, yet so little had been done, and it was only now, now that his son was eight, that Balder discovered the boy had a special mathematical and spatial talent.
67. And it is this that for the first time creates the possibility for the aesthetics subiectum to encompass the entire spatial as well as temporal architectonic through the action of a valuatively unitary affirming and founding self-activity.
68. According to Ornstein, it could easily be that the two hemispheres process information through different kinds of filters and that in some way the left hemisphere has been tuned like a musical instrument to higher spatial and temporal frequencies and the right to slower ones.
69. And the Spirit that lies at the heart of every Soul, and which records information on the Spatial Basis, makes no distinction between himself – that is, the Spirit (Information) of the own particle and the Spirit of other particles, which Spirit was absorbed by its particle.
70. The Internal Plan (Spatial Fabric) – this is a fundamental principle and the store of all sorts of information about everything that ever was, is, and will be performed in this Universe, and that it was within this "Fabric" and what happened with it yet before this version of the Universe arose.
71. Levine, and Janellen Huttenlocher, “Children’s Spatial Thinking: Does Talk About the Spatial World Matter?,” Developmental Science 14 (November 2011); Bruce Sacerdote, “How Large Are the Effects from Changes in Family Environment? A Study of Korean American Adoptees,” The Quarterly Journal of Economics 122, no.
72. For example, Time Flows initiating all the spatial and psychic dynamics of our Forms which “inlay” with their different-qualitative states all the initial scenarios referred to by us “now” as the epoch of antiquity in no way can resonate with any of the Time Flows that start up this or that scenarios using SFUURMM-Forms of our modern Life.
73. I would like to express a few thoughts about Equality and Freedom: Equality implies an objective standard or rule of measurement; for example, two individuals equal in height or weight or of ―comparable‖ intelligence or athletic ability (however imprecise) or other material objects or propositions subject to precise measurement like spatial dimension, volume or geometric quantities.
74. All spatial and temporal relations are correlated with him alone and only in relation to him do they acquire valuative meaning: “high”, “far”, “above”, “below”, “abyss”, “boundlessness” – all these expressions reflect the life and the intentness of the mortal human being (not in their abstract mathematical signification, of course, but in their emotional-volitional, valuative sense).
75. The World is the instantaneously expressed (in a definite type of Space-Time) dynamics of different-qualitative energy-information interrelations (but not at all spatial positions of simultaneously manifested objects relative to each other!) carried out in the noo-time mode between all Forms of Collective Intelligences not in one notional dimension, but on various frequency Levels, in a very wide qualitative range of Energy-Plasma which is inertially synthesized by Collective Intelligences of all these Forms.
76. What we intend to provide is a representation, a description of the actual, concrete architectonic of value-governed experiencing of the world – not with an analytical foundation at the head, but with that actual, concrete center (both spatial and temporal) from which valuations, assertions, and deeds come forth or issue, and where the constituent members are real objects, interconnected by concrete event-relations in the once-ocurrent event of Being (in this context logical relations constitute but one moment along with the concrete spatial, temporal, and emotional-volitional moments).
77. In fact they really (that is, equally for everybody) don’t exist, but there are only the slloogrent dynamics of continuous processes of “unpacking-unfolding”, from TEC, of definite VVU-Information, which ALREADY INITIALLY contains data about all details of “the spatial environment” of a given “personality”, and with the help of which a specific individual “quantization” of Energy-Plasma is carried out (in Which absolutely all Forms of Life typical of this Creation are ALWAYS potentially present, but just in the form of the potential dynamics of their Fields-Consciousnesses) by the Formo-Creators of the brain of this “personality”; this is the way of a specific and individual “manifestation”, in the system of the “personalized” Perception (on the “screen of Biopendulum” — ILLGRII-TO-O), of all Forms of the “outer” World.

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