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Spatial in a sentence

Generate a spatial portal for us.
Her spatial perception was a bit off.
The imaginative way gives the spatial qualities.
These guys are very good at spatial calculations.
I perceive a spatial breach that has been sealed.
The Key Mage of Coermantyr enchanted a spatial sorcery.

Both groups were impaired in some of tests of spatial.
There are 5 dimensions: 3 spatial, 1 time, and 1 probability.
Spatial intelligence holds the model, unique in set of abilities.
The sea was turbulent during the permeation of the spatial rifts.
His spatial acuity and musical comprehension were off the charts.
The spatial rifts created by the Summoners in Arkadia captured me.
Then each fermion and boson would also be composed of the 3 spatial.
The four Knights of Order generated a spatial rift and strode through it.
The spatial rift dissipated and the stunned mercenaries rose to their feet.
The spatial rifts of the Dire Queen, Ankharet, caught us in this Plane.
The random, spatial rifts that appeared throughout Gaea trapped us here.
Science stretches in every possible direction because of spatial intelligence.
The silver dragon passed through a large, spatial portal that closed behind her.
Perhaps, as a human, he was never meant to venture into other spatial dimensions.
They emerged through spatial portals of their own to combat the Armies of Chaos.
The specters trembled as they focused their maximum effort on the spatial portal.
A negated predicate points to the entire spatial set of the subject rather than.
Only her heads up display made it possible to avoid total spatial disorientation.
Guardon and Ankharet must bring a halt to their tampering with the spatial portals.
A spatial breach that existed until recently was sealed with him on the other side.
Puller looked through the feed initially to orient himself to the spatial parameters.
Wotan, help me to establish a spatial portal to the Crossroads in the Ghastly Fens.
Spatial differences happen to be directly connected between acquaintances and strangers.
Stephen Hawking states that time can be thought of as another spatial dimension and that.
Spatial relations are likewise different in that travel across seemingly infinite space can.
Bor D, Duncan J, Owen AM (2001) The role of spatial configuration in tests of working memory.
Changed the oaks have since I was imprisoned by the rampant spatial portals of the Dire Queen.
If this is the case Ankharet is either dead or sealed in the Spatial Plane of her daemon host.
The various fighters grouped together as they passed through the spatial portal to the Ghastly Fens.
Rachel thought for a second before she spoke, How solid is his grasp of spatial relationships?
The spatial portal opened by the Ephemeral Specters hovered as a disk in the sky above the volcanic earth.
This is a boon to those who have difficulty rectifying the spatial relationships inherent in chart reading.
By tapping the orb’s power he will be able to establish a permanent, spatial breach between his Plane and ours.

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