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Squinching in a sentence

Whazzat? he mumbled sleepily, squinching his eyes and furrowing his forehead.
The last picture in his memory was of the captain squinching his nose and cheeks, his face wrinkled up like a prune.
I didn't mind too much squinching myself into odd positions between him and the row of four felines I loved and spoiled.
And in out of the Dublin morn, sweeping through the front doors of the Royal Hibernian Hotel, along the entryway, and to the registry was a tall willowy man of some forty years, followed by five short willowy youths of some twenty years, a burst of bird song, their hands clapping all about on the air as they passed, their eyes squinching, batting, and flickering, their mouths pursed, their brows enlightened and then dark, their color flushed and then pale—or was it both?—their voices now flawless piccolo, now flute, now melodious oboe, but always tuneful.

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