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Steeling in a sentence

They are often found steeling lab equipment.
Paul, steeling his heart, bent to the keyhole.
It’s either that or you’re steeling her aftershave.
Steeling himself for the worst, he flipped the page and.
We need answers, she said, irritation steeling her voice.
They suspected that I was steeling pills from the test site.
Steeling herself, she then presented her last point, a personal one.

And that steeling of his confidence he did minutes ago began to melt.
He raised the axe above his head, steeling himself to lop her head from her.
She shook her head and turned away, steeling her heart as it lurched in her breast.
Gabby eyed him uncomfortably, steeling herself for whatever stunt he was about to pull.
Steeling herself, she entered an interrogation room similar to the one she had just visited.
The honeymoon hour approached and Lancelot, steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom.
But the anger was steeling her for every second she considered what that man had done to her trusted friend.
He took a deep breath to steady himself, steeling himself to pull off the cover and release her from her cage.
Steeling herself she opened the car door and made her way to the front door, reciting her speech in her mind.
Steeling himself, he rolled his sleeve down and tiptoed along the hall past the living room, his candle flickering.
His faith drove him; it inspired him, steeling his determination and making him unwavering in the face of adversity.
Letting out a long, deep sigh, she forced herself to simply give up and accept the sensations instead of steeling herself for protection.
Tina forced herself to walk at a calm pace towards the double doors while steeling herself for the verbal confrontation that probably would follow soon.
Steeling ourselves against the encroaching horror, we negotiated with the authorities about the price to be paid for delivering up our paradise for destruction.
I began my meditation facing the wall, single point focus, sliding easily into my trance, steeling my concentration, preparing myself for the inevitable distraction.
One foot in the shortened stirrup and the other leg crooked about the pommel in an approximation of a side saddle, she set out across the fields toward Mimosa, steeling herself to find it burned.
It was so emphatically a fallen sport--a something, once innocent, delivered over to all devilry--a healthy pastime changed into a means of angering the blood, bewildering the senses, and steeling the heart.
Mind focused as best he could, strength and courage all but gone, gasping for breath and steeling his fingers with the power of his will, he made it across without looking down; without thinking about it too much.
But somehow Claggart must have known, even before Richard did: a week later, he’d be back in New York with the dog under an arm, unlocking the apartment, steeling himself for the dust and the mouse droppings that had doubtless accumulated there in his absence, and all the other imperfections that never showed up in memory.
And at length, steeled to.
She was more steeled than ever.
But that only steeled his resolve.
He steeled himself up and headed.
She steeled herself to do so again.
Midge grimaced, then steeled herself.
His grey eyes steeled a little Good.
Steeled by the sense of ire unmerited;.
He steeled himself and let himself drift away.
By the nail that is steeled and the hardened tooth.
She steeled herself before entering the living room.
She thought she had steeled herself for this moment.
As the second beast passed him, he steeled his nerves.
This time Rupert steeled himself for the upcoming test.
She steeled herself as they proceeded to step into the.
Bruce steeled himself and stood, picking up his briefcase.
And silently, she steeled herself against the hour to come.
Less hurt, though, for I steeled myself against being hurt.
Each of the fighters steeled himself for the conflict ahead.
Silas steeled himself, not believing what he was about to do.
The lofty arrogance of that brief slight steeled her resolve.
His wound was mortal, and he steeled himself for what was to come.
So she steeled her spine as she’d done for the last twenty years.
Swallowing a sigh, she filled her lungs with air and steeled herself.
Squaring her shoulders, she cleared her throat and steeled her nerves.
Set out, that is, right after he steeled himself with another Diet Coke.
He swallowed his grief and steeled himself before stepping into the grave.
Jaume steeled himself not to recoil from the stink of his body and breath.
She steeled herself as best she could for the sight that waited atop the hill.
He steeled himself to the task ahead and undid the lower buttons of her shirt.
Face of a Botticello angel! he thought, and steeled his heart against her.
Ingrid steeled herself and bore down on the Soviet aircraft directly facing her.
Rina steeled herself as the man approached again the electrodes towards her genitals.
I steeled myself against the softening that Ash invoked in me and refused to give in.
But as Veronique steeled for more punishment and accepted that she needed a good hard.
The restroom door opened, flooding the shadows with light, and Michael steeled his nerve.
Everyone in the room steeled themselves against him and the agony they knew was to follow.
Hesitant to try, Thomas steeled himself and pulled on the vine of ivy with all his strength.
He steeled himself for the confrontation, muscles tensing and relaxing in quick succession.
Aesa steeled himself against the disappointment in his father’s eyes, but it still hit him.
His face steels up again.
Steels are Estonian cigarettes.
In Steels, you have two BIG enemies.
That is the reason why all steels specify.
In steels only three elements are not lost.
She steels herself for conversation with him.
One of the butts was from a Steels cigarette.
She took a closer look and saw that they were Steels.
In case of STEELS , it is dealing with EUTECTOID POINT.
For most of our low alloy steels Ms is about 200 degrees.
In a low alloy Steels, alloy content is Not More Than 5 %.
There are several varieties of Steels in each Grade of steel.
As regards to variety of Steels, there are several varieties.
In case of Mild Steel or low C steels C curve is INTERSECTED by Y-axis.
Whereas honing and straightening steels require you to start with the.
All though normal Austenitic Steels & Cast Irons have a Coefficient of.
All liquid steels will have a superheat of about 100 degree centigrade.
In case of Mild Steel Or low C steels, C curve intersects Y-axis & hence.
Earlier we have specified the solidification rates of Steels with various.
Steels, much better than the rubbish they sold in England, the man thought.
We can also Deal with AUSTENITE to get the properties that we got in steels.
In case of Plain carbon steels, as thermal conductivity is high, hence the angle.
Cigarette butts with the word Steels on them had been found in the same room as the rifle.
Maggie hesitates, steels herself and then reaches up to tap the young man on the shoulder.
Steels; the same brand of cigarette they had found in the room with the Dragunov sniper rifle.
The room above was enveloped in a searing blast of heat so hot it could melt the hardest of steels known to man.
He can hear the clock ticking on the wall as he steels himself for the inevitable rekindling of Maggie’s mid-week fire.
Why had his next door neighbour found a Steels cigarette butt in his garden? Smith went back to the living room and looked through his e mails.
Where the finest of sword steels would’ve melted in contact with the heated flesh of my opponent, my sword of Ruach cleaved through with impunity.
What has made Sharpblade so well-known so quickly in his profession are: his profound understanding of the components of various steels, and their behaviour; his.
Steels, Whitton thought, they were the brand they found at the house across the road from where Jimmy Fisher was killed; in the same room they found the Dragunov rifle.
The steels, fertilizers, and oils that had led the 2003–2007 bull market all rolled over and finally broke down after they appeared to be bucking the overall market top that actually began with at least five distribution days in October of 2007.
In my view, Sharpblade is way above any other knife- maker because he is constantly and untiringly searching for the perfect design for a knife for its given task, and to achieve this, uniquely in knife- making, he combines the latest hi-tech steels with the most traditional materials for the handles, all assembled with the utmost craftsmanship.
From moment to moment, some huge vehicle, painted yellow and black, heavily loaded, noisily harnessed, rendered shapeless by trunks, tarpaulins, and valises, full of heads which immediately disappeared, rushed through the crowd with all the sparks of a forge, with dust for smoke, and an air of fury, grinding the pavements, changing all the paving-stones into steels.
When I think that I wanted to have my two girls taught the middleclass paper-box trade, the making of boxes for New Year's gifts! Well! A table with a board at the end to keep the glasses from falling off is required, then a special stove is needed, a pot with three compartments for the different degrees of strength of the paste, according as it is to be used for wood, paper, or stuff, a paring-knife to cut the cardboard, a mould to adjust it, a hammer to nail the steels, pincers, how the devil do I know what all? And all that in order to earn four sous a day! And you have to work fourteen hours a day! And each box passes through the workwoman's hands thirteen times! And you can't wet the paper! And you mustn't spot anything! And you must keep the paste hot.

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E ( STEEL) with C.
They had steel in them.
The steel cap caved in.
The air smells of steel.
Steel and wood and iron.
It’s got a steel door.
The Top one is for Steel.
He had a grip like steel.
That is a bar of steel.
Thank God for solid steel.
Steel, xxi, 182; xxxvi, 8.
Empires Of Gold And Steel.
The strips of 7 are steel.
It was a steel, the same.
Hard as steel all of them.
Jet fuel cannot burn steel.
Little piece of steel iron.
His mouth was set as steel.
With his flint and steel, Mr.
Her eyes were cold as steel.
The other is tempered steel.
They came upon a steel door.
The hum of the heavy steel.
It hit a steel beam in the.
Your quality of Steel will.
He had a steel ball pierced.
A bubble of solid steel was.
Teeth clattered on steel plate.
The spheres are made of steel.
Yes, just leather and steel.
The hinges and arms are steel.
CRASHES into the wall of steel.
This Austenite is a STEEL Phase.
The sharp steel skidded along.
Emerald ice meets silver steel.
Pierce was near the Steel Pier.
Output of finished steel, tons.

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