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Strides in a sentence | strides example sentences

  1. He thinks as he strides to.
  2. No big strides just in case.
  3. We have made great strides.
  4. Three strides, long and fast.
  5. With long strides he went out.

  6. He walks in long, slow strides.
  7. Pioneer 6A strides toward him.
  8. Hamo strides in, Mohammed in tow.
  9. Jes is at the bedside in two strides.
  10. He reached her in three long strides.
  11. The length of their strides show that.
  12. And I walked on, with big, brave strides.
  13. The gate was a good 15 strides from the.
  14. A burly rough pursues with booted strides.
  15. But Treebeard took three strides, put out.

  16. She lowers her arm and strides toward me.
  17. It was hard keeping up with his long strides.
  18. There was purpose and intent in his strides.
  19. On! Ugh! the battle is two strides nearer.
  20. And then Odin turns and strides from the room.
  21. With two quick strides he stood in front of us.
  22. Hinckley strides over it without even noticing.
  23. It has taken many strides towards independence.
  24. He strides into the bathroom and shuts the door.
  25. He took a few quick strides into the room and—.

  26. He pushed through the water with leaping strides.
  27. Roy advanced a few strides and then cut sharply.
  28. Robert said nothing as he lengthened his strides.
  29. He began forward, his strides long and purposeful.
  30. Aiden, barely able to keep up with his long strides.
  31. Johan takes two strides towards Simon across the air.
  33. I said, come in, and he strides in and looks around.
  34. Eric strides past me and down the hallway to my left.
  35. With three rapid strides he stepped close up to me :.
  36. At night the dead girl from Vienna strides the halls.
  37. Emory reached her in two strides and grabbed her hand.
  38. She strides up to the bar, begins pointing at bottles.
  39. In a few short strides the two of them passed the tree.
  40. Estimating it to be fifty strides across, the massive.
  41. Judging from the strides of the human tracks he deduced.
  42. With that, I took rapid strides and was out of his sight.
  43. Dewer the Black Huntsman, strides across the moors, ever.
  44. He ran three strides past Sam before he halted and turned.
  45. With great strides he waded back to the beach, Elowen and.
  46. Then she strides away, leaving me more confused than ever.
  47. He crossed the room in three strides and threw the door open.
  48. Zardino who thankfully walked with his usual hurried strides.
  49. In three strides he was at the door leading into the kitchen.
  50. Oh shut up, she said, loping off with superhuman strides.
  51. He took one look and with three long strides was next to Jason.
  52. As he paced to and fro with long strides, his glance suddenly.
  53. In a few short strides Harlan crossed the distance between them.
  54. For a few long strides, he left it cape-like over his shoulders.
  55. I watch as he strides off down the corridor towards his own room.
  56. Shoop was the opposite, his strides tended to appear even more.
  57. The Citans took huge strides and covered a lot of ground quickly.
  58. He paced back and forth with huge strides, he embraced Cosette:.
  59. His feet padded in long swift strides on the smooth metallic roof.
  60. I was petrified as he approached in a couple of long easy strides.
  61. By the time she was two long strides from him it clicked, he knew.
  62. We have made great strides intellectually, but have neglected our.
  63. On! On! Ugh! Panama; the savannas of blood are two strides nearer.
  64. Her head twisted but she kept on for several strides and I waited.
  65. With his long, rapid strides, Mitya walked straight up to the table.
  66. It jumps on the bed, strides in between Azura and I, and meows out.
  67. Taking hurried strides across the carpet, they came quickly to the.
  68. Leaving The Hollow Inn, he walked a few strides to the next Alehouse.
  69. After several strides the camel lengthened out his long knotty legs.
  70. Joel jumped to his feet, and in two quick strides caught up with her.
  71. Then the whole company began to run with the long loping strides of.
  72. The man, without a word, approached Deanna with long awkward strides.
  73. Nangong Changshu was very solemn as he walked in strides toward the.
  74. Head and head Ixion and Hotspur hung together for a couple of strides.
  75. With graceful strides barefooted she went all the way up to his neck.
  76. Purposeful directionless strides took him across street after street.
  77. We climbed over the fence and approached the barn with quick strides.
  78. Finally, the data prove that the stock market takes purposeful strides.
  79. On one block, a man strides out of the dark with a TV on his shoulder.
  80. I have to run twice as fast to match my short strides to her long ones.
  81. Devon pockets the phone and the car keys, and strides out of the office.
  82. At the same time great strides have been made in the world of medicine.
  83. Some corporations have made great strides and they are to be commended.
  84. She staggered under his weight but steadied herself after a few strides.
  85. Mary moved toward the body in two quick strides before coming to a halt.
  86. She has made terrific strides with her confidence – I am proud of her.
  87. With a quick nod, he made his way to another clump of bush ten strides.
  88. It is still a long way off, of course, but I’ve made a few good strides.
  89. After several strides, he turned around and gave the children a sly wink.
  90. Water is being made cleaner and great strides are being made in education.
  91. Now only a few strides separated the charging foes and the motionless Liam.
  92. She was near the trees, only a few more strides away and she would be safe.
  93. Although she was walking in strides yet she did not exhibited her swiftness.
  94. With confident strides he walked towards the door and shut it and locked it.
  95. But when he strides into the dormitory’s lobby, he comes to a skidding halt.
  96. But Marco was already out of the room and taking long strides through the yard.
  97. Grinding to a halt twenty strides from his position, they did not strike, but.
  98. Ben! Clayton covered the distance to Ben’s office in four large strides.
  99. Johnny managed three strides, perhaps half the distance that he needed, before.
  100. We have seen great strides in the decrease of deaths caused by heart disease in.
  1. He stopped again in his striding.
  2. But he was already striding away.
  3. Miller came striding into the room.
  4. Suddenly a great horse came striding.
  5. Steeds went striding to the Stoningland.
  6. The Ents went striding on at a great pace.
  7. Rose was striding up the path when she saw the.
  8. In seconds he was out the door, striding down.
  9. Striding along the bars of the cell, he looked in.
  10. His was striding around, his radio up at his face.
  11. The woman striding through the door shouted angrily.
  12. Then he was striding back, teeth bared as he tore.
  13. A man was striding up the path which led to the door.
  14. Lord William of Caster came striding into the church.
  15. Sing came striding towards them, he was an impressive.
  16. He sees himself in a white coat, striding past machines.
  17. Boilers on stilts, I tell you, striding along like men.
  18. No, Ashbottom, said Conrad, striding to their table.
  19. After striding through a number of hallways, we came to a.
  20. Where did those things come from? he asked striding.
  21. Really? I said, striding down the hall with the bowl.
  22. Round and round the rock of Orthanc the Ents went striding.
  23. Amelia came striding out from the lift and entered the Rolls.
  24. He swung on one heel and left the barn, striding to his truck.
  25. Rathos and Thedes came striding across the dirt on all fours.
  26. We could hear her striding down the steps from the floor above.
  27. He waved the others to follow, striding down the passage, his.
  28. God Boy could see the Visioneer come striding in with a great.
  29. Banrion sent you? she asked striding over to one of the.
  30. Unfortunately he had his back to me, striding towards the door.
  31. I’m here already, said Bragan, striding into the office.
  32. Upon striding along the dikes leading home, I realized something.
  33. James was striding down the hill, waving his arm above his head.
  34. His shape came striding, fighting branches with swats of its arms.
  35. The young man appears, striding down the hallway, his mug in hand.
  36. He was well dressed, striding as usual in a hurry, in my direction.
  37. You little shit, he said, striding after me as I crawled away.
  38. Even as the old wizard spoke, the great horse came striding up the.
  39. She glanced back towards the barracks to see Sheila striding along.
  40. He let out a great hoom-hom, and a dozen more Ents came striding up.
  41. Then the young fellow came striding importantly down to his counter.
  42. Sicarius, striding along at her side, did not share her inclination.
  43. Edwin had already spotted the sleek pale form striding into the field.
  44. He was striding along the middle of a downtown street when he saw him.
  45. Higgins saw Wickland striding down the hall at nearly breakneck speed.
  46. The first day I was so happy to be striding along I ignored the weather.
  47. I’ve been waiting for you, the other man said, striding towards.
  48. What despair! What death all round! he repeated, striding on and on.
  49. They were closing in on him, both machines striding purposefully toward him.
  50. And with this he stepped off the curb, striding out between two parked cars.
  51. Jenkins warning came too late the staff nurse was striding towards the room.
  52. The Galaef was striding fast, and the others almost had to trot to keep up.
  53. I turn, my back to the fence, and watch him striding purposefully towards me.
  54. I was striding across the concourse, my heart still thumping, when I heard him.
  55. Striding back in the direction of her car, she turned to look over her shoulder.
  56. Saving precious metals inaccurately procured – then striding on without a word.
  57. What on earth were you thinking, Grace? Henry suddenly bellowed, striding.
  58. Tyrus meanwhile, leapt out of his chair and striding over to Ruth, picked her up.
  59. The shadowy figure of a man was striding down through the crowd toward the stage.
  60. Striding purposely through, not hesitating and being confident that you belonged.
  61. He ignored the question, striding across the living area and brushing past the man.
  62. Striding across the room she took one last look in the mirror and walked toward him.
  63. She was already striding across the flocks of church ladies in their Sunday dresses.
  64. As I rounded the bend to his office door, he came striding out to meet me face on.
  65. Roy clapped the red faced man on the shoulder and stepped ashore and started striding.
  66. The man was now striding towards the edge of the base, a sheer ragged drop before him.
  67. I had never seen anyone blundering into the place or striding out with a fresher gaze.
  68. I was striding along beneath the trees when one of the two thugs who had been harassing.
  69. How dare you insult Papa? Henry roared, striding furiously toward his seated sister.
  70. Do you know who or what this is, Bremer? She asked instead, striding the tower room.
  71. And then Sim was gone, striding out of the conference room with arms swinging purposefully.
  72. He got within five yards before one of the two men Rapp was striding toward waved him off.
  73. Carmen glanced back to see a red-faced Josh striding toward her, still tucking in his shirt.
  74. Dave, you ARE on the fucking run I told myself, striding through the crowds to the terminal.
  75. As he watched Doon striding up the hill, he noticed that a thick band of grass ahead of the.
  76. How dare you, heartless beast? the child interjected, striding toward Roth and glaring.
  77. Soon he was absorbed into a maze of people, each striding purposefully in a chosen direction.
  78. Striding up to his friend, he reached around his shoulders with both hands and gave him a hug.
  79. I saw him four days ago striding among the trees, and I think he saw me, for he paused; but I.
  80. After striding out into the clearing to pay his respects, he walked back to where Stacey stood.
  81. If anything, he seemed to speed up, purposely striding toward the gate, his eyes intently on her.
  82. Sebastian’s back for a moment but then smiling grandly, striding forward and setting his plate.
  83. A moment later the troll was striding out of the shack with Rincewind gripped carelessly in one fist.
  84. Henri shook his old head, and the young man left the stables, striding purposefully toward the mansion.
  85. Striding along in the shimmering sun beating down on the road, I stepped in a crevice cut in the stone.
  86. He was striding towards the ambulance, his pack slung over his shoulder, and something inside me lurched.
  87. And he pressed his lips against her temple lightly before striding away in the direction of the bathroom.
  88. Let me in there or I burn down this ship, she said coldly, striding into the cabin like she owned it.
  89. He saw two men approaching him, striding up the hill, their white robes billowing around them as they came.
  90. You are so beautiful, I whispered and tore myself away from her, striding awkwardly towards the fire.
  91. Before Simon could object, Ahelos had turned away and was striding deeper into the wood, Kanlin by his side.
  92. Striding toward the tussle haired giant with a small smile upon his own face, he saw the eyes alight upon him.
  93. Before he could announce the young physicist, Kirk was striding directly to the figure seated behind the desk.
  94. She let him go striding back to the Glen, oozing delight and complacency, and she walked slowly up the hill home.
  95. And then he saw the tall figure of a man striding up out of the waves, out of the foamy backwash of the sea itself.
  96. Lio!rt and Liartes were already striding back across the turf to where the servants stood waiting with their mounts.
  97. Striding back from the sentry lines, Conan halted as a slender cloaked figure stayed him with an outstretched hand.
  98. Striding over to where Ellie now sat at her desk, he propped his hip against the government-issued steel and sighed.
  99. Morana offers him a small smile and then turns on her heel, striding back to the elevator without a backward glance.
  100. With a groan of irritation, she picked up her empty wine glass and refilled it before striding into the living room.

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  1. As he strode out of.
  2. He strode to the door.
  3. He strode up to them.
  4. Saul strode up to him.
  5. He strode to his window.
  6. Ben strode into the room.
  7. Rebecca strode over to her.
  8. The troll strode over to.
  9. Tom strode across the room.
  10. As he strode down the main.
  11. Dahms strode toward the gates.
  12. Dex then strode over to the.
  13. Evil Rhone strode to the bed.
  14. The Badger strode up the steps.
  15. Denalin strode onto the bridge.
  16. Tom strode in and looked around.
  17. He strode over to the reception.
  18. Josh strode off toward his truck.
  19. He strode out in search of his.
  20. He strode over to the window over.
  21. Tom turned and strode up the stairs.
  22. He strode to it and yanked it open.
  23. Mars turned and strode from the lobby.
  24. She suddenly strode from Hal to the.
  25. With no more ado, the troll strode off.
  26. He strode about, searching for a clue.
  27. Mars growled as he strode for the door.
  28. Fearlessly, she strode to the railing.
  29. He jumped up and strode up the stairs.
  30. The Droch strode over one of the jeeps.
  31. Then he strode to the side of her bed.
  32. Amid them strode a man tall and strong.
  33. And with that he strode out of the room.
  34. And he turned and strode into his office.
  35. He nodded, still silent, and strode away.
  36. He strode over to them with a concerned.
  37. The door opened easily and he strode to.
  38. He strode up the front steps and knocked.
  39. She strode ahead and was inside before him.
  40. He strode off with a wave and Jude exhaled.
  41. Liessa snorted, and strode out of the hall.
  42. I strode abruptly back towards the castle.
  43. Thomas watched as his overseer strode down.
  44. Suzuki strode irately into the control room.
  45. Zell strode off toward a bank of elevators.
  46. Then he strode over to the sad little lady.
  47. Russell strode with Sebastian to his rooms.
  48. The Lion strode through the halls of Hell;.
  49. He spun on his heel and strode to the door.
  50. He strode up to them, swinging his shoulders.
  51. He picked her up and strode into the bedroom.
  52. He strode into the cemetery and she followed.
  53. Max strode to her partner on this assignment.
  54. He strode over and stuck out his right hand.
  55. Tryton strode through and approached the bar.
  56. He strode over to her with his hand extended.
  57. He strode off in the direction of the markets.
  58. Carrie watched with pride as he strode confi-.
  59. Carrie stood up and strode angrily to the door.
  60. She rose and strode quickly for the gatehouse.
  61. I turned and strode toward home, then stopped.
  62. She continued the conversation as she strode.
  63. She stared after him as he strode away from her.
  64. Hiss passed by him and strode into the sunlight.
  65. Yes, said the young man and he strode off.
  66. He spun around and strode back into the morgue.
  67. Mack strode toward the grocery store head down.
  68. With that, the man strode away with a kingly air.
  69. He strode away into the hot dimness of the store.
  70. He quickly strode up the steps and towards the.
  71. Perlag and strode into the courtyard before the.
  72. He strode up the hill in agitation and distress.
  73. He strode to the door and flung it open with a.
  74. He unfolded his arms and strode across the room.
  75. He strode off into a new realization and feeling.
  76. Conal got to his feet and strode towards the door.
  77. Barker and Olsen strode to the captain’s office.
  78. He strode in excitedly and they turned to ladder.
  79. He raised his hand in a fist and strode over to.
  80. Half a dozen men-at-arms strode out of the shadows.
  81. On Dacha’s first night with us, Jan strode out.
  82. Without a word he turned and strode down the road.
  83. She did not slow down as she strode away from him.
  84. She watched from the porch as he strode to his car.
  85. Hi guys, he waved as he strode up the stairs.
  86. Indio strode into the area with his head held high.
  87. They were surprised and quickly strode to her side.
  88. Anne looked after him as he strode away, and sighed.
  89. As he strode up the aisle of the great church, he.
  90. The cowboy dismounted and strode up its front steps.
  91. Morning swore, shoved past them, and strode out of.
  92. Connie confidently strode across the lobby and out.
  93. Gabby strode in, carrying her grimoire in her arms.
  94. She strode over to him and flung the book on the bed.
  95. He then bowed at the King and strode out of the room.
  96. I could hear him talking to Thomas as I strode away.
  97. Kabir Gadai strode in and closed the door behind him.
  98. With that he turned and strode back into the Mengoon.
  99. She smiled as he strode across the floor towards her.
  100. Quickly Gandalf strode across the white-paved court.

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1. Nic took it in stride.
2. His stride was long, but.
3. I took it all in my stride.
4. Kay did not break her stride.
5. The ashplant marks his stride.
6. Ray took the criticism in stride.
7. Taking everything in his stride.
8. Maggie fell in stride beside him.
9. He took my eyes right in stride.
10. In a few minutes he was in stride.
11. His boots thudded with each stride.
12. Stride length averages 50cm (20in).
13. She took our intimacy in her stride.
14. With one quick stride he reached her.
15. He rose, and with a stride reached me.
16. Kathleen took it nicely in her stride.
17. He finally pulled in stride with Minho.
18. The heavy rifle was slowing my stride.
19. There was a strange spring in my stride.
20. Take in these new sensations with stride.
21. He barely paused in his stride to ask:.
22. He was puffed now, with a peacock stride.
23. Surprisingly, she took it right in stride.
24. I stride forward and point at the keypad.
25. Thomas tried to take the rejection in stride.
26. She took it in her stride and it relieved him.
27. I could see why she took things in stride so.
28. Sicarius glided over it without breaking stride.
29. A manager with a long stride and a rash on his.
30. And moderate your stride, and lower your voice.
31. I needed to shape up and keep up with His stride.
32. He tightened his hold and lengthened his stride.
33. Lizzie seemed to be taking things in her stride.
34. Ed was beginning to take his misgivings in stride.
35. Raekwon was walking with the stride of a champion.
36. Theyre supposed to take the rejection in stride.
37. A Yeoman approached him with purpose in her stride.
38. I took it in stride, I think, with Frankie's help.
39. His stride picked up speed, swiftly and powerfully.
40. But they took it all in stride as they continued on.
41. All the fake joy had left his expression and stride.
42. I see that you are taking all this in your stride.
43. He never broke his stride because of Wendy's weight.
44. Johnny strode after Binjie with a jump in his stride.
45. You remember the unsavories and pick up your stride.
46. One of the key differences is that the STRIDE model.
47. A moment later two more Pioneers stride into the gym.
48. Birds stir and early morning walkers stride the strand.
49. She had the confidence and stride of a champion, but.
50. Two policemen quickened their stride and approached us.
51. Jessie took everything in stride and with flying colors.
52. He had found his stride and she was thrilled to see it.
53. With each meandering stride, he agonized his way to Ned.
54. He saw a forest in the distance and quickened his stride.
55. The Duke was in his stride now and immediately gave the.
56. While McDonald took that in stride, Warren visibly winced.
57. Without breaking his stride the farm worker called back:.
58. Just deer hunters, he said, barely breaking stride.
59. You need to learn to take these things in stride, Krane.
60. It was as if he were stuck in molasses, but every stride.
61. Aazuria nodded once, not missing a beat in her brisk stride.
62. And another thing,' he continued, well into his stride now.
63. The essential aspect of the STRIDE model is that it really.
64. He was in his stride and stood his ground, a confident man.
65. She took the chance to glance back while keeping the stride.
66. I try to take things in stride, the time walker moped.
67. I stand, pulling Dana with me, and stride out of the tavern.
68. But had positioned himself in front her in one swift stride.
69. He stumbled and almost fell, checked in his headlong stride.
70. Most people handed over their penny without breaking stride.
71. Stallman, contrary to expectations, takes the news in stride.
72. Ciere watches the black shoes as they stride toward the door.
73. I watched her stride away, then turned back to the Blackberry.
74. I rush to the door, unlock it, and stride into the corridor.
75. Eric’s stride hitched as his eyes came to those of his wife.
76. Heard what happened, Aaron says, as he matches my stride.
77. Quinn turned his head just a little, never breaking his stride.
78. Without breaking stride the youngster leaped over the body and.
79. Little Damon Richard Xavier was Xavier's last stride of purity.
80. It also made her feel better seeing them take it all in stride.
81. Things are taken in stride – philosophically, not personally.
82. This approach is similar to the STRIDE model in that it really.
83. Barret stopped in his stride, turning to glare at the suited man.
84. Ingrid seemingly took that in stride, staying calm at those news.
85. His stride was so brisk he was already reaching for her shoulders.
86. In my step forward I spanned far more than the space of a stride.
87. Balthus faltered in his stride, and clammy sweat beaded his flesh.
88. As she watched, he started to stride up and down the kitchen-area.
89. The Galaef stopped in mid stride as he was about to leave the room.
90. Estimating the length of one's stride while out walking does not.
91. He took a broad stride towards Shi Chen and extended his hand said.
92. Invisible, I stride to the cliff’s edge, battling a stiff breeze.
93. Then, a dismissive head shake and a confident stride in the evening.
94. She stalked towards me with rage coloring every step of her stride.
95. Even so, a lightning bolt of pain stabbed it with its every stride.
96. He watched Millicent stride to the ring and enter through the ropes.
97. Then I start to get into my stride, and my basket begins to fill up.
98. The CSM took it all in his stride and looking at me and Elijah said.
99. Florian replied to hardship with a smiling face and a jaunty stride.
100. Galbraith grinned and took it in his stride, he’d faced worse when.

Synonyms for strides

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