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Strips in a sentence

It strips away the scalps.
The strips of 7 are steel.
The material had strips that.
They were torn into long strips.
When one strips away the long-.
Then snip the strips into pieces.
Cut strips to the length you wish.

Carrots, peeled and cut in strips.
Snip apricots into small strips.
Add the chicken strips and dressing.
With strips of fog and lost sentiment.
Vengeance strips away our objectivi-.
He strips the glove from my hand and.
The same thin strips rise up his neck.
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into strips.
I have the memory strips here, George.
Great with grilled chicken strips on top!.
There were eggs, strips of meat, and bread.
Write the sentences on strips of cardboard.
Half of these strips had already been mown.
Each time tearing slim strips from his heart.
The handle covered in strips of wound leather.
He brought out four bags of dried meat strips.
Blanch some sweet almonds, and cut into strips.
Cut the strips into noodles about ¼-inch wide.
Cut the chicken, peppers and onions into strips.
Square farms patterned the strips of shore-land.
The body was wrapped in long strips of worn cloth.
He strips out of his clothes and lays next to me.
The test strips were so I could track my progress.
Then Zem let a couple strips of fabric that was.
I put lots of wood strips will on my poker table.
He strips off his jacket and starts running again.
Mick painted strips into the hair on the back of.
I drew comic strips and he drew editorial cartoons.
Strips are slightly bearish, strong trend strategies.
Some one strips off a frock, and the hole is stopped.
They sliced the panips with strips of karga over them.
Remove the stems and cut the greens into 1-inch strips.
Stripping the president of this.
She was visible inside, stripping the bed.
It left, and Scara went back to stripping bark.
I follow, tho’ without stripping off my Clothes.
Stripping quickly, he joined her in the hot shower.
What did you know about stripping? Not a damn thing.
Thank you for stripping me off my manhood little one.
It felt as though he was stripping naked in front of her.
Stripping off our own skin and then selling it back to us.
It does so by stripping away the damaged outer layers of.
Stripping off his clothes, Locke grabbed the covers on his bed.
She set about field stripping the pistol prior to cleaning it.
It does so by stripping away the damaged outer layers of the skin.
What was it that eventually made you leave stripping? The looser.
It is a matter of stripping away levels of consciousness and awareness.
His companion did the same, stripping off every item apart from his hat.
I’m not stripping to find dates mother, I’m stripping for the cash.
Once the supports are in place, I start stripping the rot from the boards.
It proposes stripping regional and provincial ANC structures of their pow-.
Nicolas was standing in the middle of the room, stripping out of his clothes.
Alone, she’s been responsible for stripping half this isle’s population.
With the hamster egg stripping off the outer layer, the test is to check the.
I want you off the Enterprise, Garcia said, stripping out of his wetsuit.
Stripping off the soft bath towel, he slowly, luxuriously entered the hot tub.
Halon stared at the young wizard and thought about stripping him of his powers.
Also giving the crabs and shrimps a head start in stripping the bodies of flesh.
No weapons, Glor said, and started stripping himself of his hidden weapons as.
Norah shucked the jacket and considered stripping off the rest to speed things along.
Stripping out the debt, the deal was the third largest ever in the chemicals sector.
At that instant the friars muleteers came up and asked what he was stripping him for.
The other boy was also closer now and his eyes were stripping her of her dignity too.
First thing in the morning until noon was housework, then work on stripping and sanding.
Her mind was on the bullets skipping over the mudflat, stripping leaves from the trees.
When it was sure nothing was there, it turned back to stripping the bush of its leaves.
To be honest, if I had the body I did back then, I would consider stripping again today.
I am surprised that those Etruscans let her pass without stripping her of her equipment.
He placed his pistol next to his laptop case, then commenced stripping off his heavy boots.
We walked for hours downward into the volcano, stripping off layers of clothing as we went.
She stood up and stripped.
Prisoner is to be stripped.
I stand stripped to my skin.
The walls have been stripped.
My identity was stripped away.
And they stripped Him, and put.
Lovern stripped off his clothing.
The natives stripped the bison.
There they stripped off all my.
We stripped – no togs required.
Wanted to be stripped and impaled.
Stripped down past the core of me.
He stripped off and looked around.
He had been stripped of everything.
She had stripped him of his powers.
Then he stripped off his mackintosh.
She glanced about the stripped room.
I stripped on and off for around 10.
She obviously hasn’t been stripped.
Stripped is the very core of my being.
Chris and I stripped down to our suits.
The crows soon stripped it to the bone.
Emily glared at him and stripped quickly.
All of his clothes had been stripped off.
David stripped off and turned on the tap.
I was 17 years old when I first stripped.
He was stripped of his authority on earth.
Con was already there, stripped and ready.
Love has stripped me off the pride of the.
After that, he stripped me to my underwear.
Manulo, stripped to his shorts, leapt forward.
I stripped off my clothes, until I was naked.
A mechanic was on duty and he stripped down.
Kyrin stripped quickly and sunk into the water.
White rice is stripped of all the good there.
He stripped up his left sleeve, and added:—.
We've got the ducts and ink rollers stripped.
I haven’t stripped gears since I was ten.
So together they stripped off her clothes and.
It was stripped off his back during the attack.

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Then she did a strip.
The leash was a strip of.
He slid one thin strip out.
They would strip me of my.
It is a narrow strip of land.
Now strip off that gown and.
Strip the clothes of identity.
She pointed at the fallow strip.
It's got an air- strip, anyway.
The Peck Mountain strip mine.
Off the Strip was anybody's game.
Tony returned to the strip club.
L€ne saw a strip of blue water.
She pinched a strip of her shirt.
Strip back to the core truth of.
I had to strip Ameana of her powers.
Her strip of oats was getting weedy.
First, strip me, she commanded.
And I had to strip all those ways off.
Wyatt's got a big landin' strip there.
They strolled up the old landing strip.
The median age in the Gaza Strip is 15.
Lizzie Street provided a shopping strip.
Did they strip him before he left?
From it, he draws a thin strip of metal.
That's one Mobius strip of logic there.
Now wasn't really the time to strip off.
Ah, what’s with the strip show?
They really strip you bear don’t they.
Alice produced another strip of parchment.
The fetish shop was in a large strip mall.
It comprises the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
We strip away one layer and find ten more.
Now, nobody could strip him of his dignity.
Plastic aprons shine under the strip lights.
The Mobius strip is a classic example of a.
Claydon Square with the Vinary Heights Strip.
Have you done the strip beyond the bridge?
It was lit by over-head strip lighting, the.
He stayed on the highway, avoiding the Strip.

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