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Stubbled in a sentence

His small stubbled head lay ladder.
A drench of electricity prickled from the sere music-box tines of the ancient stubbled cheeks.
Through stubbled fields, over glitters of ravine creek, down marbled spread of cemetery yard, into woods.
Someone’s hand touched Ralph’s face, stroked the stubbled skin of his cheek and the lines of his mouth.
A workingman’s blunt features, like the face of an Orkney plowman, only darker, more stubbled, streaked on one cheek with grease.
They trudged over to Fizzicist who, having polished off a dozen sandwiches and washed his stubbled face in the stream, was now clambering into his bag.

It was something to do with the open, interested way he listened to Perry, and his graying, stubbled chin, in contrast with Perry’s shiny-smooth jaw.
Drawing in a deep breath of the warm spring sunshine, heavily perfumed with an abundance of flowers, she stroked a hand over Clayton’s stubbled cheeks.
Do you think they’ll come after us? The changelings had flopped on the stubbled carpet, entranced by the tru-cast, and a few reporters worked stories at their desks.

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