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Stubbles in a sentence

1. They gathered stubbles, wormwood, and sticks.
2. The sharp feeling of stubbles from his chest hair scraping against her body made her squirm.
3. She almost giggled realizing that there was no prickly stubbles above her lip like the men she had kissed.
4. Noting the number on the display it burns into her brain, she stubbles backward and sits down in the other unit.
5. Tom thought of the cigar that was poking out from the midst of his stubbles, pouring out its endless clouds of smoke.
6. At this moment it so happened that a swineherd who was going through the stubbles collecting a drove of pigs (for, without any apology, that is what they are called) gave a blast of his horn to bring them together, and forthwith it seemed to Don Quixote to be what he was expecting, the signal of some dwarf announcing his arrival; and so with prodigious satisfaction he rode up to the inn and to the ladies, who, seeing a man of this sort approaching in full armour and with lance and buckler, were turning in dismay into the inn, when Don Quixote, guessing their fear by their flight, raising his pasteboard visor, disclosed his dry dusty visage, and with courteous bearing and gentle voice addressed them, Your ladyships need not fly or fear any rudeness, for that it belongs not to the order of knighthood which I profess to offer to anyone, much less to highborn maidens as your appearance proclaims you to be.

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