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  1. They are more comfortable subverting.
  2. And while we’ve been successful at subverting U.
  3. Alinsky was shrewd and believed in subverting the.
  4. Robeson’s role in identifying candidates, subverting her would have been a poor choice.
  5. House Minority Leader John Boehner has accused the President of subverting the Constitution.
  6. He took their money like they all did, but instead of subverting it, he used it on Washington-sanctioned programs.
  7. Trojan Horses bearing Ecclesiastical Heretics have been quietly infiltrating our religious institutions and subverting traditional church 29.
  8. Acts 15:24 Forasmuch as we have heard that certain who went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls [life-soul-psukee].
  9. After subverting the First Amendment, they are well on their way to imposing tyranny upon us by nullifying those of the remaining freedoms that stand in their way.
  10. In taking this position each of these disciplines marshals critical forces that have the effect of subverting the institutions of a responsible democratic society.
  11. The headline was provocative, and the capsule summary hinted that big agribusinesses were subverting the definition in order to reap the premium prices without doing the hard work.
  12. Just as prolonged and stubborn is the struggle now proceeding between the old and the new conception of history, and theology in the same way stands on guard for the old view, and accuses the new view of subverting revelation.
  13. Fidel Castro‘s supporters on the American Left have historically argued that 1) most embargoes are ineffective in subverting autocratic governments (note these are the same people who summarily called for embargoes against Iraq as a viable alternative to war), and 2) that such restrictions promote unnecessary hardship to its citizens and should therefore be lifted if not for humanitarian reasons, alone.
  1. The authority of the family must be subverted.
  2. Such wisdom is then subverted to the purposes of gaining.
  3. If one of my people was subverted, the proving will reveal it.
  4. The painful experience of seeing Parliament stormed and subverted by.
  5. So she subverted me from day one after I started work in mid-September.
  6. Beginning with hominids, that pathway was subverted and split-off by tool-use.
  7. Study your business processes and try to think how the processes might be subverted.
  8. It’s casting white light on her face, and the murderous thought is subverted by curiosity.
  9. It unbalanced the regularity of her physiognomy the way her sensual nature subverted her tidy mind.
  10. She’d followed every command he’d given her since he’d learned how she subverted the compulsion.
  11. In other words, these gods could corrupt the spirit of man and consequently, they subverted his living.
  12. Sipping tea in a quiet corner he informed me that I had subverted the peaceful running of his household.
  13. It is only when honest anger is suppressed-repressed or subverted that it begins to rot and turn into hate.
  14. Once she was subverted, she was in thrall to the agnate and could not refuse his orders, even when he wasn’t present.
  15. Buchanan, Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency, 2004.
  16. I would have thought that Macmillan would have been anxious to get rid of me, but NO, he subverted ALL my efforts to transfer within OGC, e.
  17. If he had subverted you earlier, he might have gotten you to poison her IV line, avoiding the mess with the djinn he hired to come after her.
  18. They subverted money that customers sent to be loaned in the broker call money market in New York by wiring it out, then back in the next day without booking the return.
  19. The Spanish authority was subverted, and a situation produced exposing the country to ulterior events which might essentially affect the rights and welfare of the Union.
  20. Recently implemented campaign financing rules were easily subverted and the ISI would be able to quietly funnel as much anonymous money to America’s politicians as it pleased.
  21. The following are some of the remarks of the Secretary of the Treasury: If these are truly the foundation laws of the several States, then have most of them subverted their own foundations.
  22. Your mother, the queen, the wife of my heart, has corrupted and subverted Roland, earl of Shiring, and his sons, who sent murderers here; but I was forewarned by Thomas, and the murderers were killed.
  23. In their race to excel and to best the lands of their forebears, Americans had subverted their own native intelligence, such as it was, into a passion for unpleasant-truths-evasion any ostrich would envy.
  24. But if these blind urges are deflected, reflected, subverted, sabotaged, distorted, they end up just changing shape and surfacing as something else: as endless recurrent urges, needs, symptoms, addictions, fears, obsessions.
  25. But that means that our subconscious must be dynamically balanced, and that means it's imprinted tape must be overhauled, corrected, re-connected, re-experienced, re-designed: so that its energy flow is not subverted into the wrong places or channels.
  26. Although the United States have thought that they had a good title to the latter province, they did not take possession until after the Spanish authority had been subverted by a revolutionary proceeding, and the contingency of the country being thrown into foreign hands, had forced itself into view.
  27. A company which is, in itself, a sovereignty—which has subverted empires and set up new dynasties—and has not only made war, but war against its legitimate sovereign! Under the influence of this power, we have seen arise a South Sea Company, and a Mississippi Company, that distracted and convulsed all Europe, and menaced a total overthrow of all credit and confidence, and universal bankruptcy.
  28. Had this pledge been faithfully redeemed; had such repeal been had with good faith, it would have subverted the whole continental system and removed all difficulty both between the United States and France, and between us and Great Britain, as it must have produced the actual result required by Great Britain, in restoring the commerce of the world to that state it was in at the promulgation of the decrees.

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1. One of you was trying to subvert the church and.
2. You’d probably subvert the torturer I sent to interrogate you.
3. He resisted an attempt to subvert him sp ritually by fleeing temptation.
4. The fact is that America is much harder to subvert than what used to be the case.
5. Gnosticism tried but failed in its attempt to subvert the major teachings of Jesus.
6. Just as sleep-induced lassitude was about to subvert the camp guards' awareness of their.
7. I don't know is the sincere seeker, seeking to subvert the captivity that is ignorance.
8. Thinking to subvert Chinese revolutionaries, and take over their revolution from the inside.
9. Rothschild banking family (and others) it recovered and went on to subvert, manipulate and then to.
10. Pointers Inks had been deliberately allocated the large end unit to subvert any residential protest.
11. He marveled at the experimental sorceries employed by the young Lieges to subvert the offensive tactics of the Arkadian Summoners.
12. Their strong desire was to create a constitution that would never allow the United States government to subvert the will of the people.
13. In all reality, there is no need to subvert a bad institution in order to overcome its corrupt basis; exposition of it is sufWHY ficient.
14. There was not an attempt to subvert these attacks because it was necessary for them to take place, to implement more control within the country and abroad.
15. There was not an attempt to subvert these attacks because it was necessary for them to take place to implement more control within the country and abroad.
16. All who were here long before all so-called Americans and their mass-immigrating predecessors, they revered life and respected death, not seeking to subvert it.
17. Although Alan Crawford was eventually maneuvered out of the pirate radio business, he continued to subvert the music world with his curious eye for a business opportunity.
18. Suppose an attempt to subvert this Government, would not the traitor first aim, by force or corruption, to acquire the treasure of this company? Look at it in another aspect.
19. Anyone with knowledge of the hierarchical access controls, like log-ins and passwords, and the ability to subvert the network’s security mechanisms, could quite easily be quietly lining their own pockets.
20. In reference to the Navy, Congress is put under no restrictions; but with respect to the Army—that description of force which has been so often employed to subvert the liberties of mankind—they are subjected to limitations, designed to prevent the abuse of this dangerous power.
21. The engineers at Eretz designed the control systems for the majority of the weapons used by the Federation and there was an urban legend that inside the software that guided the weapons was a few lines of hidden code that would allow the Eretz defense command to take over a hostile missile or ship and subvert it to attack the people who had attacked Eretz.

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